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Internship 2019
At Tagore International School we endeavour to provide our children education for life. Hands- on experience is an integral part of our school learning as it equips children to real life challenges. With the intention to provide our students platforms where they get an opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom and gain valuable work experience, we offered them an opportunity to participate in Internship programme 2019.
District Magistrate Office
Anushka Shrivastava X A, Rubika Shree X A and Sharvari Vilas Burde XI A were extremely pleased to get an opportunity to intern with Ms. Harleen Kaur IAS , Deputy Magistrate South East Delhi. The students learnt about administration and management. They were allowed to attend several meetings to discuss and prepare for the Mega mock drill.
 Moolchand Hospital
Three students from class XII A Sejal Juneja, Vanshita Chakraborty and Mehak Abeerah worked as interns with Dr. Jitender Nagpal who is the Senior Consultant – Mental Health at Moolchand Hospital.
NB Law Firm
Arsha Baghdwal X C, Latika Usmani X D and Manasi Bhardwaj X C got the opportunity to intern with NB Law firm. The firm focuses on providing a broad band spectrum of legal services including litigation, mediation, documentation and general legal consultancy.
Shoots & Shoots
Dhruv Sharma XI B and Chirag Garg X C worked as interns with Shoots & Shoots.  Shoots & Shoots photography and film academy provided an opportunity to gain technical skills, creative freedom and aesthetic values in personal visual expression.
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
Kashi Kumar X A got a golden opportunity to intern at the emergency department with Dr. Sandeep Jain who is the Senior Consultant & Head - Accident & Emergency, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket.
Pearl Academy
Riya Madan X C, Tooba Rehman X B and Abhigna Kamasamudran X C interned with Pearl Academy where they learnt about the various fields of designing.
Cry for Help
Ms. Jasleen Kaur X C interned with Cry for Help, an organisation that aims to establish self-help groups to help teenagers in dealing with problems such as self- harm, bullying and peer pressure.
Waste Segregation
A team of enthusiastic students with the senior school counsellor Ms. Arti Anand interacted with municipal councillor of South Delhi, Mr. Abhishek Dutt to discuss how they could contribute in the waste segregation campaign. The students were trained by a non-profit organisation Chintan, which majorly deals in addressing issues of sustainable consumption and environmental and social justice. After the successful completion of the training students went door to door sensitising the residents of National Park and Vikram Vihar and encouraging them to do waste segregation from home.
  Letter of Appreciation from Max Hospital
Dear Ma’am 
Thank you for your kind letter of thanks for internship two of your school students did with us in plastic surgery department. 
I was impressed with some of the questions that the girls asked and was quite surprised with their courage to stand in operating theatre for hours to witness complex but bloody surgeries. 
They sure have what it takes to become a good doctor! 
It was indeed a great pleasure to host them and be of help in guiding them. 
Once again thanks for nurturing such bright minds and channelising their energies in the right direction because learning is not an accident, it is achieved through observation, assimilation, filteration and selective implementation. 
I am happy to connect with my alma mater and my best wishes for all your endeavours. 

Dr Sunil Choudhary 

Sr. Director & Chief of Plastic Surgery 
Max Institute of Reconstructive Aesthetic Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery ( MIRACLES)
Max Superspeciality Hospital
New Delhi
The Internship program at TIS, EOK not only helped students connect the dots between work and school, but also empowered them to visualize college and career pathways they previously thought were unattainable. The two week program offered a chance to gain first hand exposure under professional guidance and a platform for academic growth and discussion. The students learnt technical skills and business operations alongside professional skills like communication, cooperation and punctuality. Sharing a few experiences from the perspective of our young interns.
