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‘Hands on Science’ an Intra- class acting competition-Class II-February 2021
‘Hands-on-Science’ an Intra- class science competition was organized for the students of class II in the month of February 2021. The topic on which the students were to record a video was of a science experiment related to day to day life. Students enthusiastically participated in large numbers. Two-minute videos were recorded and sent to the teachers. Students used objects/things that are easily available at home. They not only demonstrated the procedure but also explained the principle behind it. The experiments were conducted strictly under adult supervision. The competition showcased interesting presentations and variety of talent.
‘Hands-on-Science’ an Intra- class competition-Class III-February 2021
Research has shown that the study of science helps to develop the brain’s ability to think rational and critically. To instill a scientific temperament in our students, we organized ‘Hands – on -Science’, an Intra-class competition based on Science concepts. Each participant selected a simple age appropriate science experiment related to day to day life and explained it’s procedure simultaneously.
‘Eco Rapping’ an Intra- class competition-Class IV-February 2021
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Good music soothes the soul. A good performer enthralls the audience with the power of the sound.  And these little crooners of class IV enthusiastically participated in Eco Rapping on the theme “Save the environment” and mesmerized us with their beat tapping performance. Some say rapping is the best form of expression. Choice of words, rhythm or sheer passion we saw in all the performers. In their song, the children call attention to problems of environmental pollution and want us to respect Mother Earth. The competition was open to all, however participation was optional. The criteria for judgment were content & relevance, delivery and overall presentation.  It was heart-warming to see their amazing performances.
‘Scinnovation’ an Intra- class scientific tool-making competition-Class V-February 2021 
Due to the population explosion, the generation of waste is increasing day by day which makes it imperative to introduce waste management in society. Keeping the same in mind the students of class V participated in ‘Scinnovation’ an intra-class scientific tool-making competition. Using their scientific skills and the concepts done in the class or learned otherwise, students had to make a simple instrument that could simplify the household chores. Each student came up with an astounding idea and unique designs for their inventions, promoting effective waste management through recycling.