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Project 'RE'- Rejuvenating the Environment

Tagore International School, East of Kailash has always focused on sustainability as a core area of education. Apart from creating a SDG Wall which lists the sustainable goals as reminder to staff and students, we also incorporate the same as a way of life in school. The social benefits of sustainable design are related to improvements in the quality of life, health, and well-being. From school, we aim to carry the message of sustainability to the community. Our goal is to work towards making the society sustainable. With a thrust on responsible consumption with production, the school is in the process of implementing plans working around the R’s. The school, with the impetus it has received from the student body, intends to rope in other schools and  the community to follow its ideas and implement these strategies with the help of the student body. For many years, reuse has been used as a critical way of getting needed materials to the disadvantaged section of the population. We are working on making usable materials out of waste matter which benefits the society in multiple ways and supplements the environment by not having any harmful outcomes. One way to prevent waste, improve our communities, and increase the material well-being of our citizens is to take products discarded by those who no longer want or need them and provide them to those who do. So on one hand we foster sustainability in our students and on the other hand we imbibe the value of being frugal and judicious with our use of materials.

Impact of Project ‘RE’ are as follows:

  • Say No to Plastics: Bring own cutlery in cafeteria, teachers bring own mugs/ cups for tea/ coffee, and the school has replaced plastic glasses with reusable  glasses for drinking water for visitors
  • Plastic cutlery replaced with sugar cane pulp cutlery
  • Up-scaled planters sale during PTM
  • Plastic Collection Drive, E Waste Bin installed
  • Recycled gifts and stationery given to Principals during NPSC Meeting
  • Creating awareness among the ancillary staff on segregation
  • Nukkad Natak around market and slum areas to create awareness
  • Training  EWS parents  to make up-cycled products
  • Celebrating Dussehra by making Plastic Ravana which was symbolically burnt to reinforce the message to the students
  • Installation of Plastic Monster (created out of plastic waste) at IGNCA, ISKCON temple, and Metro Station
  • Exhibition cum sale of Up-scaled products made by EWS parents at IGNCA.
  • A plastic wall juxtaposed with a green wall in the school compound to create awareness regarding the planet that they want to live in.

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Development of Herbal garden
Students of Class X-C welcomed delegates from an NGO named Deeksha on April 10, 2019 as a part of their NSS activity 'Going Natural'. The students were introduced to several species of plants like lemon grass, mint, stevia, brahmi, tulsi etc which can be grown easily in the surroundings. They were taught about the uses and the medicinal value of plants. The class was divided into groups of three students. Each group was given a plant that they planted in the soil. They were guided about the conditions required by the plants for their healthy growth. The students were very enthusiastic to be a part of the project of developing a herbal garden in the school which was taken up by Deeksha in association with Department of Environment.
Earth Day Celebration

The students and staff of Tagore International School, East of Kailash celebrated Earth day with great enthusiasm and fervor. The day began with E-Waste collection drive. An e-waste collection bin was installed at the school gate in which parents and students dropped in their electronic waste for a proper disposal.

All the students and staff members gathered on the school grounds for a special assembly on Earth day. After the assembly students of grades VI – VIII attended an interesting workshop: “Jal Mitra” by “India Water Foundation”. This was followed by a presentation by: E-Waste Recyclers India for students of grades  IX-XII.

Nursery-KG students were treated with a story telling session. Students of grades I-III enjoyed Earth Day Hunt. Highlight of the day was the “Earth Fair” conducted by the students of grade IX for the students of grades IV and V. The fair had sensitization stalls like: “Be water wise”; “Trace your carbon footprints”; “Save Electricity”; “The 4Rs” to name a few. There were game stalls like, “Scrap out Scrap” and “Quiz Time”. Other attractions of the fair were the live stalls, “Art Stall”-design your own bookmarks using recycled paper and “Towards greener homes”- planting saplings in used plastic cups.

 Solar Energy-The Sun is simply one big battery for us

Keeping pace with the advancement of technology and in an endeavor to contribute constructively to the society, the school has installed two solar panels , each of 25KVA capacity .The two panels together generate 50KVA of power on a regular basis. During the school hours, the electrical energy requirement of the school is met by the power generated by the solar panels as well as supply by BSES. However after 2pm, the power generated by the solar panels is supplied to BSES for their use, thereby improving our credit rating with them.

 Water Harvesting System-Save water Save life

The TIS family understands its responsibility towards protecting the environment and conservation of natural resources so as to ensure that the succeeding generation is not deprived of any of the resources and privileges which our present generation enjoys.Realizing that water is one of the key resources and is a source of life on earth, an initiative was undertaken about 15 years ago initiated by Mr Deepak Sen, to have rain water harvesting pits. There are now 8 pits in the school campus. The depth is about 20 feet each. The catchment enables replenishment of the depleting and falling groundwater levels of the areas around the school itself. The Green Brigade Club of the students make their valuable contribution in generating awareness about this pressing need for conserving water. Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice which was lost in time and is now being revived as a cost effective approach to arrest the diminishing water table.

 No Plastic Zone- Say no to Plastic

Our school is a “No Plastic Zone”. There is strict restriction on the usage of plastic bags by students, staff and visitors in the school. The school guard is authorized to stop the entry of any person in possession of the plastic bag. If he notices any person carrying a plastic bag, he politely asks the person to leave it at the gate. Students have been sensitized against the use of plastic as it is an environmental hazard and pollutes land, water and air. Students use paper bags or cloth bags to carry their belongings. They constantly take efforts to make their parents aware of the disadvantages of using plastic bags. The school is gradually phasing out all non eco-friendly products and replacing these with bio-degradable disposables. Children now carry their empty tiffin boxes from home to eat from the Cafeteria. The cafeteria also keeps disposables made of sugarcane pulp in case a student forgets to being their tiffin box.This is a small but significant step that our school has taken for the betterment of the future generations.

 Paper Recycling- Because We Care We Recycle

“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”

Understanding the fact that use of paper is unavoidable, particularly in schools, TIS, EOK has taken the stride to recycle paper and use it for making folders, decoration pieces, etc. The school has a paper recycling unit where extra newspapers, old circulars, extra sheets are collected from each class through a paper recycling box and sent to the unit. Students are taught the process of recycling paper. Hand made paper are being made under the guidance of teachers of the school. Towards optimum usage of paper, the staff of the school follows the principle of using both sides of the paper. Instructions are also provided to students not to misuse their notebooks.


 Tree Plantation Drive - Do Plantation to Save the Environment

Clean and green environment is the need of the hour. To sustain life on our planet, we need to build responsible communities that recognise the importance of conserving energy and environment. TIS Green Brigade Club plays a very important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. Students in this club brainstorm ways to conserve energy and keep the surroundings clean at school and neighbourhood. They are also exposed to field activities such as Nature Trails, Quiz and poster designing etc. so as to create enthusiasm regarding issues pertaining to Plants/Forest/Wildlife/Bio-diversity and Nature. The members of Green Brigade, Eco Club of Tagore International School,EOK participated in an afforestation drive of DDA on Wednesday, 13 August 2019. Around 50 students of class VI along with their teacher Ms. Reena Gera and the school’s Eco club In- charge, Ms. Shilpi Bhattacharya planted about 70 saplings in the park opposite Lady Sri Ram College in the Greater Kailash area.