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Activities conducted under the 'Ek Bharat-Shrestha Bharat' Programme by CBSE in the month of January 2021 
Under the innovative ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ programme undertaken by the Ministry of Education, there were a number of activities organized by the school in the month of January. The aim was that students learn more about Sikkim and its unique culture, flora fauna, geographical and political situation and other aspects of life there. The month of January saw students participating in the quiz and news hour activities with a lot of enthusiasm. The students of Classes I to V had rounds of quizzes covering various aspects of the Himalayan state. The excitement of quizzing made these sessions lively and knowledge -enhancing. A total of 4 quizzes were held, one common for class 1-2, one for class 3, one for classes 4- 5 and one for the Quiz Club students.
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Sikkim , a North Eastern State of India -- Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat activities conducted in  the month of December 2020
In keeping with the activities conducted in the month of November'20 as part of the Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat programme, students of TIS,VV, explored another dimension of their partner state- Sikkim in the second installment of the programme. They say love for food connects people like no other and this is what we witnessed in the month of December'20. Our tiny tots explored the cuisine of this spectacular state. From making picture collages to presentations to quiz, our students of classes I-V and their teachers left no stone unturned to extract as much information as possible. It is noteworthy to point out that class III learnt about the geographical location of the state and its climatic conditions which have a bearing on its vegetation. Classes VI, VII and VIII explored places of tourist interest and made a display board on the same. Classes IX and XI penned down their thoughts in the form of a paragraph describing the picturesque state and its rich culture. It was indeed a truly enriching experience for the students.
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Naitik Arya II A Kaustav Singh IV A EVS collage activity page 0001 IMG 20201218 150452
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Computer Science Week was celebrated from 14 to 20 December 2020
To commemorate the Computer Science Week, several activities, based on artificial intelligence (AI), were conducted for classes I-VIII and XI. The students were introduced to AI based applications, videos, game-play, and a series of quizzes were conducted on technology followed by the discussions. 
For classes I-V, it was the 'Hour of Code' to generate awareness and understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and coding concepts in a fun way . 
Students participated enthusiastically and were excited  to use the AI during their regular online sessions for computers.

CS Week

National Mathematics Day was celebrated in school on 22 December 2020
Birth Anniversary  of India's famous Mathematician, Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan  was celebrated with  students of classes I to V by engaging them  in various interesting activities  . 
Students of Primary Classes marked the celebrations throughout the week .

Students of Class I made pictures using numerals 1 to 9

Math Quiz was conducted with students of  Class II
Students of Class III  attempted the riddles on Math and displayed their answer on the coloured chits
Math Week celebrated with different fun and engaging activities conducted for the students of class IV
Students of class V solved online quizzes on Ramanujan and made  3D shapes using origami sheets
Activities organized under the ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ programme, in the month of November with our partner school, The Army Public School, Gangtok

Under the innovative ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ programme undertaken by the Ministry of Education, there were a number of activities organized by the school in the month of November. This was to enhance understanding and bonding between the two states- Delhi and Sikkim. The activities aimed at promoting the spirit of national integration through a deep and structured engagement between the partner states.

The collaborative project with The Army Public School, Gangtok was designed for students of classes I-XI. The students of both the schools came together virtually through Google Meet.

The students of class I to V greeted their peer group with five simple greetings like ‘suprabhat, namaste etc’. The students from our school spoke in Hindi and the students from APS, Gangtok in Sikkimese. It was very interesting for the young ones to be able to see and speak with their counter parts even in these unprecedented times. 

The middle school students of classes VI-VIII introduced themselves in their native tongues i.e Hindi and Sikkimese respectively which was translated in English for all to facilitate comprehension. The enthusiastic lot of students also tried to pick up each other’s language to be able to communicate.

The senior school students of classes IX-XI, had prepared the song ‘Koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti’ and beautifully rendered it for their peer group. The students of APS, Gangtok also presented a Nepalese song. The students then explained the meaning of the song in English to each other. Music connected the lively and energetic students who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The activities not only helped in augmenting awareness about the partner state, but also facilitated the students in understanding the rich, vibrant and diverse culture of India.

