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Hindi Diwas Celebration
Teachers' Day Celebration

Celebrated on Tuesday, 5 September 2023, Teachers' Day was warmly embraced with enthusiasm and heartfelt appreciation from everyone. The event was organized by students of class XI, who put up an immersive and memorable show for their teachers, expressing their gratitude for them. The theme for the day was ‘Through the Decades,’ allowing a journey back in time to appreciate the enduring impact of teachers across different generations.

The celebration began with an assembly that featured a heartfelt musical performance expressing students' gratitude for their beloved teachers, as well as a poem that touched upon the challenges teachers face and their unwavering dedication. After the assembly, the main event in the school auditorium showcased a range of performances by both students and teachers. It kicked off with a band performance, with students singing a medley of songs that transported the audience through different decades. Next up was an exciting dance battle, followed by a delightful shayari segment that highlighted the friendly banter between students and teachers in the classroom. In addition, the students presented various dance performances, along with a fun "Guess the Teacher" quiz, where the audience was challenged to identify teachers from their baby photos.

Finally, the teachers took the stage, treating the audience to thrilling dance performances and engaging in a musical battle that playfully highlighted the humorous interactions between students and teachers.

Overall, the day was a memorable and entertaining one, effectively serving its purpose by reminding everyone to appreciate and honor their teachers.

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National Sports Day
Life is incomplete without sports…….. The National Sports Day celebrations, in TIS Eok, was a resounding success, fostering a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and healthy competition among the students. It was a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a deep appreciation for the importance of sports in our lives, and we began it with the informative and interactive assembly! There were inter-class matches in hockey, football and tug-of-war! The day ended with the  Inter class sports quiz for classes VI-VIII!

Tagfest 2023

The latest edition of Tagfest- the Annual Inter-School Art, Literary and Technology Festival for primary classes was hosted on Wednesday 23 August 2023.

It was an unusual festival designed for the students of the primary wing, wherein students from several eminent schools participated in different events that helped in bringing forth their creativity and talent.

The festival featured myriad events witnessing a flare of talent and innovation in each one. It was a unique platform for the students to interact with each other and display their vivid ideas and out of the box thinking. 

With the theme "let's enhance our Creativity," the day was an explosion of talent and imagination. From awe-inspiring art exhibitions to delectable culinary presentations, spellbinding drama performances, and mind-blowing tech showcased, every moment was a testament to the power of creativity.

A distinguished panel of judges that included luminaries from the fields of art, technology and literature were invited to judge the various events. The esteemed guests had a rich experience in their respective genres and were a great source of motivation for the participants.

The Best School trophy was bagged by Air Force Bal Bharati School, Lodi Road 



Investiture Ceremony

The school organized the Investiture Ceremony on Monday, 14 August 2023, in the school auditorium. The newly appointed members of the student council were officially invested with their powers and roles during the event. They took the responsibility of leading and fulfilling the tasks designated to them by the school. The school choir performed a patriotic song, igniting a sense of pride and love for our country.

The chief guest, Ms. Shikha Rai, an honorable Member of the Legislative Assembly of Delhi, administered the oath of office to the elected members. The cabinet members made a commitment to uphold the school's regulations and vowed to maintain the school's dignity while carrying out their duties with fairness. Ms. Shikha, in her address, highlighted the substantial real-world wisdom gained by the student council in their roles. She encouraged them to execute their responsibilities with unwavering honesty and equity. Furthermore, in recognition of the important occasion of Independence Day, she also cultivated a sense of national pride and patriotism among the audience with her speech.

The event concluded triumphantly, and the newly formed student council is fully prepared to embark on its efforts towards the betterment of the school!

Independence Day Celebrations

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सामर्थ्य - A Unified Sports Fest

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it”. 

Keeping this in mind an Inclusive sports fest was organized for the students of the Roshni Society and  Aaina Theatre Society of our school and the students from Ananth Centre on Thursday, 3 August 2023 in the school grounds .

The day started off with a speech by our esteemed guests, Ms. Mukta Thind . She is the national director of the organization development. Followed by the National skating trials organized by special Olympics Bharat. Special olympics Bharat is a federation that promotes inclusivity to the students who are intellectually disabled by doing unified events with the schools.

The day continued by playing various sports like bocce and basketball . Students of our school were required to choose a team and play all the games with inclusion. The event was all in all fun. All the students enjoyed a lot and the event was a success in all.

Polaroid 4.0

The school hosted the fourth edition of Polaroid: 'Polaroid 4.0: Media Literacy Camp' from Tuesday, 25 July to Thursday, 27 July, 2023. The festival, a collaborative event with PhotoNest, was meticulously arranged to foster and honor the artistic endeavors of young filmmakers, aspiring photographers, and graphic designers. In harmony with India's hosting of the G20 summit, which emphasized the theme 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' – celebrating the world as one family, Polaroid 4.0 embraced and exemplified this concept throughout its duration.


Over the course of three days, the school hosted eight events, participated in by schools across Delhi NCR. The events were Media Literacy Camp, Logo Designing, Music Album Art, Montage Making, Surprise Event, Chronomotion, Photography, and B-roll Making.


