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Book review of – ‘Hardy Boys: The Flickering Torch Mystery’
By- Adwiteya Aich

Adwiteya Aich

Ooh! It’s the Hardy Boys again! Join them in their another adventure, as a perfectly quiet farming turns into a sinister case for the duo Joe and Frank. There are moths and silkworms going missing almost every single day from Mr. Grable’s greenhouse. The assistant, Mr. Jenkins appears to be a shady character in this business. Along with this, there is a mysterious trail leading to the lair of hoodlums with a flickering torch. Their motive-unknown, but something illegal and dangerous. To unravel this mystery, the Hardy boys must take great risks. But wait, who will save them from an upcoming trouble- a trap! Read the book to know further on this exciting journey.


This is an adventurous story about a Christmas eve. The story starts from a Cold December evening. Geronimo had a lot of work. Everybody wished him Merry Christmas and many of them had also invited him to their parties but he couldn’t go and wish Merry Christmas in return. Geronimo’s favourite nephew Benjamin had also invited him to his play but because of too much of work, he got late and Benjamin felt bad for this. When Geronimo came back to his office, an elf, Ding-Dong came to his office through chimney and requested to come with him. The elf took Geronimo to the north pole to Santa. Actually, Santa had a disease known as Measles. So, he couldn’t deliver gifts to the children of the world. Therefore, Santa requested Geronimo to deliver gifts to the children . The Christmas night was the magical night as the time has stopped to deliver gifts all over the world.. Geronimo then returned after delivering all the gifts. After they both returned, the elf fell in the snow pond but Geronimo saved him and they both became friends. When Geronimo went to Santa, Santa thanked him but was so sad because every child’s wish he could complete but one child’s wish only Geronimo could complete. Santa gave him a letter which was from a child. When Geronimo saw the name, he was shocked as it was from his favourite nephew Benjamin. In the letter it was written that he wanted to spend more time with his Uncle Geronimo. Geronimo felt so bad for him and then returned back to his home. But someone knocked the door and Geronimo woke up. So, actually it was only his dream. But then, next day, on the Christmas, he finished his work and celebrated Christmas with his family and Benjamin. This was really an awesome story I have ever read. The lesson we learn from this story is that:

“Family is a precious thing and it is worth more than a sack of gold and money. So care for your family.” 

Book name- Goosebumps: Go eat worms.
Author- Robert Lawrence Stine

Isheeta Choudhuri

This is a story of a boy named Todd who had a bad habit of collecting worms with his best friend Danny. and whenever he collected them he would give a big surprise to his sister Regina and her best friend Beth by slipping them in their hair and their backs. A day came when Todd cut one of his worm into a piece to scare the girls  Todd's sister warned Todd to be careful as one of these days his own worms will come to take revenge for killing their mate.and to Todd's horror he could find worms in his worst places like in his homework, in his favourite cap and some times in his lunch also. Todd decides that he would further investigate in this case. His father was shocked to see Todd's behaviour towards the worm so with a fed up mind his father makes a decision that he has to take out all the worms from the house.  The next day, Todd was sad but Regina was happy. Todd became suspicious about Regina's behaviour. He leaves the worms and investigates Regina and after investigation he came to know that it was Regina who was putting worms in his things Todd was angry and sad at the same time as he was fooled by his younger sister so easily.

Name-Isheeta Choudhuri


Aida Safeera Ahmad

This book is the special edition made by 20 scary endings, where you have choices what to do next and if you choose the wrong one you will reach one of the end. In this book you can imagine yourself as the main character. In this book you (the reader) and your friends Jake and Liz with other students and teacher Mr.Dunning. No one was aware of the secret of the museum and  what Doctor Wicked was going to do. Dr. Wicked was going to turn real humans into wax statue. However if you go choosing the correct choices you'll be able to manage to escape with your friends, classmates and sir. There are 20 dyeing endings and only 2 successful endings. And by some choices you might be able to discover the secret of Dr. Wicked daughter's secret who was lost in the fire. Many times I chose the wrong option. This book is awesome  I really got goosebumps in one of the ending!

