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Students of Senior School had an Online Session on Photography and Movie Making by Mr.Kashu Bhalla , PhotoNest
on 15-16 May 2020
The online interactive sessions on Photography & Movie-making were organized for the students of classes VI - IX & XI with Mr. Kashu Bhalla, Photonest. The sessions took place on 15 & 16 May 2020. The workshop aimed at bringing out the creativity of students by teaching them the art and techniques of photography & Movie-Making. It was designed to inspire young minds to see the various aspects of the same subject creatively. It provided a platform for interactive learning with hands on tips for students on Photography and Movie-Making. The students were given exposure to rules of Colour & Compositions, like rules of thirds, rules of leading lines, frame in frame etc., in photography along with differences in Short Film, Feature Film, & Documentary Films, Ideation, script writing, for feature films and short films. The workshop catered to a lot of queries about camera handing, ISO of a camera, green screen, screenplay etc to name a few. More than 130 students participated enthusiastically and made the workshop a success. 

It was an interesting session which gave me many tips on how to improve your photography skills. I learnt about various modes such as portrait, pro mode etc. Apart from this I also got to know about the various gear in the market these days.

 It was a great session that helped me get to know and divide the work in the long process of movie making. It taught me how to be a good editor and how to put your best foot forward even while making a short movie. I got to know that big things come in small packages as there are various steps such as photography, videography, editing, directing to a movie .Apart from this I learnt various laws, skills and tips for moviemaking

Abhimanyu VIII C


It was a session which was just like we are sitting in Audi-1. Sir explained us everything about a movie. What is a movie etc. When we asked  questions he gave his response and gave us many ideas. He had researched  a lot for us. He explained us each point

 Pranjal VIII C

Good morning ma'am 

The movie making and photography sessions were reallly enriching. They helped me understand what was I doing wrong in both topics. After the photography session I clicked some photos using the points sir told us and they came out really good


The session was enlightening . Sir clarified a lot of my doubts . He explained things well . I would love to attend another session for the same . He explained the rules well .

Kabir VII A