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A Session on " Parenting " by Mr. Sushant Kalra on 19 March 2021
A session on ‘Parenting’ was conducted by Mr Sushant Kalra founder of Parwarish Institute of Parenting on Friday, 19 March 2021 from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm. 
Parwarish Institute of Parenting is committed to the creation, presentation and implementation of parenting education through interactive workshops and other programs. It intends to make parenting a more comfortable and joyful experience with parents more effectively raising healthy, happy and productive children.
More than 100 parents from classes Nursery till class 1 had attended the session and benefitted from it.
Mr Kalra made the session highly interactive that guided the  parents  and lead them to find their own solutions for creating a stimulating environment for their children. He broke a lot of myths regarding the role of a parent and helped the parents understand the  changing style of parenting . He focused on the fact that role of a parent is to nurture the limitless potential within their child and help the child in believing in himself or herself.
Parents freely asked questions during the Q & A time which were addressed very ably by Mr Kalra and parents responded by thanking him for the insightful session.

Overall Mr Kalra’s vast experience combined with solution-based strategies has yielded positive outcomes for a multitude of parents. 
Webinar on ' Digital Addiction in Adolescents ' was organised for the parents of classes X & XII  on 22 August 2020

The ongoing pandemic is having an adverse effect on the physical, mental and emotional health of the Adolescents, resulting in dependency on electronic devices for not only their education but also their entertainment. Keeping this in view and to create awareness about the rising dependency on digital devices, the school organized a Webinar on *Digital Addiction in Adolescents during COVID-19 Pandemic-Effects on Mental Health and how to cope with it. 

The session was held on 22 August 2020. The panelist for the session were - Mr Jitin Chawla eminent Career Counsellor, Dr. Aruna Broota- India's Leading Psychologist and Ms. Pooja Bakshi- Senior School Counsellor, TISVV. The session was quite informative with panellists discussing important aspects like what is digital addiction or internet addiction? Why do students get addicted to internet? How to manage internet addiction? etc. Mr Chawla and Dr Broota beautifully explained the role of parents in how they can support their child in managing internet dependency. Ms Bakshi senior school counsellor explained in detail different types of addiction and how simple daily changes in routine like space management, time management can reduce dependency on the internet. Question and answer round had many queries which were discussed and addressed by the panelists.

Interaction of Parents with Ms. Neera Chopra, Academic Consultant, TIS
An online Interaction was held with the parents of Nursery Class on 09 May 2020

An online interactive session was organised for the parents of Nursery and parents of new admissions of KG with Ms Neera Chopra the Academic Consultant of our school. The session took place on Saturday, 9th May 2020. It was aimed at familiarizing the parents with the teaching pedagogy followed in the Kindergarten classes at TIS.

The session was highly appreciated by parents as it catered to a lot of unanswered queries about the teaching- learning process.  The challenges faced by parents during the current situation were also discussed. Parents expressed their gratitude to school authorities for conducting this informative session and assured that they will follow the guidelines outlined by Ms Chopra.

Feedback from Parents

Hi Ma'am

Thankyou so much for sharing such a wonderful information with us. It will be really helpful for us. We really like the way you teach i.e. Montessori method of teaching. My child really enjoyed the activities you gave during this lockdown period. After this session, we also understood that how we should teach our child with new method of teaching and learning. Please keep organizing this type of sessions in future also.

Dinesh Malik/ Kannu Priya

Parent of Aarav Malik

Nur B

The session was very informative. Though in the beginning i thought i knew everything as my elder son is in class 3 in TIS , but in the end i realised the recapitulation was much needed .

