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A Session on ' Time Management ' by Ms. Shivanee Sen was held for the students of class XI on 24 June 2020

A session on ‘Time management,concentration and increasing productivity’ was conducted for class XI on 24 June 2020. The facilitator Ms Shivanee Sen, is a well known leadership coach and life skill trainer. 

The topics covered during the session were why COVID makes planning more pertinent , organising time, obstacles to productivity and procrastination. Many solutions were shared with the students. Some off the major take away by the students were mapping your energy,reward technique, to do list and prioritising . Even the question and answer session saw queries coming up which  were addressed individually.
Digital Portfolio workshop conducted by Ms. Bhawna Garg (HOD, Computer Science ) for students of classes IX & X on 23 June 2020  and  XI & XII on 25 June 2020
A Session on 'Liberal Education ' by Ashoka University for the students of classes  XI & XII was held on 30 May 2020
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A Session on ' Time Management ' by Ms. Shivanee Sen was held for the students of classes IX & X on 27 & 28 May 2020

Ms Shivanee Sen, a well known leadership coach and life skill trainer conducted a session for the students of  classes IX and X  on 27 and 28 May 2020 respectively. 

The topic for the session was time management,maintaing concentration and increasing productivity. Issues like procrastination, uneven distribution of work, the science of distraction were discussed in details . Many solutions were shared with the students. Some off the major take away by the students were chunking, hard work, reward technique , prioritising and mapping energy. Even the question and answer session saw a  lot more queries coming up which  were addressed individually. The session was highly appreciated by all the students.


In the given lockdown situation, time management was something that I think all of us needed to be tutored on. The webinar turned out to be a great a opportunity for students to share their problems and some tips and tricks that they personally use. The way Shivanee ma'am connected all our doubts with how she coped with them in her college life, really helped us to relate to what she was saying. She was sympathetic to our problems a d suggested quite useful ideas for staying organised. I really appreciated the fact that every students query was answered and that the presentation was interactive and not just full of lengthy paragraphs. I am looking forward to attending more such webinars on other issues. My suggestion would be that if you could share your contact details so that if students are too shy to say something on a public platform then they'll be able to contact the teachers personally. Also it would be great if such webinars are held for parents as well because they too need help on various psychological aspects including parenting and how to maintain relationships with children during lockdown situation. 

Sulagna Moitra X A

Today’s Webinar by Shivanee Ma’am and Pooja ma’am was wonderful.It was an interactive session as we could get answers of our queries and talk about the issues we are facing.The session held was very informative and the activities done were very interesting.The session helped us to understand how important time management is and what consequences will we face if we leave everything for the last second.Thank you for the wonderful session and I would look forward for many more such informative sessions.

Medha Setia X B
A Creative Cartooning workshop had organized  by Mr . Ajit Narayan for students of class  VI - IX on 24 May 2020

A Creative Cartooning virtual workshop was organised by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art on 24 May 2020. The students from classes VI to IX were encouraged to attend the online workshop which was streamed live on Instagram. The resource person was Mr.Ajit Narayan, a cartoonist with more than twenty years of experience in the field. Mr Narayan, the founder of Doodle, India’s first annual children’s art festival is an author of six popular and bestselling books on how to draw cartoons.

The students got some valuable pro tips on how to get started on this interesting art form. They learned the nuances of cartooning and how the character’s mood and personality can be discerned from the facial expressions in the cartoon. Kudos to the Art Department for making this workshop available to our students.

Theatre group ' Team Awaam ' had organized an online workshop by Mr .Niloy Roy  for students and teachers on 23 May 2020

The lockdown has not stopped the school from keeping up with its co-curricular activities and other social endeavors in order to give the students new learning opportunities and also to keep them busy while stuck at home.

