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Online English Elocution Competition was conducted for class IV on 01 May 2020

“As Human Beings we do change grow, adapt, perhaps even learn and become wiser”

The Google meet was buzzing with great zeal and excitement on Friday, 1st May 2020 for the first online Intra-class competition for Class 4. The event was attended by students, teachers, judges Ms Rima Pant ,  Ms. Madhu Pathania and also Arsh Mishra, President of the quiz  club  and an active member of the debate club of the school.

The competition was conducted in two rounds. First, the preliminary round was on 27th April, wherein the students sent pre-recorded video of the given topics. The topics given were:

 1. If you could have one super power, what would it be.

2. I am happy when….

3. Let me tell you about my imaginary friend

4. My favourite thing about going to school

Students participated enthusiastically in the first round. Best six were chosen from each section for the final round.

The final round was held on Friday, 1st May 2020. It was overwhelming to see the participants adapt to the online method very easily. They faced the camera with confidence, understood the instructions given by the teacher and presented themselves with the same zest and enthusiasm that they would in a classroom or school auditorium.

The criteria for the judgement were Quality of content; Delivery; Diction; Vocabulary and impact and Time limit. The judges gave their valuable inputs to the students, Arsh Mishra shared his experience of public speaking as a student.

The combined efforts of the students and the teachers was evident as the first online intra-class competition was a huge success.

Elocution Competition Results - Class IV


Kaashvi Mangal



Ridhaan Bansal



Aradhya Bhola



Mysha Iqbal



Aneesha Chaturvedi


Parent of Akashleena Majee - IV Parent of Mysha Iqbal Parent of Aradhya Bola - IV

Respected teachers

It was a great pleasure to be part of the first ever Virtual Competition which was one of its kind .Amazingly synchronised ,perfecttimings,picture and voice clarity ,every aspect was looked in to carefully .

All the teachers and students worked really  hard and made the event wonderful and successful .Judges noted each and every aspect  and every student carefully .It was first hand experience for parents and for all the children .Brilliantly conducted .Hats off to all teachers of TIS that made us feel proud to be associated as parents ..Really appreciated the conduct .


Sapna Bansal

Mother of (RidhaanBansal )


Hello Mam

Thank you so much for holding this Great Virtual meeting concept. It was very well organized. I really appreciate your good job!! :)

Even instructions explained by you before the Elocution competition were clearly highlighted and summarised.

We as parents loved the whole concept.  No matter whatever the result is, all participants are commendable. My Best wishes to all of them.

Also, many congratulations to all teachers (Shruti Mam, Neetu Mam, Rajni Mam, Sushma Mam, and every teacher working in the background ) who made this wonderful event possible.

Kudos to the Teachers and Principal Nikita Mam J. Wishing you all great success!!



(Kaashvi Mangal Mother-IV C)
Online English Elocution Competition was conducted for class V on 30 April 2020

In a first of its kind attempt an ‘Online English Elocution Competition’ for Class V was conducted on Thursday, 30 April 2020. The event was conducted to promote spoken English skills like pronunciation, delivery and voice modulation.

A preliminary round of the event was conducted on 27 April 2020 to shortlist the finalists. This round received an astounding response from the students.

The online event was organised on Google Meet and was judged by a panel of three: Senior English teachers Ms.Ronita, Ms.Neetu Khanna and School Debate Club student representative Master Syed Sameed Anwar.

The participants had to speak on any one of the following topics:

  • A much-needed invention.
  • Does advertising influence our choice of food?
  • If I was born a 100 years ago, I would be…
  • The planet I would visit if I had my own space ship.

Each contestant was given two minutes and twenty seconds to speak on the topic. The students spoke with confidence and performed exceptionally well considering today’s unique circumstances. Their performance and enthusiasm were well appreciated by the judges, teachers and the audience alike. The competition accorded encouragement and confidence to the performers and to all the students present as audience.

The winners were judged on the quality of content, delivery, diction, vocabulary and impact of the speech.

The confidence, expression and talent of the students made the online event truly memorable.

Elocution Competition Results - Class V

Aarav Gupta


Naman Kar


Mannat Mann


Kritleen Kaur


Amolika Bhattacharya

Dear Teachers,
I would like to congratulate the teachers and each participant, it was very well hosted by Pallavi Ma'am and Abha Ma'am's equal contribution in keeping track of the time, for each participant.
The event was even more appreciable, as this was the first online session for these little ones, and they have delivered their thoughts beautifully and confidently.
Even with some connection errors or audibility, teachers showed so much patience  n gave time to the participants, if needed. 
The  encouraging Comments by Shruti Ma'am, Ronita ma'am n Neetu Ma'am.
And to sum it up Nikita ma'am's heartening words, would help boost up the confidence of all those who participated and is likely to make the others take part, with more enthusiasm the next time! 
 Kudos to u all !!
Chanu Sapra 
M/O Aarna Sapra 5 B
Maam...Yesterday's competition was excellent. I was highly impressed to see their confidence level. If at this age they are so confident.. I have no doubts and I am sure they will create wonders in the higher classes. Though Prageesha didn't participate but still I would like to give credit to all the teachers along with parents for grooming the students so well. Yesterday I was happy to see your politeness with the students as well. Overall it was an excellent competition. 👏👏👏👏
Prageesha class 5C
The eloqution competition was a great platform  for kids . It was conducted very nicely. Enjoyed watching the same Thanks for all the efforts put in 🙏
M/O Tavishi Gandhi 5B
It was a great learning ..looking forward for many more like these. Thankyou very much!
Vedika's mother 
Mam hope you all liked her performance..kids were too excited..
Great effort by all the teachers..beautifully executed..👏👏
Irayna Bhatia's mother