Thank you TIS family

Jyotsna Khatter

Mother of Vardaan Khatter Nur B

The session with academic counsellor was too helpful for right upbringing of our children. How to grow mindset of the kids and what are kids up to in class  nursery . We would love to attend many sessions like this

Thanks you TIS

Mother of Jasnoor Kohli

A session on 'Transition From Primary to Upper Primary ' was hosted online on 09 May 2020
An online ‘Parenting Session' for parents of class VI was conducted on Saturday, 9 May, 2020 by Dr. Roma Kumar. She is an eminent clinical psychologist of Delhi NCR. The session focused on transitional period, from childhood to Adolescence. Dr Kumar discussed numerous ways of managing this valuable phase in a child’s life. The workshop provided a platform for interactive learning with hands on tips for parents to deal with upcoming adolescent phase of their ward.
A  Session on  ‘Transition from Kindergarten to Class I’ was hosted online on 02 may 2020
An online ‘Parenting’ session, for parents of class I was conducted on Saturday, 2nd of May, 2020 by Dr. Roma Kumar. She is an eminent clinical psychologist of Delhi NCR. Dr. Kumar guided the parents about utilising the lockdown period to develop various skills in children. She also elaborated on handling the changes that a child would go through due to the transition from KG to class I.
A session on ' Parenting ' by Dr. Roma Kumar was hosted online on  25 April 2020

An online ‘Parenting ‘ session , for parents of Nursery and new joinees of KG was conducted on Saturday , 25 April ,2020 by Dr. Roma Kumar .She is an eminent clinical psychologist of Delhi NCR.

Dr .Kumar addressed multiple developmental issues faced by parents of young children . She also elaborated on how every day’s routine activities can play an important role in the growth and progress of children .


Feedback from parents

We have received very positive and encouraging feedback from the parents.  We are sharing a few mails and notes as received.

Devyan Shikha
Parent of Devyan Singh - Nur B Shikha Tomar - Parent Nur B

Dear ma'am, we could join and participate in the workshop. Roma ma'am's session on parenting was very relevant in present situation. We would like to thank you and TIS VV to provide us this opportunity.

Parent of Arunim Nur B

Maam, the session was very informative. Roma maam gave important parenting tips for working parents also, which can be followed during lockdown.It was a good session.

Parent of Shivangi Agarwal- Nur B

It was an awesome session mam! Very helpful! As a parent we need such motivational speeches which help us in upbringing  our child .looking forward for more such things  in future!thank you tagore international  school team n specially Dr Roma for this workshop.

Parent of Laisha Khanna- Nur B

The workshop was really helpful and informative...it helped address my lot of concerns and issues....

Parent of Kishaan Gupta - Nur B

Hi mam, the workshop was very informative and good. The knowledge of the presenter was also amazing. It was definitely an eye opener. Thankyou so much TIS team for this amazing and helpful webinar.

Parent of Aarav Malik- Nur B

Hello Mam, It was a wonderful session. Roma mam shared really good answers for our normal day to day queries. Though I asked one however I think I could relate to some other questions as well and we got thoughtful answers. Her experiences gave a very practical outlook to the solutions and would help in understanding our kids better

Parent of Aira and Samaira Dhawan - Nur B

Very informative session.   Addressing most of our concerns, the session went very well. It was very engaging too.

Parent of Anandini Agrawal- Nur B

Hello mam. Thank you for making us a part of the parenting session with Dr. Roma. It was an enlightening experience on spectrum of issues that we face with our child on a day to day basis. We really appreciate this initiative by the school, especially under the given circumstances where we all can appreciate some guidance. Looking forward to be a part of further such experiences.

Thank you.

Dr. Lavika Agarwal

Mayank Agarwal

(Parents of Reyansh Agarwal)

Dear Abha Mam

Today session with Dr. Roma kumar really helped us. It specifically addressed the issue we face with Kimaya while making her sleep. Looked forward to such more sessions. Me and my husband want to thank the TIS faculty personally for addressing day to day problems we face with children on a daily basis under such difficult conditions worldwide.


Priyanka Sethi (Mother of Kimaya Sethi Nursery c)

Hi mam..

It was a wonderful talk with Dr. Roma Kumar. She not only discussed about a better understanding between a child and the parents, but also solved our anxieties and apprehensions which are quite common these days.

Moreover, she answered our queries very politely and in fact, provided reasonable measures on how to cope up in certain situations when the child becomes demanding or frustrated.

Overall, the session was superb and I look forward to it.

Thanks and regards,


Gunvansh Sia
Parent of Gunvansh Nur A Parent of Sia Jyoti Nur A
Enaya Rushika
Parent of Enaya Verma Nur A Parent of Rushika Nur A