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Winners at Peacemakers Corps 2022 Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival New York

Students of Classes IV-VIII from Tagore International School, EoK, attended the three days Media workshop on Animation and Film Making organised by Chinh Early Education Web channel. The workshop was conducted by National Awardees, Film & Culture Activist Couple, Ms. Meenakshi Rai and Mr. Vinay Rai. Our students made a heart warming short film 'Harmony-My Delhi, My Pride', during the workshop, which won the Peacemakers Corps 2022 Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival New York in the 11-14 age group.



The India-Japan Global Collaborative Learning Program

The India-Japan Global Collaborative Learning Program consisted of a 3-day live and video interactions between Indian and Japanese students. The live interactions took place through Zoom Meetings while the video interactions took place through the Flip App.

There were various themes in the flip app as clothing, food, school life and more, where the students posted videos sharing information about their respective cultures. Students posted suggestions and asked each other further questions in their videos through the comment section.

Day 1 included a briefing on the program and interaction between group members so they could get to know each other. On Day 2, the group discussions continued, and the participants filled out worksheets on differences and similarities between India and Japan on the criteria of food, clothing and school life. Each group was assigned a topic and the members divided sub-topics amongst each other and recorded their videos which were compiled as the final group video and presented on Day 3.   

The live interaction sessions were followed by informal interactions among students via Zoom breakout rooms; this allowed them to learn more about each other's cultures and become better acquainted. This overall was a fun and excellent learning experience for all students. We inculcated skills like communication skills, team-building skills and time management.

Ismini Panagopoulou (@panagopoulouboudouris), 
First Counsellor, Head of Political and Cultural Section, Embassy of Greece in India, had a fun interaction with the students of Tagore International School (@tagore_eok)

Tagore International School, East of Kailash hosted  Ms Ismini Panagopoulou, First Counsellor of the Embassy of Greece  on 29 November 2022. Ms Panagopoulou was accompanied by Mr Regimon, representative of the European Union and Mr Anshul Jain, member of the WISE foundation. The guests were welcomed warmly by the Principal, Ms Mallika Preman.

The students of Class XI were given the chance to interact with the Greek Counsellor. Forty students of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar were also invited for the event. They were accompanied by Ms Maitreeye Bhattacharchaya.

The event began with a presentation by the Greek Counsellor Ms. Ismini Panagopoulou. She profiled the opportunities that are available in the EU for students to pursue higher education. This was followed by a question answer session with the students which was interactive and tremendously enjoyed by students and teachers alike. A quiz followed where the winning students were felicitated with EU caps and flags.

This was followed by refreshments for the guests. The visit was a great success.

Online Innovation Camp :Organizers: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), JA Europe, and JA Asia-Pacific: Building Stronger Minds (BSM)

The week-long Innovation Camp organized by Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), JA Europe, and JA Asia-Pacific: Building Stronger Minds (BSM) from 16th - 23rd November 2022 was attended by Eshita Chawla, Lavanya Bhonde, and Arsh Ali of grade IX. Students were invited to develop innovative ideas to solve problems associated with the maritime industry and present them on an international platform to be validated by people with many years of experience in the industry. Overall, there were ten teams. The teams consisted of six members, three from Asia-Pacific and three from Europe. Our team also shared a similar structure with 3 team members from Poland. Introductions were done via email a few days before, and each of them had access to a Mural Board to brainstorm. The first session was a student networking session where the members were introduced to one another and a light conversation was had to understand each other's skills better, based on which the roles were divided. The next session was an opening event that comprised career talks by the jury and the Problem was given: Extend the lifecycle of materials used in the Maritime Industry either on port or shore while keeping in mind the involvement of any of the one or two 7Rs. A particular presentation format was shared in which the innovative idea had to be shared. The next session was an advisory session, each team had a mentor with whom they brainstormed ideas. Throughout the next few days, the team continuously worked on their idea to ensure that it fulfilled various social, economic, and environmental requirements. They finally came up with an innovative solution to extend the lifecycle of the old shipping containers, by providing these waste containers an inner layer of unrecyclable Plastic(straws, caps, wrappers, etc ) and an outer thin layer of silicone rubber to provide higher heat, water, and ozone resistance as well as more strength and durability, This refurbishing would entirely be done using waste materials found in the environment and these new Containers life-span would be three times the life span of the container already in use: 100 years. This would be economical as well because our refurbished containers' price would be 50% less than what’s already there in the market and it would even last longer. Keeping this innovative solution in mind the team came up with the name P-Flakes an acronym for Plastic Flakes. The judges were quite impressed by the highly unique idea and applauded the efforts. P-Flakes won the first position. This amazing opportunity to dazzle in an international event was provided by the teacher-in-charge Ms. Jaya Lakshmi. The team picked up a lot of valuable traits along their course to achievement like finance management, leadership, time management, etc.

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