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The global outreach program of our school goes a long way in promoting international learning and knowledge that propels students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultures and communities. It brings self development and awareness leading to enhanced self confidence and self esteem. Opportunities are provided to host and extend Indian hospitality under exchange programs with foreign schools.

Akshat Sharma of class IX accompanied by Ms. Ritu Bakshi represented India in Chinese Bridge Competition 2019 at Zhengzhou, China from 18 October-02 November 2019

On 18 October 2019, The 12th Chinese Bridge Competition commenced in Zhengzhou, China where Akshat Sharma of class IX represented India at the global forum along with students from more than 200 countries from over the world. The competition is a proficiency test for foreign secondary school students. It was an 18-days excursion (from 18 October to 02 November), where first two days were spent learning about the Chinese culture. The teacher-student duo along with other participants were taken to visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. The competition was organized in Government School no. 47, where Akshat qualified the first three rounds (online written test, speech test and performance). His performance consisted of shadow play. To learn more about the Chinese culture, the host school, took the participants to the Shaolin Temple and the School of Kungfu, where children from various age groups learned about self-discipline and stress relief. Later, they were taken to the Yellow River also known as the cradle of Chinese civilization, Sias University, which was a mini town in itself, the Sky City, an 838-metre tall skyscraper, and many more.

China is the land of invention and development. The people take pride in their culture and will do anything to keep their age-old traditions alive. The platform not only helped us build new relationships and friendships with the people of China and other countries but also helped us understand each other’s cultures and promote peace.

Twelve students accompanied by Ms. Nidhi Sood and Ms. Neetu Swarnakar visited the Jinyuan Senior High School, Shanghai from 11 October to 18 October 2019 as a part of the exchange program

Twelve students from classes VI to X accompanied by two teachers visited the Jinyuan Senior High School Shanghai from 11 October to 18 October 2019 as a part of the exchange program. The students stayed at the school dormitory and interacted with the students living there. They participated in the school’s regular activities thus learning about their culture. The host school and staff at JSHS were extremely caring and humble involving the students in various activities and taking them out to see the various Shanghai top attractions like the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,Shanghai Museum etc .The group also visited the world-famous Shanghai Zoo ,home to more than 6000 animals and seeing the Great Pandas  was a definite highlight for them .They also enjoyed a night cruise on the magnificent Huangpo river and were enchanted and mesmerised by the contrasting architecture and blazing lights on both sides of the river .This was followed by a stroll on their famous waterfront, The Bund. They had the privilege of visiting two more schools namely the Jinyuan Middle School, Jinshuiyuan Junior High School where they interacted with the students of 6th to 9th grade. They attended classes of English , Mandarin , Structural Design and learnt activities like the Mulan Fan Dance , Chinese Calligraphy , Taiji Abacus , Chinese Paper cutting , KongFu , Ruantao ( Clay figuring ) etc . They also learnt how to make the famous dumplings and got a taste of Chinese culture by being a part of their music, culture and ancient poetry class. Our teachers also had the privilege of teaching class X students of JSHS and acquainting them with Indian culture and Vedic Math tricks. The  trip culminated with a visit to Beijing from 18 October to 20 October .They visited the Forbidden City , Kara Main Tiananmen Square , Great Wall of China , The Summer Palace , the Water Cube  and the Nest .
The trip helped the students become more organised, responsible, confident and independent decision takers. It was truly an unforgettable experience. China is truly beautiful in terms of culture and hospitality and it boasts of the one of the longest single unified civilisations from ancient walls, temples to mystical mountains.

Thirteen students accompanied by Ms. Geeta Gosain and Ms. Deepali Mathur represented India in International Cultural Exchange Program-Joy Dancing Children's Meet at Beijing, China from 09 August - 21 August 2019

Our school participated in the ‘Joy Dancing Beijing-The 8th Cultural and Art Exchange Week of International Youth Festival’ held between 09th August to 21 August 2019.The team comprised of Rabani Dhingra VI- B, Kuhelika Kaushik VI-A,  Ayushi Mishra VII-B, Yana Sapra VII-B,   Samara Bhatnagar  VII-A,  Malvika Nair VII-B,  Tavishi Mittal  VII- C , Ashna Sahi  VIII- B,  Ananya Ahooja VIII- B, Anoushka Kanwar VIII-A,  Annisha Mandal VIII- A, Suhaani Sachdeva IX-B, Snigdha Goyal-IX B accompanied by Ms. Dipali Mathur and Ms. Geeta Gosain. Our students performed in three cities including Beijing, Dalian, and Penjin and were lauded for their mesmerizing performances and extremely high energy levels. Our dancing divas made our school and our country proud in front of various countries including Russia, Germany, South Korean, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia, Peru, Brazil  Macau, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan.

This platform provided an opportunity to experience different cultures and sow the seeds of friendship and longlasting relationships. This festival not only celebrated peace and friendship, but also served as a bridge to promote understanding amongst the youth across the globe.

