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Reference books for teachers


S.No  Title of the Book  Author
 1. Childhood Bill Cosby 
 2. How children learn  John Holt 
 3. Dibs in search of self  Virginia Axline 
 4. The art of loving  Erich Fromm 
 5. The unschooled mind  Howard Gardener 
 6. How to talk to so kids will listen  Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish 
 7. Teaching your children Joy  Linda & Richard Eyre 
 8. Mister God this is Anne  Finn 
 9. The curious incident of the dog in the night time  Mark Hadden 
 10. The last lecture  Randy Pausch 


Reference books for classes IX-XII


S.No   Title of the Book  Author
  1. The Anne of Green Gables series  L.M. Montgomery 
 2. Perrymason series  Erle Stanley Gardner 
 3.  Outbreak  Robincook 
 4. Papillon  Henri Charriere 
  5. Roots  Alex Haley 
 6. Of human bondage  W. Somerset Maugham 
  7. Fountainhead  Ayn Rand 
  8. City of Djinns  William Dalryple 
 9. The thorn Birds  Colleen Mc Cullough 
 10. Think India  Vinay Rai & William L Simon 


Reference books for classes VI-VIII


S.No  Title of the Book  Author
 1. Robinson Crusoe  Daniel Dafoe 
 2. The adventure of Feluda series  Satyajit Ray 
  3. Panther’s moon & other stories  Ruskin Bond 
  4. The funniest tales of Mullah Nasruddin  Clifford Sawaney 
 5. The time Machine  H.G. Wells 
  6. Just so stories  Rudyard Kipling 
 7. The best days of my life  Scharada Dubey 
 8. Jane Eyre  Charlotte Brante 
 9. The chalet school series  Elinor M. Brent Dyer 
 10. Dr. Who series  Tanget books