In a thrilling addition this year, we incorporated a student jury consisting of students from various schools. These talented individuals, equipped with strong technical skills and a deep comprehension of current trends, social issues, and cultural sensitivities, came together as judges for the event. The student jury judged the Logo Designing, Music Album Art, Montage-Making, and Chronomotion events.


Day 1 featured the Logo Designing and Music Album Art competitions. Participants in the Music Album Art competition designed captivating covers for albums such as Arctic Monkey's 'AM,' Tame Impala's 'Currents,' Metro Boomin's 'Spiderman ATSV,' and Daft Punk's 'Discovery.' In the Logo Designing competition, the participants demonstrated their skill in crafting suitable logos for the following prompts:

  1. Sustainable Cosmetic Brand -  a company whose USP is that they sell cosmetics which are environment friendly as well as user friendly
  2. A child friendly app which offers games to help inculcate noble values in children - peace, togetherness
  3. Ayurvedic Medicinal Company - a company which is a manufacturer of medicines made of natural ingredients and offers "nuskhas" to help cure diseases


On day 2, the student jury, joined by our esteemed alumni, Mr. Baneet Pukhrambam and Mr. Samarth Rungta, undertook the judging process for pre-submitted entries for Montage-Making and Chronomotion, as well as the album covers and logos designed on the previous day. Participants in the Montage-Making event crafted captivating montages, skillfully incorporating clips from the movie "Blade Runner 2049" and the game "Detroit: Become Human." Each montage artistically portrayed the visually rich and dystopian worlds of both the movie and the game, displaying their unique perspectives and creative flair.

In the Chronomotion event, the jury was highly impressed by the participants' stop motion animations centered around the theme 'Evolution.' The animations were enthralling and showcased the participants' talent and imagination.


On the same day, the Surprise Event also took place, featuring a group discussion expertly moderated by our beloved alumnus, Ms. Lakshika Khurana. The participants actively participated in engaging and insightful discussions on a wide range of topics, making the event a valuable and thought-provoking experience for all.


The third and final day brought the judging of the pre-submitted entries for Photography and B-roll Making. The budding photographers amazed everyone with their vibrant and ethereal images, perfectly capturing the essence of the 'Light Photography' prompt. In the B-Roll Making event, participants crafted enticing B-roll footage for an advertisement showcasing a 'mouth-watering fruit shake'.

Our esteemed judges, Mr. Kashu Bhalla and Ms. Palak Maheshwari, were inspired by the creativity and ingenuity displayed by the participants. They wholeheartedly encouraged them to continue honing their skills and pursuing their passion in the field.

The results of the event are as follows:


First Position
Second Position
Third Position

Logo Designing




Music Album Art

Team F
Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar

Team B
Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurugram 
Team H
Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri 


 Team S
Bal Bharti School, Pitampura

Team B
Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurugram 
Team F
Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar  

Montage Making

Team F
Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar

Team S
Bal Bharti School, Pitampura 
Team M
Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram 

Surprise Event

Team F
Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar 

Team N
Tagore International School, East of Kailash

Team B
Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurugram

Team S
Bal Bharti School, Pitampura 


Team I - Mansi

Ramjas International School

Team F - Atharva
Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar 
Team B - Audrija
Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurugram 

B-roll Making

Team S
Bal Bharti School, Pitampura

Team G
Birla Vidya Niketan

Team M
Lotus Valley International School, Gurugram

Kargil Diwas Celebration

The school celebrated 'Kargil Vijay Diwas' to remember India's war victory and to pay tribute to Kargil Martyrs who are the symbol of courage and sacrifice, bravery and valor and made the ultimate sacrifice for the country during the Kargil War in 1999 on 26 July, 2023. To commemorate Kargil Vijay Diwas, the students of classes IV and V sang patriotic songs and filled the entire atmosphere with patriotism. Jewel Nagpal of class IX D honoured the heroes with her heartfelt speech. 

Nelson Mandela Day

The students of Class IX were asked to carry out this activity in pairs on 18 July, 2023. They were informed about the activity a few days earlier in class. The topic was to celebrate the memory of Nelson Mandela as ‘The Anti-Apartheid Revolutionary’. The students designed a poster on this topic. They used A4 white paper and various colors, designs, borders to make their presentation. This activity would be marked for internal assessment. They enjoyed carrying out the poster-making activity in the Social Science period. This activity helped students in their social understanding of South Africa, when the country was colonized by the Europeans. It also helped students to understand the sacrifices made by Nelson Mandela in helping South Africa in becoming a democratic country.

Awareness Cycle Rally organised by Rotary Club

Tagore International School, East of Kailash in association with the Rotary Club of Delhi Heights organised a cycle rally with the aim of raising awareness about two crucial causes: saving water and promoting organ donation. Our school was the venue partner for this event. The event brought together cycling enthusiasts, environmental activists, and supporters of the organ donation movement, all working together to create a positive impact on society.

The event saw the presence of eminent people like Khurafati Nitin from 92.7 Big FM, the District Governor of the Rotary Club Mr Jeetender Gupta and other members of the Rotary Club.The rally served as a powerful platform to educate the public about the importance of water conservation and the significance of organ donation in saving lives.

