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Our school has been conducting the Peer Mentoring Program since August 2013.As part of this initiative, we run weekly sessions, in which students from classes X and XI conduct workshops for and guide students of classes 6 to 8 on issues such as bullying, anger management, time management, self-esteem, dealing with emotions, communication skills etc.  

Our endeavour is to make students aware of the basic issues in their life and how to manage them. These sessions are activity based, and involve individual tasks, pair and share, role plays etc. planned specifically to impart self-help skills experientially to the students. 

These regular sessions have had a positive impact on the students as they are now able to handle their problems independently.

The Self Esteem session aimed to focus on the significance of self-esteem. This session helped the students identify factors that affect self-esteem in daily life. The students  discussed various techniques to help enhance their self-esteem.

Group discussion on techniques to enhance self esteem Peer mentors discussing the concept of self esteem Students writing down often heard statements about themselves

The main objective of the Anger Management sessions is to enable the students to understand the underlying emotions which lead to anger. We also suggest various ways to not only control but also manage anger, in a constructive way. 

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Brainstorming on  Physical changes due to anger Discussion on External triggers of anger Individual assessment of Anger –Creating situation


Sessions conducted for grade VII

These sessions were conducted with the aim to enable the students to understand anger as an emotion and the various emotions which are related to anger or trigger anger from within. Even techniques to manage oneself during situations which trigger anger were explained.

wecare1 wecare2 
Students making a list of triggers to anger  Discussion  on anger management techniques 

Time Management sessions inculcate the significance of prioritizing and scheduling tasks among students, with the help of group and individual.

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Recognising-Challenges to Time Management Group Discussion on Time Management Scheduling ones day
Communication Skills sessions make the students aware of the two way process of communication. The sessions, through role plays and think-pair-share help them understand the importance of verbal as well as non-verbal aspects of communication. 
cd1 ev1 ga1
Class discussion on Consequences of miscommunication Explaining various aspects of Communication Group Discussion on Verbal and Non verbal Communication
During sessions on Bullying students are made aware of different roles of people involved in bullying and their basic characteristics. Through role plays, students are empowered to avoid and overcome bullying situations.
bo4 do5 rp5
Brainstorming on reasons for Bullying Discussion on the Role of Bystander Role Play on Bullying Situation
Session on Bullying for grade VI

The main aim of these sessions was to show the assertiveness required against bullies both through verbal and non verbal communication. The session consisted of a role play (done by the students themselves), a puzzle game, a quiz and group discussions all of which helped in the understanding of the concept.

image1 image2
Group discussion on importance of bystanders Explanation on assertively dealing with bullying situations

Sessions on Creative and Critical thinking inculcated the significance of these life skills among students. With the help of creative “out of the box” thinking one can find a solution to a seemingly difficult problem and through critical thinking, we can analyse the pros and cons of any situation. 


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Group activity - students trying to solve the problem with the help of creative thinking Group discussion for creative and critical thinking Group activity for creative thinking
Sessions on Creative Thinking conducted for grade VIII

Sessions on creative thinking were conducted in order to inculcate ingenuity and innovative instincts. These sessions involved questionnaires which had unusual questions all of which required ones gray cells and thinking caps on.

Untitled 1 Untitled 2
Group discussion for questionnaire on creativity Group activity - Students trying to solve the problem with the help of creative thinking

The main objective of the Problem Solving session was to empower the students with decision making skills when faced with any challenging situations.

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Brainstorming for decision making skills when faced with any challenging situations Discussing problem solving strategies Explaining problem solving skills