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Generation Global is a unique National Service Scheme taken up by the students of Class IX D wherein the students engage in dialogue around issues of culture, identity, beliefs, values and attitudes. Besides video conferences, students also blog on current issues and discuss the solutions thereof. Volunteers get exposed to new mental stimuli, explore and articulate their own views, and develop divergent thinking, thereby gathering the skills and experience needed to navigate difference in a peaceful way.
Interaction with Mr. Tony Blair

In an endeavour to provide global learning and dialogue opportunities to the students, the school regularly participates in Generation Global, a pioneering global education programme which provides them with the skills and experience they need to navigate difference in a peaceful way. The programme provides opportunities for students to put critical thinking skills into practice through facilitated dialogue. 

In one of their initiatives, Mr. Tony Blair, Executive Chairman, Institute for Global Change, interacted with the students of seven schools from Delhi NCR region who have been actively involved in the Institute for Global Change’s Generation Global programme, and are rather pro at it. It was indeed a matter of pride for Tagore International School, East of Kailash to have been selected among 200 schools to host the event and welcome the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom in the school to interact with the young ones. Mr. Sanjay Bareja and Ms. Nonica Kochhar, Technical Coordinators, Ms. Ghanapriya Elangbam, Country Coordinator, Generation Global also attended the event along with Ms. Sandhya Gupta, Education Consultant, Asia, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, who moderated the interaction.

Both students as well as teachers involved in Generation Global activities got the opportunity to share their personal experiences during their video conferences with their partner schools from Indonesia, Pakistan, Phillipines etc with Mr. Blair. They were also excited to talk about the changes that they noticed in their own personality as a result of their participation in this programme at school. Jasmine Jetley and Barnali Das presented a portrait each to Mr. Blair and got one autographed to be kept as a memento at school.

In his address, Mr. Blair said, “Real education is about how to become creative, and creativity comes from open and not closed minds.” He further added, “What you don’t understand, you fear and what you fear, you dislike”. Mr. Blair explained that the aim of the programme is ultimately about teaching people how to have open minds.

The teachers too shared their feedback and suggestions. Ms. Mallika Preman, Principal of the host school suggested that the ‘Kindness Programme’, initiated by Angela Arora, President, School Council of the host school, could be taken forward by Generation Global. Teachers also suggested initiating exchange programmes through Generation Global and partnering with students from UK to tread the path to a better world together.

Ms. Madhulika Sen, Director, Tagore International School, appreciated the honest feedback of the students and expressed her delight on being a part of the programme. The event ended with energetic and confident young learners clicking pictures and shaking hands with Mr. Blair.

Video Conferences held with different countries as part of Generation Global Program 




Participating Schools

03 December 2019

Peace and Reconciliation Indraprastha International School, SMAIT Peradaban Al Izzah, Indonesia, Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad, India

20 November 2019

Essentials of Dialogue: Festivals Bloomfield Hall School, Gurjat, Pakistan, Mahatma Montessori Mat Higher Sec School Baba Building, India, Odessa Educational Complex, Gymnasium No 2, Ukraine

31 October 2019

Understanding Extremism Indraprastha International School, SMAIT Peradaban Al Izzah, Indonesia, Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad, India

2 September 2019

Faith, Values and Communities

Govt. Girls High School, New Wahdat Colony, Pakistan and SMP Islam Al Azhar 19, Indonesia

28 August 2019

Hate Speech

Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura and International Public School, India

20 August 2019

Understanding Extremism

DAV School Dwarka, and DPS Bangalore South

16 August 2019

Art of Expression

DAV Pitampura, VidyaGyan School and Om Prakash Bansal Modern School, India

22 May 2019

Essentials of Dialogue: Identity and Belonging

Stonyhurst Southville International School, Philippines and Ummat Public School, Pakistan

14 May 2019

Art of Expression

SMA Bukit Asam, Indonesia and New Rainbow Public School, India

28 January 2019

Essentials of Dialogue – Identity and Belonging

Army Public School (Noida, India), DAV Public School (Pushpanjali Enclave, India) and St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School (Janakpuri, India)

22 January 2019

Human Trafficking

The British School (India), Mount Abu Public School (India) and The Spark School and College (Pakistan)

20 December 2018

Essentials of Dialogue – Identity and Belonging

Hasad School High Primary for Girls (Jordan), Mahatma Montessori School (Tamil Nadu, India) and Specialized Secondary School 6 (Ukraine)

11 December 2018

Human Rights

Govt. Girls High School (Pakistan)

29 October 2018

The Rights of Girls & Women

Universal Schools Amman (Jordan), KIIT World School (India) and Kropyvnytskyi Gymnasium 9 (Ukraine)

12 October 2018

The Rights of Girls & Women

SMA Bukit Asam (Indonesia), G.D. Salwan Public School (India) and Khaitan Public School (India)

20 August 2018

Essentials of Dialogue: Faith, Values & Communities

Govt. Girls High School (Pakistan) and Govt. Girls Hr Sec School (India)


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