French National Day

Students of Tagore International  School celebrated the National Day of France, better known as Bastille Day or Le quatorze juillet, commemorating the Storming of the Bastille (culmination of a violent revolution in France) on 14 July 1789. 

The event started with a group song by the school choir followed by a short play and storytelling  on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, a heroic figure of France. The students further showcased their talents by presenting  a mesmerizing group dance and a Masquerade of famous personalities of France. There was an exhibition of the posters and paintings made by the French students. A cooking workshop on French food was also conducted in the school.It was a great learning experience for all the students. Professor Kiran Chaudhry from J.N.U was the Chief Guest. She encouraged the students with her words of wisdom and appreciated their performance.

International Yoga Celebration

To commemorate International Yoga Day, the school organised a special Yoga Workshop on Wednesday, 21 June 2023. The event witnessed a rejuvenating yoga session led by Mr.  Lalit Madan, a certified Yoga instructor and consultant Ayush Mantralaya, who guided us through a series of gentle asanas(postures), pranayama(breathing exercises) and relaxation techniques.

Inauguration of Rotary Interact Club

The installation ceremony of the Interact Rotary Club at Tagore International School, East of Kailash  on 17 May 2023 was a significant event. It marked the formation of a new club within the school under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Delhi Heights.

Jiya Gandhi and Chhavi Kharbanda of Class XI were donned with the collar of the President and Secretary of the club, respectively, in the presence of Rotarian Neena Gulati, President, Rotary Club, Delhi Heights and various other dignitaries of the club. The other board members of the club were also pinned during the ceremony, signifying their roles and responsibilities within the structure of the club.

The newly appointed leaders shared the aim and vision of the club, emphasizing the club's commitment to serving the community, fostering leadership skills among students, and promoting global understanding and peace. Various social work initiatives undertaken by the school were also highlighted, significant being Project Re, which focuses on sustainability and environmental conservation, the utilization of turbo ventilators for energy efficiency, the establishment of water heritage classrooms to raise awareness about water conservation, and the presence of various societies within the school that promote holistic development among students.

The Principal, Ms. Mallika Preman in her address acknowledged the importance of youth involvement in community service and commended the efforts of the school in fostering a culture of social responsibility.

The installation of the Interact Rotary Club in the school served a platform for students to develop leadership skills, engage in meaningful projects, and make a positive impact in their communities.


Bookweek Celebrations

‘A book is a gift you can open again and again’

– Garrison Keillor


To celebrate the delight of reading books and inculcate the habit of reading, the school observed the Book Week from 8 May to 13 May 2023.

The Scholastic Book Fair and a book exchange programme titled, Bring One Take One was organised for students to encourage them to become avid readers.

Various interesting activities and competitions related to books and reading were organised throughout the week, such as Creating Book Marks , Name Tags of Characters, Stick Puppets for classes Nursery to V and display of a fascinating Puppet Show.

Classes VI to IX also participated enthusiastically in numerous craft activities such as Story Bags, Story Wheel, Design an Emoji of a Book Character, Comic Strip, Eye Mask of a Sea Pirate or Book Character, etc.

A story telling session was organised for the students of classes II to V by Ms. Swati Sengupta, an author and journalist based at Kolkata.

Vasudha Ahuja,  a certified storyteller from Kathalya with an immense passion to tell stories creatively narrated The Blue Umbrella to the students of Class VII. She had also composed a song for the same.

Another engrossing story telling session by Shalini Tayal, a renowned trainer, storyteller, an educator, academician and an administrator was organised. She narrated the story of Arunima Sinha, the Indian mountaineer and sportswoman, to students of Class VIII.

The Book Week was indeed a fun-filled and learning experience for the students


Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated with gaiety and joy to commemorate the 162nd birth anniversary of the Nobel Laureate, Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore. The cultural programme performed by the students of the school bore testimony to the sheer range of Tagore's creation which helped him emerge as an institution in itself.

Labour Day Celebration
International Dance Day

On 27-28 April, on the occasion of International Dance DAy the school organized cultural performances for the students of classes IV-XII. The performances included dance, instrumental and vocal music performaces. The theme for the event was "Vasudhev Kutumbbakam'

All of the performances were based around the idea of unity and brotherhood. All the performances had incorportaed the themes to a great extent. All of the performances were live and thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The dances included classical, western and the most appreciated Fusion dance.

Instrumental and vocal performances on song like 'This is my kingdom come-Imagine Dragons', 'I want it what way- Backstreet Boys' and 'Give me some sunshine' were the most memorable and sung bby everyone in the audience. Overall the event was enjoyed and appreciated by everyone and was a huge success.

Earth Day Celebration

The TIS Green Brigade celebrated Earth Day 2023 by organizing a carnival for the students of the primary and middle school wing. The central theme of the carnival was “Rethink Waste.” There were various stalls put up with interesting activities that aimed at fostering the 5 R principles -Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover.

