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A Workshop on ' Managing Negative Thoughts ' by Ms. Shivanee Sen was held for TIS staff on 02 October  2020

On Friday ,2 October a workshop was conducted by Ms Shivanee Sen, a leadership coach and life skill trainer and Ms Pooja Bakshi the senior school counsellor for all the  teachers. The issue explored  was Management of  Negative Thought Processes. 

The purpose of the session was to make teachers aware of Mindsets and Thinking Traps which we all indulge in on a daily basis specially during COVID19. Various techniques to manage these thinking traps were discussed. Some of the important key takeaway  techniques were Look for external evidence, Communicating, Gratitude (the silent killer of all negativity), Calming down before coming to conclusions etc.

The session was highly interactive and was immensely appreciated by all.

A workshop on 'No Tobacco' was conducted by Ms Mrinal Barooah for TIS staff on 29 August 2020
Please find below the key learnings:
1. Tobacco is a health hazard and is a foremost preventable cause of death and disease in the world.
2. Tobacco can be found in the smoking form(like bidi, cigarette, hookah, dhumti, snuff, hookli) as well as in ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) 
3. There is no term like herbal hookah as smoking in any form is injurious.
4. ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) was banned on 18th September 2019.
5. It includes E-cigarette, juul, E- hookah.
6. Schools should conduct random drive to check for ENDS devices in students’ bags. If found no action should be taken against the student but the police should be informed and the device should be handed over to them with information to State and District Tobacco Control Cell.
7. Students should be made aware about the mouth freshener and Pan Masala ads and the tobacco content used in these items.
8. All the forms of smoking are equally harmful. 1 out of 8 people who are dying are passive smokers.
9. Schools should be cautious and aware about any vendors of tobacco near school (within 100mtrs radius) and a complaint should be filed if they find any vendor nearby.
10. Signage displaying ‘Tobacco Free Area’ should be properly marked in the appropriate areas like staircase, lift, outside the school building.
11. Schools should conduct at least one tobacco control activity in every six months. They should conduct special awareness/sensitization programs.
Session on ' POCSO ' for TIS staff members on 8 August 2020
Time Management workshop by Ms. Shivanee Sen for the teachers of TIS was held on 29 June 2020
Health and Wellness webinar for TIS Staff Members on 22 June 2020
Stress Management Workshop was conducted online for teachers by Ms .Pooja Bakshi on 01 May 2020
Workshop on "Happiness in classrooms " conducted by academic consultant , Ms Neera Chopra for teachers on 19 March 2020
Workshop on 'Dealing with Disabled Students' by Ms. Pooja Bakshi on 19 March 2020
The  session was held on 19th March 2020 by Mrs. Pooja Bakshi.
During the session, knowledge was imparted to the primary teachers regarding the challenges that are faced in the classroom on a day to day basis and how to overcome with a resolution while dealing with disabled students or a special child.
Training program on "Innovative Pathshala" by CBSE, COE Delhi in collaboration with Aurobindo Society on 14 January 2020
Session on the "Integrated approach to curriculum" conducted by Ms. Preetinder Kaur Chadha for pre primary teachers on 11 January 2020

The Pre – primary teachers of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar and East of Kailash participated in an enriching session on Integrated learning by Ms. Preeti Chadha on 11 January, 2020 at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar.

The session focussed on a four dimensional approach to teaching and learning, with stress being laid on KWL, Mind mapping techniques, Literature based learning and Multiple Intelligences. The workshop provided a platform for interactive learning with hands on planning exercise undertaken by the teachers. The teachers found the experience fruitful and productive as they were able to relate to the session and a lot of creative options & ideas were put forth by all the participants.

Capacity-building workshop on "Life Skills" conducted by CBSE for teachers on 23 November 2019
 Workshop on "Value Education" conducted by CBSE for the teachers on 09 November 2019

A day long Capacity Building Programme on Value Education under the CBSE Training Programme was conducted in the school on Saturday, November 9, 2019. The resource person for the day was Ms. Neeta Rastogi, ex-Principal, Sadhu Vaswani International School, Delhi.  Attended by 60 teachers of the school, the workshop focused on the importance of value education in a student’s life. The resource person briefed the teachers about the features and concepts of value education, what it aims at, the challenges that come while implementing them and how values can be incorporated in the curriculum.

During the seven hour session, the importance of values in shaping the character of students in a comprehensive manner was highlighted. Ideas were brought forth and discussed with the help of handouts and short video clippings. Ms. Rastogi urged the teachers to create a conducive environment and encompass moral value system as an integral component of the teaching–learning process. In turn, the teachers shared their experiences and effective teaching methods that can be integrated with imparting values. Different activities and group discussions made the session quite effective and the idea that values should not be treated as ideal concepts but as ‘empowering tools’ which are helpful in meeting the challenges of the contemporary took root.

Session on the "Assessment of the special needs students" conducted by Ms. Preetinder Kaur Chadha for the teachers on 05 November 2019
The teachers of classes VI- XII attended a stimulating workshop on 'Building Positive Classrooms'

The resource persons, Mr. Rohit Kumar and Ms. Sonia from Family Vision Foundation emphasized the need to focus on the strengths and positives in children to help them reach their true potential. Through exciting games, fun activities and group discussions, the teachers took a trip down memory lane to their own school life and realized that in order to build a stronger connect with the students, they need to be the kind of teachers they looked for during their school days.