NAME: Aida Safeera Ahmad
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Author-Roald Dahl


This story is about a boy named Charlie Bucket. He and his family lived in a small cottage near a very large chocolate factory, which was very famous for its chocolates. It was Mr Willy Wonka’s factory. Willy Wonka’s factory’s chocolates were as delicious and full of flavours as no one had seen ever. One day, news was published in the newspaper that Willy Wonka will show his factory to only 5 lucky people, those chocolates who have a golden ticket inside it will be the lucky person. Willy Wonka will give the last person, a lot of chocolates that will last their whole life. Charlie Bucket gets this golden ticket and was left until the last and his poor family became rich.

Book review by Diksha Sharma

Class- 8th D

JK Rowling

Yashasvi Thwal

Harry Potter is a ten year old boy who lives with his grisly Uncle Vernon, Negligent Aunt Petunia and Overparented cousin Dudely Dursley. They thought that Harry was a burden on them and barely tolerated him. Harry was stunned when he received a letter clearly addressing him which was swiftly confescated by his aunt and uncle. Letters for Harry continually arrive at his doorstep, increasing in number but uncle Vernon tears them all. Then in attempt to escape from the letters he ends up in a miserable shack on a small island. On Harry’s 11th birthday a great beetle eyed giant named Rubeus Hagrid bursts in revealing that Harry was a wizard and has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He also divulges Harry’s past that his parents were killed by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort by which Harry acquired the lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Upon his arrival at Hogwarts he was sorted into Griffindor house from the four :Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Griffindor and Slytherin. There he becomes best friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They fortuitously discover that their potions master Professor Severus Snape who was not very nice to them was planning to steal the philosopher’s stone which could turn any metal into pure gold and could produce the elixir of life which made the drinker immortal and was being guarded by the three headed dog ‘Fluffy’. They decided to follow Snape and save the stone. When Harry got past through Fluffy and breaks various spells he enters the room where the stone was hidden, he was shocked to see that it was not Snape but it was their defense against the dark arts teacher Professor Quirrell. As he unwraps his turban Harry finds out that he had shared his body with Lord Voldemort. He asked Harry to look in the mirror of erised he finds out that the stone had some how magically came into his pocket.

Lord Voldemort knew this and they fight for the possession of the stone when Harry finally awakes in the hospital wing to find out that Professor Dumbledores saved him and the philosopher’s stone was completely destroyed and Voldemort got away.

By – Yashasvi Thwal
Class - 8A
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
AUTHOR -  J.K Rowling

Lakshita Wadhera

Fourth year begins and trouble is waiting for Harry this year also. Students from two other wizarding schools have come. The two schools are – Durmstrung Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Triwizard Tournament starts and Harry also gets put in it but no one knew that how did he get selected as he was under the age of 17. The first task was to collect a golden egg which was protected by a dragon and Harry was able to collect it. Ron and Hermione were cheering Harry all of the time. Cheers were roaming around Hogwarts.The golden egg was also a clue for the second task. The second task was to save their friend who were petrified and were in deep lake. Harry was able to survive 1 hour in water because of gillyweed and secured second position in the second task. The third task was a maze with the Triwizard Trophy kept in the there. The one who

touches it, will be the the winner but cedric(another champion of the tournament from Hogwarts) and Harry touched the trophy together and they got to know that the trophy is a portkey. Then, they reached a place where Voldemort was weak and small. But his follower Peter Pettigrew(Wormtail) killed Cedric by the killing curse, ’Avada Kedavra’ on the order of Voldemort. Then, Peter did the following things for resurrection of Voldemort – 1. Bone of the father(Voldemort’s father) 2. Flesh of the servent, willingly sacrificed(Peter Pettigrew’s hand) 3. Blood of the enemy, forcibely taken(Harry’s blood). Voldemort, now gets a full grown body. Voldemort tries to kill Harry but he could not and Harry returns to Hogwarts by touching the trophy. Voldemort is finally back.