Students learned to reuse old T-shirts by hand painting the same with their friends. News paper and paper waste was turned into attractive jewellery, bags, envelopes, and accessories. Students also learned to reuse e-waste by making beautiful windchimes out of old CDs & other electronic waste material.

The TIS theatre group also presented a skit in which students performed enactments of famous environmentalists like Sunderlal Bahuguna, Jadav Payeng, Medha Patkar, Dr. Salim Ali, and Gretta Thunberg. Treasure hunt, Photo booth and the Tattoo stalls added to the excitement of the Tagoreans.

Overall, it was a fun-filled learning experience for all, after all mother earth is worth celebrating!!! 

World Heritage Day

The students of Class IX celebrated World Heritage Day on Tuesday, 18 April, 2023. They were asked to form groups of 6 each. They were informed about the activity a day earlier in class. The topic was to celebrate the heritage sites of India. They had to choose one heritage site and design a poster on that site. Some examples taken were the Taj Mahal, Hampi, Ellora Caves, Chittorgarh fort, Agra fort, Sanchi Stupa etc. The students briefly mentioned the important features of the site chosen by them e.g. year when built, material used, for what purpose was it made etc. They used A 3 white paper and various colors, designs, borders to make their presentation. This activity would be marked for internal assessment. They enjoyed carrying out the poster-making activity in the zero period. This activity helped students not only in their social development but also helped them know more about the diverse heritages spread across their country.

Roshni Society and Ananth Centre Leadership Camp 2023

"Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do." - Marco Bizzarri

Keeping this in mind an Inclusive Leadership Camp was organized for the students of the Roshni Society and Aaina Theatre Society of our school and the students from Ananth Centre and Deepalaya Sambhav Bharat Foundation on Wednesday, 19 April' 2023 in the school auditorium.

The day started off with a session on inclusion and unified events by special olympics bharat. Special olympics Bharat is a federation that promotes inclusivity to the students who are intellectually disabled by doing unified events with the school. The session was headed by Reva maam who talked about the difference between Inclusion, Segregation, Exclusion and Integration and talked about how to successfully organize an event.

The day got continued by doing activities such as unique introduction rounds and throwing beans into the hoops. Students of our school were required to  choose a partner and ask about their hobbies and do a unique handshake. The event was all in all fun. All the students enjoyed a lot and learnt about a necessity life skill that is inclusive leadership in the events.

Easter Celebration
Egg-spanding the Easter Happiness and Cheer.
Frohe Ostern!!
German learners of class VII and class X celebrated Easter in the school!
To endorse the Egg-citing Season of Renewal - Class VII had created bunnies and eggs with the recycled material.
Class X have baked delicious cakes and brownies and shared their recipes in the German language.
Synergy 2023

Because you are worth it!!

The students of Nursery and Kindergarten presented ‘Synergy’ on Saturday, 25 February 2023 which witnessed spectacular participation of the pre-schoolers. The program commenced with an energetic/electrifying welcome dance by the tiny tots. This was followed by a cultural extravaganza where the audience was mesmerised by the spectacular presentation by the toddlers. The little Tagoreans showcased their immense talent in a sparkling array of music, dance, and theatre performances depicting the special theme ‘We are special, we are unique’. The special ramp walk and a circus show was a quintessential feature of the show. The students spruced up with bright appealing costumes and the grand stage was decorated with vibrant colours.

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Republic Day Celebration
Arrivederci' 3

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 Graduation Day
The school gave a ceremonial send off to the graduating class of 2023 on 21 January 2023. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ms. Nandini Maharaj, Additional Director of Education (Land and Estate Branch). Citations honouring each student were read out to the audience comprising of parents, families  and teachers. Students of the outgoing batch lit a lamp representing the wisdom and memories left behind by each one of them.  
The Chief Guest motivated the students and urged them to focus singularly on their goals and work conscientiously and honestly to meet them. The Principal, Ms. Mallika Preman in her address encouraged the students and inspired them to realise their self-worth and face life confidently with the strength of good values. The valedictorians in their farewell speeches paid tribute to the school reminiscing about their journey in their Alma Mater.
Later that evening the students of Class XI bid adieu to their seniors in a farewell ceremony. In a happy atmosphere the outgoing batch competed with each other for coveted titles. Sanskriti Sahai and Ansh Sharma were declared Ms. and Mr. TIS, respectively.
Roshni Society Christmas 2022

Christmas is a festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and symbolises a child’s innocence and purity. Following the set traditions, the students of Roshni Society and Aaina Society celebrated Christmas with the students of Ananth Centre for Learning and Development, on Friday, 23 December, 2022, with much enthusiasm. 

The event consisted of singing Christmas carols such as - Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, We Three Kings of Orient, Joy to the world, Jingle Bells, We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The audience also witnessed their Santa Claus, Hardik Pamnani singing and were ecstatic to say the least.The celebration was brought to an end by the students of Ananth Centre and their Santa Claus travelling the campus on a horse cart and everyone trailing behind them singing the Christmas Carols.

Samanjasya - The Performing and Creative Art Festival

The primary wing of Tagore International School, East of Kailash celebrated ‘Samanjasya’, an annual cultural and musical extravaganza over a period of two days, i.e. 29 and 30 December 2022.

