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"Place Value Fun Slider" made by the students of Class IV
"Symmetrical patterns" designed by students of class IV
Art Integration with GA- Students of Class I took inspiration from Warli folk art and painted their homes 
An Illustration activity is done by the students of class VI on 27 May 2020 on the English poem - A Teacher for all Season
The Illustration activity is done by the students of class VI on the English poem - A Teacher for all Season. Students illustrated the scene from a  season that describes their  gratitude for the teacher.
English poem
Mein Bhee Kalakar - A Science activity Integrated with Art was conducted for class VI in the month of July 2020
Mein Bhee Kalakar - A Science activity, Integrated with Art, on the topic sorting materials into groups, was conducted in the 2nd week of July, wherein the students of class 6 explored the different materials around them having different properties and got creative with them.
Anisha Ishika Kinshuk
Anisha Sharma VI C Ishika Jain VI B Kinshuk Sengupta VI C
Making learning fun - Art integration with Science activity for class 6 students held from 06 to 10 July 2020
The student of class 6 integrated Science with Art by creating a rap song on reversible and irreversible changes. They had a choice to work in groups or individually. They really enjoyed the activity and were extremely innovative and creative. It helps them to understand the concept really well.
 Team VI A Aarush Gurung VI A Vibhuti Kataria VI A Prisha Sharma VI B Team VI C
Paper Weaving- An experiential learning activity was conducted for class VI on 04 May 2020
Science is all about learning by doing. The concept of weaving i.e. conversion of yarn into fabric was explored through an experiential learning activity where students learnt the concept of  "weaving" by using two origami sheets. The activity was done by the students of grade VI on 04 May 2020
Art Integration in Science for Class VI on 27 April 2020

Art integration was done with science in grade VI, on 27 April 2020,  where students expressed their learning of deficiency diseases in the form of a comic strip.
The name of the disease, the vitamin/ mineral whose deficiency causes it, symptoms, and preventive measures, all were expressed in the comic strip.

Shivansh Badoni exp
Health on my plate - An experiential learning activity in Science for class VI on 29 April 2020

As an experiential learning activity in Science, related to the components of food, students were encouraged to explore the nutrients present in the lunch menu and suggest their functions. Students made videos of their learning.

Subject courtesy: Chetna Sawhney

Advaye Gupta Maahit Narang Prisha Taneja