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The competition was about engineering, physics and creativity. We had to make paper and balloon cars powered from jet propulsion from paper called jet toys and test them. We also had to create some posters and other forms of advertisement. Besides academics, we learnt teamwork too. We got a minimum amount of supplies at the competition but we utilised them to our full ability.We liked that the competition was well organised and the centre was quite spacious. When we entered the building, we registered and had our breakfast.The competition was delayed for half an hour but we were successful in ending the event in time. We were amazed by the size of the auditorium. After the opening ceremony, we went to the toy fabrication area. We had two hours to make 3 running cars, a model car and a poster.Then we had our lunch. After that we went for testing our cars and presentation of model cars and poster. We were nervous during the award ceremony. Even though we did not win an award, we were grateful that we could come to this event and participate. Overall, all the practice and competition was good and enjoyable.