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Make the most of these times


My dear students, We know it is a weird time in our lives, but we can always make the best of these holidays. 

1)  Spend time with your family than being immersed in technology or gadgets.

2)  Teach your younger siblings/learn from your elders.

3)  Play group games, vocabulary activities, sudoku, mind games, quizzes to keep your creative energy high.

4)  Read a lot of stories, novels, comics and share their stories with your family members during evening time.

5)  Get access to different learning websites, download worksheets and write answers in your rough notebook.(for all subjects)

6)  Listen to your parents,  eat whatever they cook for you...remember they just want your best!

7)  Meditate- put on a relaxing music (recall our meditation class in Amphitheater) and meditate.  Do it with your family.

8)  Enhance your artistic skills /abilities. Try out your hands on sketching, painting, dancing, singing, cooking  etc.

9)  Practice grammar by downloading apps from Play store/ from online resources.(Don't over use mobile).

10) Take care of yourself and your family, and come back with a bang, because We miss teaching you!

Here are a few audio stories to make the most of your time at home!

Precautionary Measures in view of the threat of Coronavirus -Fumigation and Disinfection at school

The entire school campus has been comprehensively fumigated in order to sanitize the place for the students .This will eradicate any possible infections and has made the school a safe zone for the children.

Biennial Production Friday, 29 November 2019 & Saturday, 30 November 2019

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Behind the Scenes



Keeping pace with the changing times, the school has an ace up its sleeve as it has been conducting online teaching for students of classrs X and XII since the day the schools closed.
To minimize the teaching learning loss that could have been incurred, the faculty began conducting online classes, engaging the entire class community. Instead of just uploading lectures or sending audio-video notes, the school has chosen to have interactive classes wherein students are active participants. It is indeed a matter of pride for the school that the online classes are being conducted smoothly and almost glitch free and the students are benefitting from the learning that is taking place.
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Fit India Programme


Junior Athletic Meet & Grandparents’ Day (Classes Nursery - V)  -Held on  Friday, 21 October 2022
Celebrating International Yoga Day
'Fitness Videos by Students'
The students of TIS, EOK are fitness freaks. Here are some fitness tips shared by them



The school enthusiastically participates in the FIT INDIA PROGRAMME by engaging in activities that ensure physical fitness and mental agility from 19 November to 26 November 2019. Though the activities are of specific days in November but we believe in Fitness that is on our agenda for the whole year.



Mass PT is carried out for the students of Classes VI to XII twice a week. The Sports faculty on the beat of the drum collectively involves the students in exercises to tone their body and refresh their mind.



Stage performance is the best means to spread awareness and garner support for any initiative. Our students have brought many issues to the forefront through powerful NUKKAD NATAK.
Our students did an Intra class NUKKAD NATAK to create awareness about the importance to stay fit and as a prerequisite to inculcate cleanliness as a way of life.
The NUKKAD NATAK had a far-reaching impact on the students and they pledged to carry the message back to their homes too.
Poster Making Competition

A poster making competition was organised for the students of classes I to IX & XI. The students worked in groups to design, creative & colourful posters on the topic ‘Fit India Week’.

Special Olympic Bharat

Our school in collaboration with ‘Special Olympic Bharat’ Delhi organised a sports day for children with special needs. Over from 10 schools participated in this programme. Unified games like Basketball & Bocce were played during the programme. Students participated with full zeal & enthusiasm.


The Yoga session was conducted for classes IV to VII and aimed at making students physically and mentally fit. Various asanas such as, Vibhadra Asana, Ustha Asana, Vriksha Asana and Chakrasana were taught to the students. The session concluded with meditation exercises.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Living
A talk on Healthy Diet, Healthy Living’ was also conducted by the famous dietician, Dr. Priyanka Sondhi, who is also an ex student of the school. The workshop aimed at making students aware about the importance of eating healthy and also, striking a balance between diet and exercise. The spokesperson discussed the disadvantages of fads such as Keto diet and also emphasized on the importance of physical exercise.
 Physical Activities

For any society to progress, it’s important that their citizens are physically fit. With this thought in mind, various physical activities were organized for the students of classes I-V .To name a few, Taekwondo, Aerobics, Target practice, Musical Makers, twist, turn, bend and stretch activities were conducted to develop flexibility, strength  amongst the students.


Essay Writing

An essay writing activity was conducted for the students of classes VI-IX and XI. Fit water, Fit India, Clean Water, Save Drinking Water For a Fit India, etc were the topics for the essay writing activity. The awareness to achieve a cleaner environment was instilled in the students. It was indeed an enriching experience for the students.

Online Sports Quiz 

As a part of the Fit India Programme an online sports Quiz was conducted for the students of our school. The questions were based on various topics of national and international sports events. There were also questions related to health and wellbeing. The students participated enthusiastically and were eager to be a part of the activity.