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Values and life skills imbibed in the formative years of a school- going child, sets a base for the holistic growth of the child and builds the child’s personality .To inculcate a spirit of healthy competition among the students, and to acknowledge their talents, the Pre Primary and Primary class students have inter – class competitions , while Tagoreans from classes VI-XII are divided into houses for the same. The monthly co-curricular and the sports events  for the inter- House competitions are planned and implemented by the Student Council, in consultation with the Senior School Headmistress. Each student can participate only in  three events in a year to ensure that every student gets a fair chance to participate in an event of their choice. The students can decide which ones are best suited for them in advance. Auditions are held for selection amongst the interested students. The selected candidates, with the help of the House- in-charge and Teachers -in-charge, are groomed to hone their skills/ talent for the final performance.  The four Houses, represented by their distinct colours, are as below:





The lyrics of the School Song  ‘Aham Yogya Asmi’  clearly reflect the  motto of the four Houses.

Performing and Visual Arts
The activities offered in the varied performing and visual art classes provide a forum for the growth of students by tapping their creativity, talent and energy, besides improving their coordination, flexibility, agility, strength and the finer motor skills.
The  Annual Performing Art Festival  ‘Sanchayan”  for classes I to V  and “Expressions” for the Pre-Primary,  which is a culmination  and  celebration of their talent in music, art, theatre, public speaking and dance, are much-awaited and looked-forward-to events in the school’s calendar.
The students also get opportunities to showcase their skills in varied activities conducted within the school, be it a song or dance for the school assembly, invocation for special programs or events celebrated in the school or the school song sung during school assemblies.  

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Classes I-V

  1. Theatre
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Instrumental Music (Keyboard) 
  4. Indian Classical Dance
  5. Clay Modelling
  6. Indian Vocal Music
Classes VI-VIII







Physical Education
Keeping the idea of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”, the school lays emphasis on building physical strength, fitness and endurance. All the students take part in physical activities during the regular Physical Education Period.
The PEC CARD ACTIVITIES have been introduced at the Primary Level and the students have been learning the concepts related to English, EVS and Math in a play way method, which is a more effective and enjoyable. Physical fitness is also a parameter of evaluation and hence along with athletics and sports, a Mass PT is conducted where children are trained to develop coordination, endurance, speed, agility, strength and the fine motor skills.  Interpersonal skills and team spirit is the natural fallout of adapting to a group.
Every year, the school holds Annual Athletic Meet, both for Junior and Senior school students where the students display their athletic prowess and compete with a healthy spirit.
Weekly classes for the primary in yoga and karate teach students self defense, discipline, achieve fitness, control and harmony.  Meditation & Pranayama are taught to the children to improve concentration.


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Nursery and Kindergarten
  1. Swimming
  2. Skating
 Classes I-V
  1. Physical Fitness through fun games with Physical Education Cards
  2. Basketball
  3. Cricket
  4. Football
  5. Volley Ball
  6. Track Events
  7. Badminton
  8. Throwball
  9. Table Tennis
  10. Yoga
  11. Aerobics
  12. Tae-kwon-do

Classes VI-XII 

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Cricket
  4. Volley Ball
  5. Badminton
  6. Table Tennis
  7. Track Events

The clubs offered by the school are complementary to academic education. They develop specific skills that are crucial for one’s career.  They aim to make students more qualified and confident  to adapt to the real world. Club activities for classes VI-VIII are held on a weekly basis during school hours. The club meetings for senior school students also happen on a regular basis and students are mentored for interschool, national and International level events.



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  • EcoClub.jpg
  • electronicsclub.jpg
  • HeritageClub.jpg
  • japaneseclub.jpg
  • mathClub.jpg
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  • STEAMclub.jpg
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Classes VI-XII

  1. Litmosphere - (Literary Club)
  2. Cultural Club
  3. DebSoc(Debate Society)
  4. Shrishti(Art Society)
  5. Quizzador(Quiz Club)
  6. Pyrotech (Computer) Club
  7. Eco Club
  8. Photography Club
  9. Tagorean Awareness Society
  10. S.O.C.H. Club
  11. Skills For Life
  12. Interact Club