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Activities for the months of April and May 2022

The new session 2022-23 started with lot of excitement, enthusiasm and zeal. Students were all happy to be back to school and get involved not only in academics but also in other co-curricular activities. The weekly activity of this session is based on NSS activity – ‘Poison on Plate”.
6th Apr’22
Students were introduced to the NSS activity- ‘Poison on plate’. Three videos were shown in the classroom on what is food adulteration, how is it happening and how to detect the adulterated food through some home experiments. They were also briefed about the activities that were planned for the session.
13th Arp’22
Students were given chance to speak their mind on the topic. Why and how the food we consume becoming dangerous to our health. More discussion on the consequences and process of food adulteration. Students were divided into 5 groups to work on the subject namely – What is poison on plate? Why is it happening? How is it happening? Consequences? And Prevention?
20th Apr’22
Students were asked to sit in groups, discuss the plan for a poster making on the given topics to them. Each and every child was involved in the discussion. Students were seen discussing their views on the topic enthusiastically.
27th Apr’22
Students formed groups and with lot of involvement from each and every child in the class They made 5 different posters each as per the given topics to them.
4th May’22
Students were asked to write a slogan on the topic “how to spread awareness among people”. They came up with nice slogans written on A4 coloured sheets. Few students spoke holding the slogan in the class as well. Attached are the pictures of the same.

The students of class IX-C are rendering help in spreading awareness about food adulteration as a part of their NSS activity. The technical definition of food adulteration according to the Food and Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is, ‘The addition or subtraction of any substance to or from food, so that the natural composition and quality of food substance is affected.’ Food adulteration can be intentional when done to add volume, texture, taste or stability to the items or it can be due to carelessness or poor maintenance of the facility/logistics on part of the food manufacturer/ distributor. The bottom line is that it can cause serious long term damage to our health. The agenda of the activity is to spread awareness about food adulteration through the medium of various activities like class discussions, surveys, conducting competitions on the topic in the school etc. The program is made to educate the people about the hazards of food adulteration. The program also aims towards developing responsibility and civic sense in the students.
Creating Awareness to Parents and Students on Food Adulteration
Visit to FSSAI
Article Writing on Food Adulteration