              TEAM AWAAM –The Nukkad Natak team of the school organized a theatre workshop forclasses 8th to12th on Saturday 23rd May 2020. The chief guest of the show was noted Theatre personality Mr. Niloy Roy, along with the primary teachers of our school. Mr. Roy talked about the importance of theatre in our daily lives and how one must also feel theatre through their sense organs and accept it not only as a performing art, but a way of expressing oneself.

              The students gained a deeper insight and knowledge about theatre and also learnt to appreciate it. The Teachers got a chance to learn many new skills which they will now definitely inculcate in their learning activities for the primary students.

             Mr. Roy was indeed very happy with being able to educate an interactive audience. He was all praise with the inquisitiveness portrayed and intelligent questions asked by the students. The program was well appreciated by all.

An online ' Motivational Session ' was conducted by Mr. Gagandeep Singh for parents and students of class XII on 16 May 2020

An online ‘Motivational Session' for parent's and students of class XII was conducted on Saturday, 16 May, 2020 by Mr Gagan Singh. 

He is an eminent motivational speaker, memory coach and personality development Trainner. The session focused on S.M.A.R.T.  ways in which a united family  can emerge more Happier , Positive & Upskilled during these lockdown time and thereafter.Mr Gagan shared varied ways of motivating oneself to enhance psychological well being during lockdown. The students and parents found the session productive and very useful.


I felt that the session was very helpful and important for me , since I am in  class 12th and due to the corona outbreak ,my planned schedule has been disturbed .Sir , gave great pointers on how to make the days productive such as making a schedule myself and writing 5 goals that I have to achieve .The best point that I have  taken back from the talk is that I must remain in the present and make efforts each day instead of worrying about the future. Overall , it was highly motivational and useful to change my attitude for the better in the coming days .

Vania Kapoor XII A


The online session conducted by Mr. Gangandeep Singh about the smart ways in which united family can emerge even more happier, positive and upskilled during this lockdown times. This session was really interesting and i really got to know how to properly utilize this period . It ended with the memory game which was interesting.

Mansha XII D
Students of Senior School had an Online Session on Photography and Movie Making by Mr.Kashu Bhalla , PhotoNest
on 15-16 May 2020
The online interactive sessions on Photography & Movie-making were organized for the students of classes VI - IX & XI with Mr. Kashu Bhalla, Photonest. The sessions took place on 15 & 16 May 2020. The workshop aimed at bringing out the creativity of students by teaching them the art and techniques of photography & Movie-Making. It was designed to inspire young minds to see the various aspects of the same subject creatively. It provided a platform for interactive learning with hands on tips for students on Photography and Movie-Making. The students were given exposure to rules of Colour & Compositions, like rules of thirds, rules of leading lines, frame in frame etc., in photography along with differences in Short Film, Feature Film, & Documentary Films, Ideation, script writing, for feature films and short films. The workshop catered to a lot of queries about camera handing, ISO of a camera, green screen, screenplay etc to name a few. More than 130 students participated enthusiastically and made the workshop a success. 

It was an interesting session which gave me many tips on how to improve your photography skills. I learnt about various modes such as portrait, pro mode etc. Apart from this I also got to know about the various gear in the market these days.

 It was a great session that helped me get to know and divide the work in the long process of movie making. It taught me how to be a good editor and how to put your best foot forward even while making a short movie. I got to know that big things come in small packages as there are various steps such as photography, videography, editing, directing to a movie .Apart from this I learnt various laws, skills and tips for moviemaking

Abhimanyu VIII C


It was a session which was just like we are sitting in Audi-1. Sir explained us everything about a movie. What is a movie etc. When we asked  questions he gave his response and gave us many ideas. He had researched  a lot for us. He explained us each point

 Pranjal VIII C

Counselling Sessions with Ms. Pooja Bakshi , Counselling Psychologist

Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class X on 14 May 2020
Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class IX on 11 May 2020
Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class VIII on 04 May 2020
Feedback from Students

Respected mam,

I would take this opportunity to convey my thanks to all the teachers and the technical staff of our school, who have brought me so close to my school. In the current crisis when we are refined to our homes and cannot meet and see each other... the school authorities have brought us closer and given us a platform to interact both with our teachers and fellow classmates.