The students of classes I to V having learnt the art of embracing each other’s differences came together for the theme ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ by showcasing an array of plays interspersed with music, songs and dances.

The tiny tots of class I participated in a play titled ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ based on SDG 15-Life on land. The children emphasized the importance of trees, water and air. They beautifully conveyed the message of how these things are important for mankind and how mankind is ruining everything and destroying nature for its own greed.

The students of class II enacted a play titled ‘The Earth is in our hands’ based on SDG 14- Life below water and SDG15- Life on land. The students stressed the significance of living in harmony with nature.


The students of class III pledged to contribute towards SDG 15-Life on land, which says ‘Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests and reverse land degradation’. 

The students presented a play by taking the audience through a wonderful journey of transition via a story ‘Mowgli’s La La Land’. The play reflected upon the fact that we humans share this Earth with plants and animals and so it’s imperative for us to maintain and protect all the elements in our ecosystem.

SDG 13-Climate action, revolving around the play ‘A new tomorrow’ was the prime focus of the performance showcased by the students of class IV.

The students of class V displayed their talent through a series of short skits which highlighted SDG 5- Gender equality with special emphasis on ‘women empowerment’. They presented snippets from the lives of women like Arunima Sinha and Mithali Raj who despite various odds managed to fulfil their dreams with sheer determination, guts and willpower.

The heart touching performances rendered by the students captivated and mesmerized the audience.

An exhibition displaying several activities of the students in the fields of clay modelling, art, science, social science, mathematics and library was also put up. Students showcased their creativity through models, paintings, posters and board games.

The show was a great success as the parents appreciated the school for its efforts in bringing out the hidden talents and skills of the students and by rightly naming the event as ‘Samanjasya’ which means ‘working in togetherness’ to celebrate the spirit of ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ which is the need of the hour each day and every day.

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Christmas Celebration

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The Indian Customs Day Celebration

Mr. Jyotiraditya, Joint Commissioner of Customs Department and Mr. Manoj Lakra, Assistant Commissioner of Customs Departments had organized an interactive session  in the school to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Customs Day on Tuesday, December 6, 2022,. Students of class IX participated in the session. Mr. Jyotiraditya spoke to students on the role of customs in the foreign trade and economy of the country. A movie on the history of various duties paid by traders in the past and how the Customs Act has evolved over the years was shown to students, which was followed by a quiz competition and the winners were awarded with certificates and prizes.

Namaste Deutschland
Namaste Deutschland is the annual festival to celebrate the German language and culture. A colourful programme of exhibitions, workshops, competitions, info sessions, film screenings and much more is dedicated to a specific theme each year. The festival is aimed at all German learners at their partner schools and their teachers. It was held on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at Delhi Public School, Gurugram.The theme was from Germany into the world.
Arsh Ali got the first position for the Online Video competition. He was rewarded by Puneet Kaur by Project Director, Goethe Institute.

Gurpurab Celebration
Founder’s Day Celebration

School celebrated its Founder’s Day on 25 and 26 November 2022. The two day extravaganza saw students of classes III to XII presenting a spectacular show, Folk Tale Fiesta. Designed and directed by the renowned director and theatre personality, Mr. Stephen Marazzi, the show left the audience spellbound and exhilarated.

The programme commenced with the presentation of the school report by the members of the Student Council. Mr. Sohail Hashmi, the eminent writer-filmmaker, a history and heritage enthusiast was the Chief Guest. He welcomed the initiative of exhibiting the folk tales of India as a step towards connecting the younger generation to the rich ethnic culture of the country. He also emphasised on the importance of such events, for the overall development of the students and congratulated the school for the tremendous achievements it had made at all levels.

Principal Mallika Preman emphasised on the importance of students’ engagement in co-curricular activities for a holistic development and urged the parent community to be role models. 

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The second edition of #TagGED was organised on 4 November 2022 with the aim to broaden the horizons for young entrepreneurs and visionaries. Divided into three categories, Innovation (STEAM), Business Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, the event saw the participation of more than 90 students from schools all over the NCR.

Taking up SDG as the basic foundation, the theme for this year’s event was ‘A Commercial Start with a Sustainable End.’ After commencing the programme with the lighting of the lamp, the Principal gave a short speech to inspire the teams present.

As the youth of the country, the participants took their role as society sculptors extremely seriously and presented a multitude of brilliant ideas. With a great vision and proper execution of ideas, each entry uplifted the idea of fulfilling SDGs and kept various ecological and societal concerns in mind, while possessing a clear strategy on carrying their designs forward.

#TagGED promotes social welfare and provides a platform for budding business minds to establish a foothold in the competitive world of new ventures. The jury, who are leading experts in their respective fields, addressed the gathering, sharing their insights, valuable experiences and suggestions for every model. The participants made use of this golden opportunity to interact and learn from the mentors. Lastly, the judges commented on the adaptability of ideas and shared their belief that “Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art; it is a practice.”

