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Book Reading Session was organised for the students of class VIII  with writer Ms. Deepa  Aggarwal on 09 September 2020

A number of activities are being organised by our school as part of the current Reading Week from 8th to 14th  September 2020 as directed by CBSE.

On 9th September, popular writer Ms Deepa Agarwal connected  with our class VIII students and took  a lively, enjoyable and informative session with them . The interaction  was organised by Ratnasagar Publishers and was most  interesting  for both the students and the teachers. It was also attended by Alka Bansal ma’am,  Rima ma’am and Ronita ma’am.

Ms Agarwal  shared her time very generously.  She read from her book and answered  the students very patiently and motivated them to read extensively and try their hand at writing stories too. That our students had a great time, was evident by the level of their enthusiasm and the multitude of questions they asked, now they are eagerly waiting to read her  book: Go Girl Go  They also did some introspection and a short writing activity, bringing up some relevant social issues, which was appreciated by the author. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Malvika Nair of VIII B.
Special Reading Session with author Lakshmi Iyer on 7 August 2020

On 7th August 2020, the students of Litmosphere (the school’s literary club) organised a very lively and engrossing book reading and interactive session with author Lakshmi Iyer who has just published her first children’s book titled ‘Why is my Hair Curly’.

The students of classes V, VI, and VI enjoyed hearing Ms Iyer read from her book. This was followed by a question answer session, where students had a spate of relevant questions, ranging from where she gets her inspiration to her thoughts on racial discrimination and her experiences as a woman of colour living in the US.  Ms Iyer answered all questions with patience and a sense of humour, motivating students to write, no matter what. Students later shared their enjoyment and appreciation of the session, many of them saying they are definitely going to read her book.
Interactive Session of Students of Class VIII with Mr. Christopher C. Doyle ,  Best-Selling Author of “The Mahabharata Quest” Series
Selected students of CLASS VIII enjoyed a wonderful interactive session with the popular author Christopher Doyle on Zoom, where he shared some fascinating insights into his intensive research into ancient mysteries, legends, secrets and prophesies. His books are largely imagination but underlying that is a solid framework of research and scientific knowledge, he said. He also answered a variety of questions posed by the students, ranging from what gives him his inspiration to write and how he handles writer’s block to the details of the mythologies and legends he has investigated. A very charismatic speaker, he held the large group of 70 plus participants enthralled. Though a new initiative, to do this interaction online, it was a great success, with many students later messaging their happiness at having been part of it.
Book Week Celebration from 04-08 May 2020

Reading is known to be a timeless form of entertainment and information. Books have the power to ignite our imagination, arouse curiosity and open our mind to new possibilities. We acknowledge the importance of reading by celebrating the ‘Book Week’. This year, the Book Week is being celebrated between 04 to 08 May,2020 and a veritable treasure trove of activities have been planned for all the students. Each class had a choice of two activities.

Malgudi Days’ is one of India’s classics and children of CLASS VI were asked to read it, describe some of their favourite episodes and also illustrate these.

They were also asked to create an Ode to any one member of their family, with some guidelines supplied for their help.

Students of CLASS VII listened to the story, Wingless, narrated by the author, Paro Anand. They then rewrote the story, added a title of their own and added a picture. They could also narrate the story and create a short video of it.

 Some of the students wrote  a Bio poem on any character of the poem. (A bio poem is a poem that is written to describe a person, usually a fictional character)

Class VIII students were also asked to read some of Robin Sharma’s writings and interpret the relevance using three parameters, to relate these insights to their own lives. They also had the option of creating an Acrostic using the name of any character from these books.

These activities were designed by Sr. Librarian , Ms. Alka Bansal  ma’am and her team, to bring the books alive and make the reading enjoyable.
 'An Ode ' by the students of class VI
Ananya Sejwani VI A Krishnav Batta VI A 1 Jyoti VI A
Ananya Sahijwani VI A Krishnav Batta VI A Jyoti VI A
Chayanika Negi VI C Paavani kapoor VI C Ranvir Batra VI C
Chayanika Negi VI C Paavani kapoor VI C Ranvir Batra VI C 
"The Budding Writer " and a Bio Poem by the students of class VII
Raanya Unnat Nannar VII C Vrinda Arora VII C
Raanya Soti - VII C Unnat Nannar VII C Vrinda Arora VII C
'My Inspiration ' an Acrostic by the students of class VIII
Gurbani VIII C 1 Gurbani 2 Gurbani 3
Gurbani - VIII C
Aishani M Nanda VIII B Gauri Bansal 1 VIII C Gauri Bansal VIII C
Aishani M Nanda VIII B Gauri Bansal - VIII C