Today's session with Ms. Pooja was very enriching and gave a new approach to my daily routine. As discussed by mam I will include many of her points...such as making a gratitude box.....will try to minimize the  use of mobiles....and will focus on following a schedule for the day.

I would like to say that the issues addressed by Pooja mam were very valuable....and I would strictly adhere to them. 

Thanking you,

Warm Regards




Good evening ma'am,

I Amayra Chanana of 8c wanted to share my experience of today’s session with you. I have noticed many of my fellow classmates and myself in situations we don't quite understand yet, and we are glad you understand us and help us. I feel that you are trustworthy and understand... I want to thank you again for being so wonderfully helpful to all of us. I am truly grateful.

Yours sincerely,
Amayra Chanana 8 C

As per current situation l'm sure we found this session extremely encouraging and motivating. Isolation can be stressful and we often get bored stuck(but safe) at home.
We have learnt it is normal to have negative feelings. We have learnt to deal with anxiety and nervousness. In my opinion, we should often have these counselling sessions so we can clear our doubts and understand our friends' views.

Tisya Juneja  8 C


A very information session on lockdown that was conducted today where the teachers counselled the children and spoke about the emotional changes and turmoil’s the kids are going through during this lockdown.  Sometimes it is difficult for a parent to explain it well to a child however as a teachers it’s easy to grasp and accept both. The activity that was suggested about putting positive notes ai a jar about things making them happy and thankful for was a brilliant idea.

Thank You to the teachers for this initiative. Once a fortnight such a session would help the children stay positive in a situation we are in today.

Zahra’s Mom

Cyber Safety Workshops for students by Dr. Dhawal Gupta,Scientist - E/ Additional Director
Cyber Laws & E-Security Division
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology,Government of India
Workshop for the students of classes X & XI was hosted online on 16 May 2020
Workshop for the students of class IX was hosted online on 14 May 2020
Workshop for the students of class VII & VIII was hosted online on 02 May 2020
Workshop for the students of class VI on 30 April 2020
Feedback from students

The cyber safety session today was truly essential for all us students because in the time of lockdown we all are studying online and that’s why we are prone to all the cyber threats more than anybody else. This session was conducted by Dr. Dhawal Gupta who explained us about all the cyber threats out there and how we can protect ourselves from them beautifully. Dr. Gupta first taught us about passwords. From password attacks to a perfectly safe password, Dhawal sir taught it all. After that, sir taught us about the ways we can get cyber bullied through stories and how we can prevent that. At the last, he cleared all our doubts with a 15 minute question/answer round. I really loved the session and look forward to more sessions with him. 

Aahana Jain VI C


Respected Mam,

The cyber security session by sir Dhawal Gupta was very useful for us.In this session, Iearned how to protect our accounts including social media and banking  accounts.we also learned  how to create an effective password to secure our accounts.In this time where the world is moving permanently towards digital payments and online classrooms such session should be made mandatory for young children like us to feel more secure while we learn.

Thank you for this

Ranvir batra VI C

On 2nd May 2020 the students of class 8 had an online cyber security session conducted by Mr. Dhawal Gupta. In the recent times as usage of technology has increased, he informed us on various vising, phishing and hacking attacks and how to be safe from them. He also informed us on how to deal with attackers and how to recognise real websites, pages etc. Since we use a lot of time online nowadays, it was very calming to know that we had something to rely on if anything goes wrong. It was a very informative session and put to rest our digital concerns.

Feuli VIII B

Today we attended a session on cyber safety by Dr Dhawal Gupta who works with CDAC. He briefed us about how hackers try to steal our information by various techniques like vishing, phishing etc. He told us the do's and dont's of using the internet. Apart from this he taught us various techniques to verify if the applications are legitimate or not. Overall it was an interesting session which will help us right now due to the heavy usage of internet and the upcoming times.