Diwali Celebration

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Diwali, the festival of lights that brings joy and enlightens the hearts was celebrated with great zeal and zest. Decorated in vibrant hues, the school had an ambience of joy and happiness. The members of Ekta House set the mood for celebration through a special assembly. The programme commenced with our confident speakers enlightening the audience about the significance of the festival followed by Ganesh Vandana. The Green Brigade, our school’s Eco Club members presented thought-provoking messages emphasising students to celebrate ‘Environment Safe Diwali’. In her address, the principal, Ms. Mallika Preman urged the children to be sensitive to the environment by celebrating a clean and cracker-free Diwali. No celebration is complete without evoking the blessings of God and thanking the Almighty for all the divine gifts we are endowed with. The assembly culminated with Laxmi Puja.

German Day Celebration
Deutsch Macht Spaß
German day has been celebrated in our school on Friday, October 14, 2022  with a skit, dance, song, quiz, tongue twisters along with a friendly football match with the students of our Vasant Vihar branch.
It is rightly said that if we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it. Learning a new language opens several doors to new opportunities.
In 1949, Germany was divided into two zones. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1998, it reunited the two sides of Germany. The Unification Treaty was signed to unite the two parts in September 1990. The Treaty entered into force upon the GDR's accession to the Federal Republic on 3rd 0ctober 1990 and declared the 3rd of October a national holiday. The day of German reunification is celebrated as German Day.
Ms. Shilpa Sharma was the chief guest at the event. She has been working for the last 10 years with the Goethe Institute, Delhi as a language trainer and an Intercultural Facilitator for young and adult learners. Her areas of interest are the usage of Media in Teaching, Student-centered pedagogy, curriculum development, and teacher’s training. Currently, she is the project coordinator for private schools offering German in North India.
Music is the only universal language that needs no translation” Our German learners presented a beautiful song called “Wenn du fröhlich bist”.
A short skit presented by the students of classes VI-IX showcases how exposure to different cultures not only increases our knowledge but also makes us more connected to our roots.
A short quiz was held for the students to test general knowledge about Germany along with tongue twisters. They were rewarded by our chief guest too.
Our German learners have performed a folk dance of Germany to end the event on a groovy note.
A friendly football match was organized by our school with the students of the Vasant Vihar branch on the occasion of German day as Football is a national game of Germany.

Dussehra Celebration
Hindi Diwas Celebration

विद्यालय में हिंदी दिवस समारोह का आयोजन १४ सितंबर, २०२२ को किया गया। इस अवसर पर छात्रों द्वारा रंगारंग कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत किए गए। कार्यक्रम का आरंभ दीप-प्रज्वलन व सरस्वती वंदना से किया गया। कार्यक्रम में हिंदी भाषा का महत्त्व स्पष्ट करते हुए सामूहिक गीत की प्रस्तुति के साथ-साथ एकल अभिनय का सफल मंचन भी किया गया। छात्रों द्वारा आयोजित कवि संगोष्ठी में जाने-माने कवियों की कविताओं का पाठ किया गया। इस अवसर पर प्रसिद्ध लेखक व पत्रकार श्री प्रताप सहगल तथा श्री कुलदीप कुमार जी मुख्य अतिथि के रूप में पधारे। वरिष्ठ मुख्य अध्यापिका श्रीमती देबजनी मित्रा ने अतिथियों का सम्मान किया। इस अवसर पर विद्यालय की वार्षिक पत्रिका का विमोचन भी किया गय़ा। मुख्य अतिथियों ने छात्रों के साथ परस्पर संवाद करते हुए अपने कार्यक्षेत्र के अनुभवों को सांझा किया तथा छात्रों को हिंदी भाषा से संबंधित कुछ आवश्यक जानकारी भी दी। मुख्य अध्यापिका श्रीमती दीपाली साही ने धन्यवाद ज्ञापन देकर कार्यक्रम का समापन किया।

कक्षा सातवीं एवं आठवीं के छात्रों द्वारा विद्यालय के सभागार में आयोजित कार्यक्रम ‘लेखक से मुलाक़ात’ में माननीय अतिथि श्री राम अवतार बैरवा जी की उपस्थिति में एक मनोरंजक कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत किया गया।  जिसके अंतर्गत दीप प्रज्वलन के साथ, सरस्वती वंदना, आशु भाषण, लेखक से वार्तालाप एवं वीर रस से ओत-प्रोत एक ओजस्वी कविता ‘कृष्ण की चेतावनी’ का प्रस्तुतीकरण किया गया। अतिथि महोदय ने स्वरचित गजल एवं कविता सुनाकर सभी का मन मोह लिया ।

अतिथि महोदय ने हमारे छात्रों को राष्ट्र भाषा की अप्रतिम सम्प्रेषण क्षमता को राष्ट्र गौरव से जोड़कर देखने की प्रेरणा दी ।

Tagfest 2022- the Annual Inter-School Literary, Art, Drama and Technology Festival

The Annual Inter-School Literary, Art, Drama & Technology Festival, Tagfest was organized on Wednesday, 7 September 2022. The theme for the event was “Sustainable Development Goals”. The festival was open to the students of classes I to V. The event strived to create an environment where the youth could hone their skills in various fields. The festival featured Clay Modeling, Storytelling, Poem Recitation(Hindi), RJ Hunt And Digital Sketching Competitions for classes I-V respectively. 