Apurv Dev Kaushik, XI B
My time at the All India Radio has allowed of my internship. This experience is one I can cherish forever, it has helped me grow not only as a performer in front of the microphone but has also instilled a new found respect for those that work in the radio industry. From production to performance, everyone here is an in-charge of their respective work, they spend hours first recording shows, then editing them and they get them reviewed which may take place additionally more than once. Creativity flows throughout the corridors of Akaashwani Bhavan with a conglomerate of different programs being produced for all types of different audiences. They not only serve listeners of channels like gold with music, they provide farmers with relevant tips, tell people in remote areas the weather and bring the dimmest of places hope by being a news distribution agency.
I have been fortunate enough to edit shows myself, record and be a part of Yuva Vani and their children's programmes and in addition been able to produce and anchor a call in show from the control room itself as a lead producer/technician would. Walking through years of history and books, statues and old equipment displayed to remind those that follow about the significance of the organisation, it sends chills down the spine of everyone the first time they walk in. Our country and its independence, it's struggle for freedom, It's endeavor to become a nation would have only been a dream if not for the radio and its ability to broadcast thought and speech throughout the nation. I would like to thank our school for providing us with such an opportunity at such a young age that most others could never even dream about. Everyone has a childhood aspiration; I can proudly say that I have been able to fulfill my own!
Nivedita Bhalla  (XII A)
‘An experience of a life time’ is what I’ll call my seven days internship at All India Radio. Thanks to our school that offered us the platform to have such an experience which not only made us understand work life better but also showed us the dedication it takes to put up a show at the end of the day. It was a childhood dream to sit in a recording booth with the mic on and speak to the world out there, it came true thanks to this internship. I, along with my co- intern not only recorded a show but we also edited our own show under the guidance of our mentor Mrs. Vinneta Seth. We learnt how to record the phone calls that are receive by the RJ’s on their shows. It was very interesting to see how two people who have never met in their lifetimes can strike up an involving conversation, that’s where I realized that the Radio holds a very significant role in the hearts of many. It was an honor that one of the most famous Radio Jockeys of Gold FM allowed us to sit in the recording booth while a live show was being telecasted. There I learnt how to handle on air situations, where you are faced by either tough criticisms or problems. We did all sought of things, converting of CD’s to wave files, made scripts for the different segments, and learnt the nuances of editing a Radio show and most of all learnt that going home at the end of the day gives you a sense of accomplishment. It was an experience full of knowledge  and most of all it gave us a very close look at all the hard work it takes to present a half an hour radio talk show.
Naman Verma, XII A
Interning with one of Delhi's top production houses, Carrot Films Ltd., was an immense learning experience for us. Getting a first glimpse at professional video production with professional gear and one of the most experienced minds in the industry sure did give us a lot to take back. The work ethics of Carrot Films clearly justified that Filmmaking is not just done by buying expensive gear, but only with passion. They taught us how Teamwork is essential for producing great work and how chemistry between different people is highly important to give the final Product its purpose. We had the opportunity to intern with 3 college students from different cities, one of them being an IIT Delhi student.
Carrot films taught us the importance of research in Filmmaking, and that how crucial it is to know what you are filming, and with what you are filming. We were made to research on different topics and made various scripts which were appreciated by the professionals. We also met and interviewed a social activist, Mr. Sunil Harsana, who fights for the forest rights of the Manger Forest in Haryana, which was really precious and inspiring. However, we did not get to shoot any movies in our brief stint, but we sure did learn something really important, that is the importance of research and learning before you actually get out and start rolling the film.
Internship at Carrot films
Maulik Chandel, XII A
My summer internship program was very learning and interesting. I learnt a lot in the two week long internship program that took place in Ambassador's Skychef. I used to travel to IGI airport everyday for my internship. It was a tiring job but I enjoyed. I worked in the cold kitchen, where I used to make sandwiches and salads. It might not sound the most exciting job but it gets very enjoyable once you do it yourself. The most important thing I learned from this experience of mine is that when our teachers say that we students are in a secured environment in our school, they say the truth. In the real world, people are busy with their own work, and then you realize that you are alone, you learn to take responsibility of your own actions. I am glad that my school gave me this opportunity to take part in this internship program.