Thanks and regards
Abhimanyu VIII
A Math workshop was conducted by Mr Sushant Kalra for the students of class V on 11 November 2019

The class V students of TIS received a great opportunity to attend an intriguing math workshop conducted by Mr. Sushant Kalra, director of Parwarish Institute of Parenting on Monday, 11 November 2019. The highlight of the said workshop was the interplay between the interesting puzzles, riddles and hands on activities with everyday life. He also focussed on existence of patterns all around us and how they form an integral part of mathematics. Mr. Kalra showed the connection of math with music and dance as well, and brought to light the amazing Fibonacc i numbers and their existence in every form of nature. Moreover, the students keenly explored the use of parts of the body and other surrounding materials for measuring objects accurately. The students thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and this exciting session!

Performance by Panchattva Band on 01 November 2019
Our school was delighted to welcome an unusual fusion band  -'PANCHATTVA' to the school and perform. Students from the classes X-XI were given the opportunity to witness the interesting blend of genres and skills.
Initially, the band members had introduced themselves and also mentioned this role in the band. The band includes a drummer, bassist, mridangam artist, keyboardist and a sitarist. The band had conducted a small workshop where they talked about the formation of the band earlier this year. They also talked about the instruments that they play. Later they also performed and concluded by their self composition-'CONFLUENCE'.
The band however does not have vocals. The fusion of Indian classical instruments with western tones was worth listening.
Photography workshops are being organised by a professional trainer, Mr. Virendra Singh to enhance the photography skills in the students of Photography club
Asees Singh of class XII-D got a chance to interact with former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, as a part of a conference organised by tGELF, hosted at the Taj on 25th October 2019
This meeting was aimed at introducing Mr. Schmidt and his team to the young minds who have worked towards solving the problems of the society with the use of STEM. 
Asees was one of the younger participants of the meeting, and got a chance to talk about the school’s project: Project Maverik, an aid for the visually impaired, in front of many eminent youth leaders and scientists who have been associated with tGELF, along with Mr. Schmidt and his team. The project was appreciated by all the participants of the meeting for the thought behind it and the approach it took. 
Along with talking about the project, he got the chance to be a part of many thought-provoking discussions and activities about leadership and the identification of leaders.
Workshop on Artificial Intelligence under SEWA programme for the students of class XI conducted by CBSE-IBM on 29 September 2019
Astronomy and Space Science Workshops for classes I-V
Session on 'The magic of Light' was held on 31 August 2019
Session on "Rocket, a space vehicle" was held on 20 July 2019
Students interacted with author Deepak Dalal on 27 August 2019 at Birla Vidya Niketan

A team of 15 avid readers from grades 3 to 5 participated in an enriching storytelling session by author Deepak Dalal on 27 August 2019 at Birla Vidya Niketan. Deepak Dalal left a career in Chemical Engineering to follow his passion for wildlife and nature which inspired him to write stories for children.

The session provided the young readers an opportunity to get an insight into his journey as a writer. The author’s presentation included wildlife videos, personal anecdotes and excerpts from his books in the Feather Tales series - ‘Talon the Falcon’, ‘A flamingo in my garden’, and ‘The Paradise Flycatcher’. After the presentation, the students not only got a chance to interact with the amiable author, but were also able to take his autographs on the books bought from the display at the venue.