For class I, Mr Madhab Das and Ms Meena Nagpal were judges for the competition ‘Recreate’,the participants were asked to create a 3D model of their favorite material using plasticine.The judges presented insightful stories and anecdotes to the participants, who were deeply inspired by them. 

For class II, participants were expected to narrate a story to promote awareness, appreciate marine life and encourage everyone to respect and take care of the ocean environment and nature. Mr Kapil Gautam and Ms Mridula Khanna Arora were the judges for the event Kathan, talking about storytelling they shared their own amazing stories and experiences. For the class III event विचाराभिव्यक्ति, students recited their poems in the Hindi language on the topic “एक पुरुष की गाथा”. The competition was judged by Dr Jitendra Vir Kalra and Mr Vinod Khosla. Both of the judges motivated the participants and discussed a broader view of the theme with the students. 

For the class IV event, RJ hunt, students presented a talk show on climate change by presenting a RJ inviting a famous personality for discussion. The judges were Ms Swarolipi Sengupta and Ms Nilanjana Chatterjee. They were immensely impressed by the creativity of the artists and inspired them to fly in the sky with open wings. 

For Class V, students were asked to create a sketchnote based on the story given on the spot topic: “Quality Education, The Linchpin Of SDGs”. The class V event was judged by Ms Suruchi Tiwari and Mr Amit Kumar, who was galvanized by the creativity and ingenuity of the participants and encouraged them to continue developing their artistic skills.

Teachers' Day Celebration

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future - F.Sionil Jose

One of the first major events held offline , Teachers’ day was organized on Monday 5, September 2022 and was received with great enthusiasm and appreciation by all.The event was organized by the students of class XI, who put up a fabulous show for the teachers,expressing their gratitude towards them. The theme for the event was “A sky full of stars” which signified how our teachers light up our skies just like the shining stars.
The highlights of the celebrations were the main event and the cultural assembly. The cultural assembly included a short humorous skit on the importance of teachers as well as a dance and an instrumental performance by the students of class X and class XI. The main event, which took place in the auditorium, was a huge success and well received by everyone . The event featured a concert , kawali, multiple dances and a quiz. The event was a huge success and was heavily appreciated by everyone . After the student performance , the teachers’ also put up an amazing performance consisting of skits and dances . The skits were an accurate re-enactment of how the students behave in the school and the teachers also performed mesmerizing  dances. All in all , the event was well received and enjoyed by everyone.

Polaroid 3.0: Digital Media Festival

On Friday, August 26, 2022, the school hosted the Polaroid 3.0: Digital Media Festival, with the theme War and Peace. Peace is freedom from war and violence. True freedom can only be experienced when, along with peace with other people, we are also in harmony with ourselves. The event strived to create an environment where the youth could hone their skills in photography and graphic design. The festival featured music album art, logo design, and photography competitions.

Mr. Vaibhav Tekchandani and Mr. Kashu Bhalla, eminent photographers and judges for the photography competition, presented insightful stories and anecdotes to the participants, who were deeply inspired by them. The participants of the Music Album Art competition created beautiful album covers for Ed Sheeran's '=' and Queens' Live at Fireflight Australia. The esteemed judges, Mr. Arnav Sharma and Mr. Subhrangshu Chakraborty, were immensely impressed by the precise depiction of the essence of the songs in the given albums. The participants were able to accurately conceptualise the prompt, "Peace by Piece is a relief organisation founded during World War II." and were able to create befitting logos. Ms. Riddhima Arora and Ms. Kanika Arora, the judges for the logo designing competition, were galvanised by the creativity and ingenuity of the participants and encouraged them to continue developing their designing skills.

Investiture Ceremony

School organized its investiture ceremony on Friday, 12 August 2022, in the school premises. The newly elected members of the school's cabinet were officially invested with their powers and position at the occasion where they were initiated to assume command of the leadership and discharge the responsibilities assigned to them by the school. Ms. Atishi Singh, the Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly from the Kalkaji constituency of Delhi, and Dr. Rajlakshmi Darbari PHD, the Chairman of the Indo-Montenegro Business Forum, a renowned author, a social activist, a prominent journalist and filmmaker, administered the oath of office to the elected office bearers. The cabinet members took a pledge to abide by the rules of the school and promised to preserve the decorum of the school and perform their responsibilities impartially. In their address, Ms. Atishi and Dr. Darbari inspired the members to be committed to important issues and be ready to serve their cause with integrity. They also laid emphasis on the importance of service before self and reminded them that as torch bearers of the values that the school stands for, they must take up their responsibilities with commitment and integrity and perform them conscientiously. Further, the gathering was addressed by the presidents of the Student Council by giving the vote of thanks. The school further felicitated the toppers of CBSE Class XII and X for their brilliant scores. The Musical performance put up by the students brought in an ambience of patriotism and pride for our country! 


