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National Mathematics Day was celebrated in school on 22 December 2020
Birth Anniversary  of India's famous Mathematician, Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan  was celebrated with  students of classes I to XI by engaging them  in various interesting activities  . 
Students of Primary Classes marked the celebrations throughout the week .
Students of Class I made pictures using numerals 1 to 9
Math Quiz was conducted with students of  Class II
Students of Class III  attempted the riddles on Math and displayed their answer on the coloured chits 
Students of class IV played Simon Says, solved online quizzes and made Origami 3D cubes
Students of class V solved online quizzes on Ramanujan and made  3D shapes using origami sheets
Students of Middle School watched an inspirational video of Ramanujan's  life. They were shown Magic Square and guided to create their own magic squares .They also did activities on Mobius Strip.
Students of Class IX were shown a video, 'Toys from Trash' - Arvind Gupta which explains that triangles are stable as compared to squares followed by a virtual tour from Google Earth on Triangular Structures. The virtual tour included monuments from around the world like Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Luxor Hotel , Nevada. The celebrations ended with an activity in which students made a tetrahedron using origami. 

Students of Class XI made a paper garland for themselves by converting the area of an  A4 sheet into a perimeter by using the whole sheet ,without discarding any  portion of the sheet.