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“Poemscape” Competitions was held for classes IX & XI on 22 January 2021
The Inter-House Poemscape Competition, organized for classes IX-XII, was held on 22 January 2021. Each participant had to make a humorous cartoon and a complementary limerick in 1 hour 15 minutes, based on the topic ‘Elections’, which was given to them on the spot. Extraordinary wit and artistic skills were on display as each participant came up with hilarious cartoons and limericks. The participants, through their hilarious and clever cartoons and limericks, were able to deliver important and profound commentary upon the election climate of the world today. The level of enthusiasm and dedication among the participants was inspiring. All the participants did a fantastic job, impressing everyone with their talent.
“Character Portrayal” Competitions was held for classes VI-VIII on 20 January 2021
The Inter-House Character Portrayal Competition, organized for classes VI-VIII, was held on 20th January 2021. Each participant had to present an act depicting any character from the Harry Potter Universe based on the theme ‘A Day at Hogwarts’ and boy did they deliver! Each participant put up spectacular presentations. Every participant showcased the extraordinary acting talent and writing skill. Their clever use of props and costumes was a marvel to behold. This competition certainly did not have a shortage of creativity, uniqueness, humor and confidence.
The level of enthusiasm among the participants was astounding. Everyone in the audience was left in awe, as each participant dazzled the virtual stage with their fantastic performances.
“Book Cover Making” Competitions was held for classes VI-VIII on 21 December 2020
The Inter-House Book Cover Making competition, organized for classes VI-VIII, was held on
21 December 2020. Each participant had to design a beautiful and creative book cover for an audiobook. The artistic skills of the participants were on display as they laboriously designed a creative book cover. This competition did not have a shortage of creativity and uniqueness, with all participants designing alluring book covers. The level of enthusiasm and concentration among the participants was astounding. All the participants did a fantastic job, impressing everyone with their artistic skills.
“The Crisis Conversation” Competitions was held for classes IX-XII on 17 December 2020
The Crisis Conversation was an inter-house competition for classes IX-XII held on 17 December 2020. A group of five members from each house had to create a politically, economically, and socially viable solution for the fictitious crisis allotted to them 3 hours before the event and had to present it live, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (PPT). The participants were judged on their analytical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The team had analyzed the given crisis statistically and gave viable and well-thought-out solutions. The presentation of the ideas was also well explained, and helped us comprehend and interpret the situation. A deeper understanding of crisis management was brought about in both the participants and the audience.
"Ad-Mad" Competitions was held for classes VI-VIII on 28 November 2020
The Interhouse Ad-Mad competition for classes VI-VIII was held on 28 November, 2020. There were two participants from each house. The participants had to make an advertisement of a product related to the topic- ‘Fitness and Healthcare’. The maximum time limit was three minutes. The students used props, costumes, background music etc, to make their advertisement lively and catchy. The talent, creativity, knowledge and humour presented by the participants really enhanced their enactments and were really interesting to watch.The products created by the participants were really unconventional and were presented wonderfully, and they managed to capture the eyes of students, teachers and judges alike. The polling component in the competition was an interactive bonus that engaged the audience that brightened up the competition.

The Verses vs Verses was an Inter House poem recitation competition, conducted on 06 November 2020. The poems were to be fully self- composed on topic - social ignorance, fraught with peril. The creativity, knowledge and emotion portrayed by the students while composing their poems were highly impressive. The compassion, emotion and empathy showed by the students for such a sensitive and thoughtful subject while poem recitation was truly worth a watch. 

The student reciting, and the audience, both could feel the essence of the poem. The poems were heartfelt, powerful and the students had truly mastered the art of capturing the emotion of the theme.

'Rewrite History' Competition on 29 October 2020 [Classes VI-VIII]
'Rewrite History' was an inter house competition for the Junior classes (VI-VIII) held on 29th October, 2020. The participants were given the topic, "What if Christopher Columbus never stumbled upon the Americas?" and had to present their script in the form of a skit, dance or song, with the time duration being 5-7 minutes. The competition was very innovative and the videos presented were very unique, creative, practical and appealing to watch. The participants portrayed the theme quite well, and learned more about world history and the atrocities faced by the native Americans.
Inter House Hasya Kavi Competition (IX-XII)

The Inter House Hasya Kavi Sammelan was held on 14th September 2020 for classes IX-XII on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Each House was represented by two participants. Each participant had to recite a self- composed poem in Hindi within 3 minutes. The themes for the event were -

‘Baat To Sahi Hai’ and ‘Aap Bade Ajeeb Hain!’. All the participants were well versed and their poems were presented with wit & humour. Everyone was confident and spoke very well. The final decision was in favour of Ekta House, securing the first position, whose speakers delivered an enjoyable performance.

Inter House Fusion- Music And Art Competition (VI-VIII)

The Inter- House Fusion competition took place on 14th September 2020, on the special occasion of Hindi Diwas. There were two participants from each house who had to pick out a Doha. Participant A , the artist,  had to depict Doha through various art forms/styles. Participant B, the speaker, had to interpret and then explain the chosen Doha.

The level of enthusiasm in all the participants was astounding. The artists did a great job in putting forth their ideas and visions. The credence that the students had was highly impressive. It need not be stressed here that everybody did an amazing job, from doing their research about the chosen Doha to wonderfully depicting it. All the participants did a commendable job and it was truly an honour to witness the event.

The Inter-House Elocution competition was organised for classes VI-VIII on 07 August 2020

The Inter-House ‘Elocution’ competition was organised on 7 August 2020. It was a phenomenal event where all participants were provided with topics they had to speak on. All participants were excellent speakers who put across their points flawlessly. Everyone kept forward their thoughts confidently and the message of the speeches were relevant and definite to the subject matter. All speeches were delivered in an interesting and pleasing manner. The entire experience was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience as well as the judges. 

The Inter-House Parliamentary Debate was held for classes IX-XII on 31 July 2020

The Inter-House Parliamentary Debate was held on 31st July 2020. There were three participants from each house and the event was divided into two rounds with the motion for the first being ‘This house would introduce a buffer period before elections during which governments cannot introduce welfare schemes’ and the motion for the final round being ‘This house regrets the characterisation of forgiveness as a virtue’. The participants were involved in very informative and interesting debates, each presenting strong arguments as well as very logical rebuttals. Overall, the event was very enthralling with loads of points being talked about and unequivocal feedback being provided by the judges.