An interactive session on "Mission Chandrayan" conducted by National Geographic for the students of classes VIII-IX on 23 August 2019
Nat Geo has always been committed to immersive and incredible story telling  about  space and science. Dr Talwar along with his team helped the students to understand rocket science concepts with the help of documentaries and model making. All the students were given an opportunity to make their own space shuttle using the kit provided by Nat Geo. It was a wonderful experience and all the students along with the teachers were exposed to the world of space and science.
Session on career in law was held on 13 August 2019 for the students of classes XI-XII
Workshop on "Cyber Safety" was conducted by Dr. Dhawal Gupta Scientist - D Cyber Laws & E-Security Division, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India for the students of classes XI-XII on 29 July 2019
A Session on the occasion of  'World Hepatitis Day' was conducted by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Chairman at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, for the students of classes VIII-X on 28 July 2019

Dr. Ajay Kumar is a Chairman and HOD - Institute for Digestive and Liver Diseases at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi. He completed MBBS from Punjab University, Chandigarh in 1980, MD - Medicine from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh in 1984 and DM - Gastroenterology from the University of Delhi in 1987. Dr. Ajay has been awarded BC Roy Award from the President of India. He is an experienced clinician with a special interest in Pancreatico Biliary Disease, Luminal Gastroenterology and advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy. Dr. Ajay Kumar has more than forty publications in the national and international journals and more than 20 papers presented at Conference. He has contributed 17 Book Chapters. Before joining Fortis Hospital, Dr. Ajay Kumar has served in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, G B Pant Hospital and other prestigious institutes.

He was here at our school for students of classes 8th to 10th to conduct a session on 'World Hepatitis Day' which was on 28th July. The main aim of conducting this session was to spread awareness about Hepatitis. He broadly discussed about how one needs to get vaccinated for Hepatitis and its importance. He shared deep insight into how to take precautions so that the virus, if someone else may have in the family or near and dear ones, can be avoided. He also discussed how the liver and out body gets infected due to unhealthy lifestyle that leads to having diseases. It was very relevant topic for this age group and the students showed amazing interest in the topic. They also asked no. of queries at the end of the session.

Dr Ajay and his team was present during this session. He also arranged for prizes and certificates from his BLK hospitals for winners and participants of the 'poster making competition' that was conducted in our school on 'World Hepatitis Day'. Top 3 winners and 7 consolation prizes and certificates were given away by Dr. Ajay at the end of the session. He congratulated and applauded every student who participated in the competition for their creativity and effort.
A workshop for the Biology students of class XII was conducted by Dr. Shailesh Kumar from National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) on 18 July 2019

During the session, concepts of topics of biotechnology, bioinformatics and bioengineering were discussed in detail. A lot of online portals from where one can access information on DNA and genes, easily and quickly, were introduced to the children. The workshop provided an enriching educational experience for all students.

A session on 'Dare to Dream' was conducted by Dr.Bani Yadav, an Indian woman car rallyist and National Autocross Champion 2018, to motivate and inspire the students of classes IX-XI on 15th July 2019
Dr. Bani Yadav is an Indian woman car rallyist, India’s ace women rally driver, Motorsports promoter and social rights supporter, National Autocross Champion 2018. She is the only woman In India to win most of the major Cross Country Rally Titles in the woman's category held in India, TEDx speaker. She was here at our school on 15th July 2019, for a session to motivate and inspire our students of classes 9th to 11th to 'Dare to Dream' and follow their passion with all their heart and belief. She also went ahead to share her own struggles and story behind how she reached so far on her own. She got into Motorsport racing in the year 2013 and has been doing various formats of rallies including auto cross races, Cross Country extreme rallies, TSD events and IRC rallies. The list of her achievements are interminable. Even after two spinal cord surgeries in 2013, she was right back on the tracks within 6 months. Today, She is also an active participant in women empowerment events, she is an active endorser of equal rights and gender equality. She also trains acid attack survivors on 'how to drive' for employment.
She kept the session very interesting by playing songs to cheer the students, also shared her childhood experience of how her father didn't let her pursue her dream of being a motor rallyist with her fear of getting life in danger. Later on, at the age of 43 years, she made her first mark, all by herself. She mentioned how passion must drive self to stay focused on what one wants to achieve. Dreams become reality only by self conviction and belief.