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Students of classes I and II designed posters on "Crackerless Diwali"
Art Integration with E.V.S- Students of Class III  prepared finger puppets and narrated stories from Aesop's fable
Art Integration with  English -  Pot Painting done by the students of class III using Warli Art
Students of class I demonstrating  rules to be followed at a public place through Mono Acting
Halves & Quarters! - Textile designing done by the students of Class IV
कला एकीकृत गतिविधि के अन्तर्गत  कक्षा दूसरी  के छात्रों द्वारा मुखौटे बनाए गए
हिंदी दिवस गतिविधि-कक्षा चौथी  वरली कला के साथ पर्यायवाची शब्दों की लड़ियाँ
हिन्दी दिवस गतिविधि --  कक्षा पाँचवीं -कहो कहानी हास्य पट्टी की ज़ुबानी
हिन्दी दिवस गतिविधि --  कक्षा दूसरी-शब्द निर्माण ( तितली के अंदर दी गई मात्राओं की मदद से शब्द निर्माण करना।)
हिन्दी दिवस गतिविधि - कक्षा पहली-वर्णमाला वृक्ष (वृक्ष बनाकर वर्णमाला के अक्षरों का लेखन कर उसे सजाना।)
हिंदी दिवस गतिविधि कक्षा ३-बुक मार्क बनाकर एक प्यारा सा संदेश लिखना
National Animal on paper bag with "Hand Print" made by the students of class I
"Place Value Fun Slider" made by the students of Class IV
"Symmetrical patterns" designed by students of class IV
कहानी सुनो और  बुनो चित्रकला गतिविधि -कक्षा ३ के विद्यार्थी
Art Integration with GA- Students of Class I took inspiration from Warli folk art and painted their homes 
Art Integration with Hindi -Students of class II designed Photo Frames, Greeting Cards, Magic Stick
Art Integration in GA -Students of Class I performing "Bhangra Dance to Keep Body Fit"
'VIRTUOSO' from 01-06 June 2020

This summer vacation, with social distancing and self-quarantine being a pressing priority, an online summer camp, 'VIRTUOSO'  was organised for students of classes I to IX from Monday, 01 June to Saturday, 06 June 2020. It was a week full of activities for students to build new competencies, explore their creativity and bond with friends online. Each student participated in and enjoyed two activities of  her/his own choice.


Folk Dance Trash to Treasure

Coding in Scratch/


Cooking without fire
Indian Vocal Printing Designs

Animation /

App making with AI

Fun with paper
Western Vocal Creative Crafters

Presentation /

3D Designing



Performing Arts
Feedback / Remarks

This is a very good initiative for the children , this keeps them busy and they really enjoy learning and having fun , and this is a very good way for them to learn and explore something more even during the hilodays .

Ravi Verma
Visual Arts
Feedback / Remarks

Dear Ma’am ,

Thank you so much for the lovely craft classes , the children and parents are having a great time creating these wonderful craft .

Garima Dogra


Thanks for the summer camp. My son is enjoying it.He is feeling more confident about his creativity. The workshop session is also well organised.

Thank you TIS for such a wonderful initiative.


Lakshya Bardhan

Skill Building
Feedback / Remarks

Snigdha ma'am has patiently told my little one Dhir 2 wonderful stories, Selvam and the bull and the Striding slippers and not only asked the little ones, meanings of difficult words but heard their version of the characters. Imagine listening to 40-50 kids, each trying to explain what they understood and end it with a compliment and encouragement. A huge task she did with complete ease and comfort. 

We are indeed sad to see the camp end tomorrow. But a huge round of applause for all the teachers and the coordinators and whoever came up with this brilliant idea in the first place. Many thanks to Madhulika Ma'am, Nikita Ma'am and Shruti Ma'am for having such an excellent team of teachers. 

Warm regards and much love from all of us


Dr Charu Khurana

Mother of Neil (2-C) and Dhir (1-B)

Thank you maam  for the lovely story . I enjoyed it . n thank for all your effort to make it interesting and lively .The assignment idea is good , it keeps kind engaged .


Aady Rana
Prabhgun enjoyed a lot working with after a long time . It was really very nice and creative class . Thank you so much for your guideance maam , It means a lot of kids .

Maam , Mimansa enjoys your class a lot ….. even she doesnot want any help , doing everything herself…sleeping early so that she can wakeupearly and manage things otherwise ma’am it was become a habit to sleep late night … a change is good for me . I wish this class for a long time ..

Parent of Mimansa III A
Computer Skills
Feedback / Remarks

It is really nice utilizing all this time in something productive and 3D modelling is an amazing way to learn digital designing and they way it’s taught with presentation is really beneficial and interesting . It’s overall an amazing experience.

Sahina Shingari
Student of class III visited Railway Museum on 26 February 2020
Students of class II visited Craft Museum and Nehru park on 20 February 2020
Students of class III visited Traffic training park on 29 January 2020
Republic Day celebrated by the students of class I on 23 January’ 2020

The students pledged as young citizens. They made posters to write what they will do as a young citizen for their country. Children came up with conscientious thoughts such as-they won’t waste water, electricity, won’t use plastic, keep the area neat and clean and would respect the “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” in their surroundings. They also pledged to take initiatives that will help the poor people and would distribute the old clothes to the needy ones so that there is no death due to cold in this winter season….…& would never fight with friends or others.