Sreesha Suresh, XI A
In the journey of these 5 days I learnt about various fields of designing. On the first day we were introduced to Communication Designing and Brand Management and we did an activity on Visual Merchandising. In the next few days we were introduced to Fashion Designing, Fashion Communication, Media and Communication, Styling, Interior Designing, Product Designing and Textile Designing. We did various activities to practically experience each field, such as fashion photo shoot, dyeing scarves, making collages, etc.
On the last day, we went for an industry visit to Network 18 Media House in Filmcity, Noida. During the internship, my point of view on designing has changed and it helped me clear my doubts about the industry. After my internship I started looking at things differently and started analyzing and creating more.
Rohit Saini, XI C
Working in the animation company enabled me to understand some aspects of being successful animator. The first thing I realized was that making sketches and making a character from every angle is usually an essential aspect of animation. It is also important for an individual to have the ability to draw character taking reference from everyday life. In animation it is important that you should be a good artist and draw anything that is presented in front of you. On the other hand, I also realized that instead of sketching you should also have good software knowledge. Another aspect is that an individual should know how to control each and every part of the character and how the scene changes and the lighting used to make character look real.
During this time, I had to establish my objectives as I worked. The first objective was to draw some poses and the knowledge on the filming of movie carries out. The other objective was to learn the software and basic tools used to draw basic things.
Devishi Shah, X C
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as an intern in Max Hospital. I have gained valuable insight into the Healthcare industry over the past two weeks. I got a chance to work as an operation theatre assistant, I observed numerous aspects of plastic surgery. The staff was extremely welcoming and helpful, and offered me a great career advice. They taught me about tumor, cancer and differences between them, BRCA genes, mutated genes, genetically occurring tumor and breast implantology.
During my internship I observed various operations which included plastic surgery of finger, taking out sixteen tumors from a women's thigh, palstic surgery of a burnt baby, oral cancer (fibula reconstruction), WLE Segmental Mandibulectomy, Neck dissection and Reconstruction, BRCA genes (Breast Cancer) and Mastectomy reconstruction.
This internship has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career in Healthcare. Thank you again for making my internship a rewarding experience.
Bhawna Singh (XI A) & Isha Kaushik (XI A)
Our internship program was one of the best exposures we could ever get at this age. Our internship was with Dr. Roma Kumar at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Although it was only for two weeks, we learn many important things. It was our luck that many college students were also interning at the same moment, giving us a chance to acquaint ourselves with them.
We learnt how a patient’s history is taken, about how seemingly unimportant things matter. We also got a chance to interact with many doctors and psychologists.
Dr. Roma Kumar is a renowned psychologist who deals majorly with children and adolescents, so we came in contact with many children with special needs. We saw the doctors interact with children in such an adorable manner. We saw them making the kids comfortable and doing the tests playfully so that the children weren’t intimidated of the hospital setting. All the doctors and interns made us feel comfortable and I can, without a doubt say that this was one of the best experiences of my life.
Delhi News Agency (DNA) 
Arnav Khanna, X B
I would like to summerise my 15 days internship program with Delhi News Agency commencing form  1st June 2018 to 15th June 2018.
Delhi News Agency (DNA) is one of the oldest news outsourcing agency and shares its national and international news to entire gamut of media houses.
In the beginning the learning started with the introduction of what actually is news and what does media do to news before bringing it to public. What is journalism and how does journalists nurture their news.
The entire journey of internship was great learning. All the research activities undertaken during the program were extensive and gave me an insight into the media industry. The corporate environment and interaction with many journalists during the journey has developed a great sense of discipline and a different approach towards understanding of things.
My mentor Mrs Monisha had been a great support and taught me many life skills, helped me in bringing my thoughts on paper and made me understand what exactly media means.
On the whole the internship program was an extensive source of learning and experience.