Taiwan Embassy members and delegates visited school on 02 August 2019
There was a meeting held at our school between Taiwan Embassy members and delegates who included dean of education and professors with our senior school headmistress, counselor and project director on 02 August 2019. The agenda of this meeting was to explore higher education opportunities for our high school students in Taiwan. They mentioned that Taiwan, a safe and friendly country, has prestigious universities with lower cost that provides opportunities for international students to study. Also, they introduced these benefits for our school students. Summer camps, scope in medicine, were also a part of the meeting.
The members of delegation were:
  1. Prof. Pomin Li, Dean, Office of International Affairs, National Pingtung University of Science of Technology, Taiwan
  2. Prof. Yung-Chung Wei, Dean, Office of Student Affairs, I-Shou University, Taiwan
  3. Prof. Vinoth Kumar, Dept. of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
  4. Prof. Hung-Wen Lee, Dean College of Management, National Chiayi University
  5. Prof. Chia-Han Tsai, CEO, The master of Tourism and Management Program, National Chiayi University
  6. Prof. Wei-Chung Wang, Director, Center for India Studies, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  7. Ms. Hsin-Yen Shannen Huang, Secretary, Center for India Studies, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
V.Chaitanya of class XII participated in GCI Youth Summit, Tokyo from 24 July to 04 August 2019

V. Chaitanya of class XII was chosen as one of 28 fellows globally to participate in the Global Citizens Youth Summit 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan. The summit was aimed at creating the global social entrepreneurs of tomorrow, through sessions with prominent professors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and academicians. 

The fellows received a chance to interact with Japanese First Lady Mrs. Akie Abe, Uniqlo founder Mr. Tadashi Yanai, visit entrepreneurial hubs around Tokyo, interact with diplomats at the US Embassy, experience traditional Japanese culture, and interact with local students in Japanese classrooms. By the end of the 10 day summit, the fellows developed a service project to implement in their communities, and presented them at the Global Forum held in Tokyo in front of eminent Japanese entrepreneurs.

The summit was an amazing learning experience which provided an opportunity to interact with students from all over the world.

Twelve students accompanied by Ms. N.Saroj, Dean-Academics visited NASA, U.S. from 21 May - 30 May 2019

Trip to John F. Kennedy Space centre’s visitor complex or K.S.C.V.C was a whole new experience, most of us were visiting the United States of America for the first time. This trip taught us a lot of things like to be responsible, disciplined and sincere and to mingle with people you have never met or known in person. The trip had some ups and downs like when we were stuck in Frankfurt Airport as our flight to Orlando U.S.A was cancelled because of technical issues, because of this delay we were rerouted to Boston which gave us an opportunity to explore the famous city too. When we finally reached Orlando it was indeed a sigh of relief for all of us. The next day we went to Islands of adventure, Universal Studios, Orlando it was marvellous and a  whole new world to discover, full of fun, mystery and thrill and also it was the home to one of America’s best and fastest roller coasters,‘The Hulk Coaster’. Next day we visited Magical Kingdom of Walt Disney which apparently is the most magical place on Earth. The rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Splash Mountain. After the Disney Kingdom’s life experience,  the next day we went to KSCVC in Cape Canaveral, we saw the Science on sphere, the Atlantis space shuttle, Saturn V rocket, the rocket garden, two Launchpads, the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and many more iconic things, after KSCVC we went to the Cocoa Beach. Next day we reached Niagara Falls after a 7 hour long road journey and witnessed the might of the Niagara Falls extremely close to us. Next Day we departed for the most linguistically diverse city of the world New York. We visited New York’s One World Observatory and Times Square. We had a city tour where we saw- the Empire State Building, UN Headquarters, Trump towers, Brooklyn Bridge and many other things after which we went to the largest airport in the world, the John F. Kennedy International Airport, to depart back to India, we were happy to meet our family as well as sad as we were leaving  our friends behind. This was a great trip and would love to have the same experience again. 

—Mayank Shandilya IX-A

Twenty students and two teachers visited Lyon, France as part of a Student Exchange Programme from 01 May to 12 May 2019

20 students and 2 teachers visited Lyon, France as part of a Student Exchange Programme with our partner school, Marias Casares, Lyon, from May 01st to May 12th 2019.

 We were hosted by the french students in their houses and attended classes at school everyday. At school, both, the french and Indian students together, participated in various activities like Slam Poetry, Drama, Dance, Mehendi Application, Saree Tying, etc. Our students made a lot of new friends and were appreciated for their talent and exemplary behaviour by one and all. We also visited various tourist spots of Old and New Lyon. The Deputy Mayor of the town invited us to his office and made us honorary members of the school and community.

The host families were very welcoming and hospitable. They looked after every single need of our students, who took to the french lifestyle very easily.

We also visited the United Nations Headquaters and the CERN Nuclear Science Research Centre at Geneva, Switzerland. This was very educational as we learnt about the workings of the UN at close quarters.

The trip ended with a two day visit to the city of Paris, where we took in the sights of Paris, including seeing the painting of Mona Lisa at the Louvre museum and a climb to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. After a boat cruise down the river Seine, we took a walk around the city and saw the various monuments by night. The stay in Paris ended with a walk down the Champs-Elysees in pouring rain and a dinner at the house of the Consulate (Education), Indian Embassy in France.

It was a tearful farewell for us and we have come back very enriched and appreciative of this opportunity given to us.

Ms. Niela Hariharan
TGT French