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Ms. Shefalee Gupta

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” so said Stephen Hawking. We are living in exciting times and we are witness to rapid changes. If change is the only constant in life then the ultimate aim of education should be to teach students the skills of adaptability. What is needed to embrace change without losing one’s individuality are some qualities that parents and educators should focus on- strong analytical skills, a knack for foresight as problem seekers, adequate creativity, and most importantly, good people skills.

It is my strong belief that the ‘winners’ in the 21st century will not be those who display outstanding academic excellence but those who ‘go with the flow’. The tides may well rise and fall but the ones who will ride the waves will emerge the winners.  The ones who manoeuvre and negotiate will stand out.  So the one most important ingredient for success in the 21st century will be adaptability to change. We must teach each child to become a student of change.  

So Dear Parents, let us inspire our students to explore, create and learn through experiences; let them taste success and failure; let us allow them to fall and rise- for it will change them for the better.  Let us be the conductor of the orchestra and give every instrument its due, let cacophony change to music.

I will end with a quote of Winston Churchill that inspires me- “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”.

Senior Education Advisor

Ms. Madhulika Sen


 A Tagorean Teacher is

  • a facilitator who guides the students and encourages self –learning.
  • an open minded person who respects the individuality of every one.
  • a role model who ensures that students imbibe personality traits that make them useful contributors towards society and the country.
  • enthusiastic, dedicated, conscientious and highly motivated to adapt to new innovative ideas and well versed with modern education systems.

 Classrooms Process includes:

  • Activity based lessons
  • Educational outings and excursions based on the syllabus
  • Computer PowerPoint presentations to reinforce the lesson
  • Audio Visual aids such as charts, models, smart boards, slides,videos,ted talks etc.
  • Research work and projects
  • The teacher as a facilitator
  • Creating an environment where self learning takes place.
  • A Paradigm shift from ‘teaching’ to ‘learning’.
Senior School Faculty
Junior School Faculty
Faculty List 


  • Ms. Shefalee Gupta (Principal)
  • Ms. N. Saroj (Dean -Academics)
  • Ms. Shivani Gupta (Senior Headmistress)
  • Ms. Shruti Sharma (Junior Headmistress)
  • Ms. Madhulika Sen (Senior Education Advisor)
  • Ms. Neera Chopra (Academic Consultant)


English Faculty
  • Ms. Shivani Gupta (HOD- VI to XII)
  • Ms. Sonali Grover
  • Ms. Priyanka Bose 
  • Ms. Neetu Khanna (HOD- I to V)
  • Ms. Rima Pant
  • Ms. Rita Ronita Sen
  • Ms. Megha Mathur
  • Ms. Madhu Pathania
  •  Ms. Rajni Wasan
Math Faculty
  • Ms. Shruti Chandhoke (HOD- VI to XII)
  • Ms. Anuradha Rao
  • Ms. Deepti Sisondia
  • Ms. Uma Ganesh
  • Ms. Kulbinder Chawla
  • Ms. Nidhi Sood
  • Ms. Abha Ratra (HOD- I to V)
  • Ms. Sushma Sangwan
Science Faculty
  • Ms. Gauri Sen (HOD- VI to XII)
  • Ms. Vandana Sen Gupta (Jr. HOD- EVS- I to II)
  • Dr. Remy Kaul
  • Mr. Vinod Ranjan
  • Ms. Vibha Vijay
  • Ms. Nidhi Dimri
  • Ms. Kalpana Vijayan Das
  • Ms. Geeta Gosain
  • Ms. Neetu Swarnakar (Jr. HOD- EVS- III to V)
  • Ms. Sushmi Mukherjee
  • Ms. Richa Khatri Chawla
Hindi Faculty
  • Ms. Sonia Bhatia (HOD)
  • Ms. Uma Chopra
  • Ms. Priya Pal
  • Ms. Sonia Mangal
  • Ms. Renu Giri
  • Ms. Jyoti
  • Ms.  Kalpana Bajpai
       Social Science Faculty
  • Ms. N. Saroj
  • Ms. Anuradha Arora  (HOD- VI to XII)
  • Ms. Maitreyee Bhattacharya 
  • Ms. Yachna Villaitrani
  • Ms. Navita Singh Golaya
  • Ms. Radhika Sharma
  • Ms. Madhu Pathania
  • Ms. Neetu Swarnakar
       Home Science Faculty
  • Ms. Misha Sharma Mehrotra
Psychology Faculty
  • Ms. Ridhi Murari
                        Project Director
  • Ms. Vedica Saxena


       Commerce Faculty
  • Ms. Manpreet Kaur
  • Ms. Sameera Malhotra (Economics)
      Sanskrit Faculty
  • Ms. Usha Rani
      French Faculty
  • Ms. Niela Hariharan
      Mandarin Faculty
  • Ms. Tina Yang
Spanish Faculty
  • Ms. Prerana Arora
       Computer Science Faculty
  • Ms. Bhawna Garg (HOD)
  • Ms. Guneet Kaur
  • Ms. Meenakshi Tickoo
  • Ms. Manisha Gusain
  • Mr. Bhupesh Jaiswal
       Arts Faculty
  • Ms. Meena Nagpal (HOD Performing Arts)
  • Mr. Koustav Nag
      Dance Faculty
  • Ms. Malovika Sarkar
Music Faculty
  • Ms. Shubhi Mathur (Indian Vocal Music)
  • Mr. Vaibhav Singh (Western Music)
      Sports Faculty
  • Mr. Parveen Kumar (HOD)
  • Mr. Nishant Sharma
  • Ms. Suvira Sahni
  • Mr. Lokesh Pant
       Office Staff
  • Mr. Rajeev Agarwal
  • Ms. Kalika Wadhawan
  • Ms. Geeta Bhambani
  • Ms. Tripta Sharma
  • Ms. Shikha Sareen
       Administrative Officer
  • Mr. Harvinder Walia



      Class I Faculty
  • Ms. Pampa Chatterjee
  • Ms. Lini Roy
  • Ms. Snigdha Khajuria
      Class II Faculty
  • Ms. Aditi Goria
  • Ms. Vandana Trivedi
  • Ms. Kritika Negi
      Class III Faculty
  • Ms. Meenakshi
  • Ms. Monica Kakkar
  • Ms. Trisha Sood
      Nursery Faculty
  • Ms. Ritu Bakshi (Nur.A)
  • Ms. Meenakshi Sharma (Nur.A)
  • Ms. Deepali Mathur (Nur.B)
  • Ms. Kiranbir (Nur.B)
  • Ms. Abha Halder (Nur.C)
  • Ms. Rashmi Dua (Nur.C) 
      KG Faculty
  • Ms. Shweta Chawla (KG A)
  • Ms. Heena Kakkar (KG A)
  • Ms. Vandana Jairath (KG B)
  • Ms Aastha Wadhwa (KG B)
  • Ms. Shalini Duggal (KG C)
  • Ms. Nikita (KG C)
  • Ms. Alka Bansal
  • Ms. Loveleen Chugh
      Activity Coordinator
  • Ms. Anju Guleria
  • Ms. Seema Maniktala
      Lab Faculty
  • Ms. Geeta Arora
  • Ms. Nidhi Kapoor
  • Ms. Tulika Joshi
  • Ms. Mehr Lungani (VI to XII)
  • Ms. Ridhi Murari (Nursery to Class V)
  • Major Archana Gupta



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