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The craft club is a students’ organization designed to promote interest in a wide range of skills or hobbies with hands on experience. Students in this club use different tools and techniques to make utility and decorative artifacts like furniture with old tires papier mashie, designing of bowls folder, quilling, origami patterns, dry leaves painting and tribal masks.
Paper mache lanterns

Children made  pressed flower lanterns which are the perfect addition to a warm summer’s eve. They are easy and cost almost nothing to make, plus one can use them to preserve your favorite summer flowers even after the blooms have passed. 

They prepared magical balloon lanterns with simple materials like balloon, tissue paper, white glue, water, a string or wire for the handle and a tea light. They prepared the tissue by cutting into strips and made glue and water paste with a 4 parts glue and 1 part water ratio. After blowing the balloon to the desired size it was first covered with the paste and then tissue paper strips were put on it. Children continued the process till they had 3-4 layers of tissue layers. After drying, it was decorated.


No sew tote bag

Children made no sew tote bag from their old tee. These tote bags are perfect to use at the vegetable/ fruit market and can also be used to carry toys for kids. Materials used by students to make tote bag were their favourite old T-shirt, scissors and a pencil/chalk.

Students placed  their r-shirt on the flat surface and sleeves were cut from the t-shirt. Then neck  was cut out from the t-shirt. Slits of about an inch were cut from the bottom of the t-shirt and these slits were tied together to get a shape of a bag.



Rolled news paper coasters
Children recycled old newspaper and made coasters out of the newspaper by rolling into a particular shape(round, square, rectangle).
Paper mache bird

Children made paper mache bird and then made the birds colourful by painting and decorating them with cloth and glitter.