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Session On Indoor Air Pollution
The School-University Network Team (SUN) of SDSN youth SDG, TERI School of Advanced Studies, Student hub organized an interactive session on "Indoor Air Pollution" for students of Grade 8 and 9 on Friday 9 December 2022.
The sessions included:
  • Video presentation- Documentary followed by Question & Answer round
  • Interactive lecture - Difference between climate and weather, how climate change is affecting daily lifestyles
  • Activity on indoor air pollution
  • Awareness sessions- JAM, Quiz
The aim of the session was to raise awareness among the students about the indoor air pollution, it's impact and what they can do to combat this.
Water Heritage Classroom
Tagore International School, EOK in collaboration with ITIHAAS has initiated and set up Water classrooms for the students of class VIII, wherein the students learn, engage, collaboratively work and learn various facts, clear misconceptions and work towards the mission to save water...the most precious yet least looked after resource!
The students learn about historical utility of water, ancient ways of water conservation and how it has taken a turn with the changing times. The program also involves field visits , such as one to Agrasen ki Baoli, which is a 60 meter long and 15 meter wide historical step well. Visits like such provide a wider horizon for the students to think and reflect on the present conditions of water wastage and scarcity. 
In addition to the hands-on activities, the students keep a record of their work in the workbooks and do various activities in it. They also maintain a small dictionary wherein they enlist the words related to water and share it with their classmates. They also watch various interesting videos educating them about water conservation, which forces them to think beyond the books and elicit their creative responses. 
As part of this initiative the students were also appointed as Surahi Sipahis in which they served water to everyone in the school during the recess hours thereby building and establishing social bonds and educating the other members of the school about the importance of each drop. 
The students also organized a skit and presented the same in the school assembly, encouraging other students and teachers to spread the valuable message of saving and conserving water. 
The entire school also took on Oath to promote this noble cause. 
NSS activities were organized throughout the term for the students of class 10 th to instill the concept of sustainability in the minds of the youth. Many projects were assigned that helped students transform waste into profitable goods. In the month of April, students worked in pairs to make a jewelry box out of old newspapers. Students rolled up newspaper cutting, assembled it into a shape of a box, and even decorated it with a variety of
Subsequently, the next month, the project was to create a grocery bag out of an atta or rice bag. Students were eager to change a mundane and unused atta or rice bag into an item of utility. Students were busy designing elegant wall hangings with leftover paper and strings during July and August. The decorative pieces were adorned with flowers and beads, which invited much praise. In the month of October and November, the NSS projects showcased incredible alchemy, turning old and ragged clothes into floor mats. Since the activity did not require knitting or stitching, students
enthusiastically participated, using a myriad of colorful fabrics to make the mats. These NSS activities were the perfect amalgamation of important steps of waste management and memorable experiences.
Turbo Ventilators

We are proud to state that our school has this amazing facility too. During these hot humid days, these turbo ventilators play an outstanding job of cooling down the air remarkably.

It's a great alternative for air conditioners, which require the constant use of electricity, leading to global warming.

These turbo ventilators work on a very simple principle:

As the hot air tries to escape from the turbine, it exerts a backwards thrust on the vanes and sets them in a rotational movement. This rotation creates a suction, which pulls more hot air from the room into the turbine. With the help of natural wind blowing over the rooftop, the RPM of the turbine increases.

The Turbo Ventilator Fan starts revolving due to the force of the outside breeze & the inside hot air. The Centrifugal Force (backward thrust) caused by the spinning vanes creates a region of low pressure, which draws and throws out air from below and causes fresh cool air from the outside to come in.

We have installed a total of 12 such turbo ventilators in the school building. They are responsible for replacing hot air, humidity & stale air with fresh ambient air.

TAGCIDE - an organic pesticide
TAGCIDE is an organic pesticide that has been synthesised in the school itself. Made from neem leaves and garlic cloves, it is totally organic and thus environment friendly.
This Bio-pesticide is prepared by our Home Science students in their Home Science Lab. For pest and insect control we have been successfully using this product.