Independence Day Celebration
Kargil Diwas Celebration

Kargil Diwas is commemorated every year to observe India's victory over Pakistan in Kargil and to pay homage to all those brave souls who contributed to this victory on 26 July 19, 1999. To remember the bravery of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives on the 23rd anniversary of ''Operation Vijay”, School commemorated this day with an invigorating speech and an inspiring play by the Aaina Society.

French National Day Celebration
Students  celebrated the National Day of France, better known as Bastille Day or Le Quatorze Juillet, commemorating the Storming of the Bastille (culmination of a violent revolution in France) on 14 July 1789. 

The event started with a short play and storytelling  on the life of Joan d’Arc, a heroic figure of France. The students further showcased their talents by presenting a French group song, followed by instrumental music and a mesmerizing group dance. It was a great learning experience for all the students. 

Yoga Day Celebration
Rabindra Jayanti Celebration

To celebrate the birth anniversary of one of the most loved and influential poets of all time Rabindranath Tagore, a splendid celebration is organized by the school every year.

To commemorate this day the students of primary classes had put up a small program on Monday, 09 May 2022.The program started with the introduction speech by Ahem Ahmed of class V followed by a poem recital by Sudeshna Panda of Class III. The mesmerizing poem (amar choto nadi meaning our little river) written by the great Bard gave punctilious details about the river.

The audience dived into the nostalgia when Aryan of class V recited the poem ’paper boats’. The students of class V energized the audience with their splendid song and dance presentation on monsoon ‘Pagli hawa badraya din, pagal mera mann jaage re’.

The students culminated the program to conclude the Theme for the year 2021-22    ‘celebrating Tagore’ with some key learning we gain from Tagore.

Book Week Celebrations
World Dance Day Celebration

Art is the medium for the soul, through which it escapes the mortal cages of the body, and metamorphoses into a higher state of being. Dance is the bridge that lets loose the beauty and the fire within the soul.

The celebrations of the World Dance Day, a day when people from every nook and cranny of the world revel in the absoluteness and joy of dance, took place with much enthusiasm on Friday, 29 April 2022. Students from classes I to XII presented marvelous group and solo dance performances. The themes for classes I-V was Life below Water and Quality Education, for classes VI-VIII it was Life on Land and Clean Water, and Sanitation, and that for classes IX-XII was Climate Action and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. The school auditorium reverberated with the beautiful melodies sung by the students and exceptional instrumental and band performances. The program was concluded with a speech by the school’s senior headmistress, Ms. Debjani Mitra.

Labour Day Celebration
Earth Day Celebration

Theme: Invest in Our Planet
The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for. With lush green valleys, blue skies, singing birds and butterflies, clear water, bright light, countless colours, full of life. But above all, the Earth is what we all have in common. So, love the Earth as you would love yourself. Today, tomorrow. Make every day, Earth Day.
With this spirit in heart, Tagoreans celebrated the Earth Day with myriad activities across all classes of the school. All the activities were based on the central theme of the year – “Invest in Our Planet”
The Earth Day celebrations were spearheaded by the members of the Green Brigade and the members of the Society for Sustainable Development.
All the student volunteers conducted class-wise activities through the online mode and pledged to raise awareness for protecting the planet that has so far protected us.
Here is a glimpse of all the activities conducted across classes I –XII.

Classes I – II

  • Virtual Tour to Kaziranga National Park: 
  • Story Telling Session: The Friendly Rhino
  • Let’s draw a Rhino 

Classes III - V

  • Save the Sparrow – Poster Making

Classes VI – VIII

What’s the Word? 
  • Environmental Word Guessing Game 
  • Card Making  
  • Nukkad Naatak

Class IX, X & XII

  • SDGs- A Video Presentation 
  • Quiz on SDGs  

World Heritage Day 

World Heritage Day, also known as the International Day of Monuments and Sites, is celebrated every year on the 18 of April. The given theme for 2022 was COMPLEX PAST DIVERSE FUTURE. To commemorate this day, groups of students of Classes VI to X and Class XII created Brochures or Historical guide pages (columns and blocks like a newspaper) on chart paper on a specific heritage site. The facts to include were the history of the sitethe relevant datessignificance of the monument and ways of conservation of these monuments. Classes were divided into groups of five students each. Each group used one white chart paper with different art material. They completed the activity in their Social Science period. Class VI completed the activity on the Ancient Period sites of Acropolis of Athens, Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China and the Roman Colosseum. The activity for  Class VII was monuments on the Medieval Period like the Konark Temple, Jamali Kamali, Tughlaqabad Fort and the Golden Temple. Class VIII worked on the Ancient Universities of Nalanda, Takshashila, Vikramshila and Somapura. Class IX completed their activity on the Ancient Sites of Machu Picchu, Angorrat (Cambodia), Stonehenge (England) and Bagan (Myanmar). Class X worked on Medieval European Monuments such as Heidelberg Castle (Germany), Dubrovnik (Croatia), City of La Grasse (France) and Westminster Abbey (London). The topics for Class XII A were the Ellora caves, Tomb of Bakhtiyar Kaki, Fatehpur Sikri, Fort William, Hampi and Khajuraho. The students enjoyed the activity, showed enthusiasm and willingness to work and were contented working in their respective groups.