Name- Lakshita Wadhera
Class- VIII B
Book Review -281 AND BEYOND
AUTHOR- R.Kaushik


This book has content on VVS Laxman’s biography. The title itself suggest upon 281[which is his highest score of test cricket.This book  tells us that despite of facing many  struggles in his life he had achieved success. It tells us that his father was a person who understood his talent and encouraged him to play cricket as he appreciated the  game. After having  great popularity in school , his father got him  coaching. At that  time he decided to be a cricketer. His cricket got better and better and resulted selection in state level but he failed here massively as he was very young at that time. He treated the failures very well and that inspired me a lot and soon he got up a call from the National team. He became very famous from there and soon hit his first test ton. He became a superstar by his performance and his very funny and cool minded behavior. We should always be calm like him and we can achieve great success in life and always should concentrate in our strength and decide what we want to become in life.

Class- 8 A
Little Women
-Louisa May Alcott

Khumanthem Catherine

There were never four sisters more different than the March sisters. There’s lady like Meg; rambunctious Jo; sweet and shy Beth; and determined Amy. Together with their next-door neighbour and friend, Laurie, these four sisters spend their days laughing, playing, and growing up together. From dances to despairs, through weddings and sad times, the March girls stand as sisters. Join them in the amazing tale of friendship and fun, as the girls grow into ladies and deal with hardships together.

By: Khumanthem Catherine
Class 8-C

Bhavya Agarwal

The Bad Guys saved themselves from the ugly zombies and saved the city. But they get stuck on a planet in which there was an alien with too many butts and they try to escape from a pod. They were really horrified and were unable to think what they should do to save themselves from that unlovely monster. The Bad Guys were vanishing and were eaten by a monstrous creature that had many teeth. The Guys were in a great trouble. Then they thought of an idea of destroying its teeth and it was successful. The monster was defeated by the Bad Guys and they won and went back to their planet.

Bhavya Agarwal
Class – VIII D
The Giver  -Lois Lowry

Sakshi Shah

“The Giver” was recommended to me by a friend who knew I like to read dystopian stories.

The Giver is a morally driven and interesting story about a young boy called Jonas who lives in a society free of crime and sadness. At the age of 12, children are assigned their jobs, which they will train for and do for the rest of their lives.

Everything is chosen; from your parents to your partner. Jonas stands apart from the community when he is chosen to become the new "Memory Keeper". Society has been kept free of all the negative aspects of life because for as long as it has been formed, there has been someone who holds all the bad and good memories of the past within them. This is both bad and good for the inhabitants because, although they are protected from harm, they are also not exposed to the wonderful aspects of life.

I really enjoyed Jonas as a character because his character development from a scared boy, to someone willing to risk his future to save the community, is enjoyable to follow. This book shows the path of growing up; at first we are scared to accept that there are new responsibilities, but as we slowly get used to it we want to move more and more away from childhood.

Throughout the book, Jonas' loss of trust in his parents is also important in communicating the morals of the story. At the beginning, when Jonas is a normal child in the community, he trusts his parents completely as is expected. However, after The Giver shows Jonas the tape of his Father "releasing" a new born child, a process in which the child is killed and disposed of, Jonas ultimately loses his trust and admiration of his father. This moment is what forces Jonas to leave the community, even before The Giver has planned for him to. I enjoyed this transition in Jonas because he begins to defy the life which is set out for him.

The community is a metaphor for restriction and censoring; it limits the choices of an individual until they have none left, removing joy from life. By leaving the community Jonas has already made an individual choice, and this demonstrates to the reader that it is better to live your life the way you would like to, than be held back by others and never really be happy. I think this is an important message for children and young adults today, as experiences such as bullying in schools limit people from being themselves.


Rudyard Kipling's classic book of short stories THE JUNGLE BOOK contains several pieces about Mowgli, the man cub who was taken from his human parents and ends up being raised by a wolf family. The book also includes stories about animal characters: Rikki Tikki  Tavi about a brave mongoose ;The White Seal about a young seal that swims the Bering Strait; and Toomai of the Elephants, about a young elephant handler. All of the stories personify animals, and they show the complex relationship between creatures that hunt and fear each other in the wild. In Mowgli's stories, the most well-known Jungle Book tales, the young boy grows up surrounded by his wolf family and his loyal friends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther. Mowgli struggles for acceptance in the wolf pack while trying to learn the ways of the jungle, avoid being tricked by mischievous monkeys, and evade Shere Khan the tiger, who's always lurking in the shadows.
Class- 7B