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Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class X on 14 May 2020
Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class IX on 11 May 2020
Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class VIII on 04 May 2020
Feedback from Students

Good evening ma'am,

I Amayra Chanana of 8c wanted to share my experience of today’s session with you. I have noticed many of my fellow classmates and myself in situations we don't quite understand yet, and we are glad you understand us and help us. I feel that you are trustworthy and understand... I want to thank you again for being so wonderfully helpful to all of us. I am truly grateful.

Yours sincerely,

Amayra Chanana 8 C

Good evening ma'am

As per current situation l'm sure we found this session extremely encouraging and motivating. Isolation can be stressful and we often get bored stuck(but safe) at home.
We have learnt it is normal to have negative feelings. We have learnt to deal with anxiety and nervousness. In my opinion, we should often have these counselling sessions so we can clear our doubts and understand our friends' views.

Tisya Juneja  8 C
Counselling Session was conducted online for students of class VI - VII on 01 May 2020
couns 2 Counselling

Good Afternoon ma'am,

My heartfelt thanks to you for the interactive counselling session.

It was very helpful, valuable, and also made mind my mind calm and composed. 

I have also chosen a solitude corner as suggested by you. Whenever I get irritated, I will go there and meditate.

I will surely follow the other tips which you shared too.


Sahana Mukherjee,

Class 7th B.

Respected mam,

I would take this opportunity to convey my thanks to all the teachers and the technical staff of our school, who have brought me so close to my school. In the current crisis when we are refined to our homes and cannot meet and see each other... the school authorities have brought us closer and given us a platform to interact both with our teachers and fellow classmates.

Today's session with Ms. Pooja was very enriching and gave a new approach to my daily routine. As discussed by mam I will include many of her points...such as making a gratitude box.....will try to minimize the  use of mobiles....and will focus on following a schedule for the day.

I would like to say that the issues addressed by Pooja mam were very valuable....and I would strictly adhere to them. 

Thanking you,

Warm Regards




During these tough times of lockdown,The Counselling Session hosted by the Staff members of Tagore International School,Vasant Vihar was a great help in boosting the children's confidence.It was really an enriching experience for me to listen  and empathise with my peer group behavioural issues.Ms Pooja Bakshi Mam paid attention to all the issues that the children are dealing with in these days and I also learnt tips to cope with the tough environment that we are survivingin present times.

Anvi Mansharamani


This session really brought out the ways to improve mental health, be it, gratitude jar, meditation, creative writing, spending time and playing with parents, developing hobbies and learning new things. It helped the child to know ways to look up to life in a positive manner.

Samriddhi Singh


A very information session on lockdown that was conducted today where the teachers counselled the children and spoke about the emotional changes and turmoil’s the kids are going through during this lockdown.  Sometimes it is difficult for a parent to explain it well to a child however as a teachers it’s easy to grasp and accept both. The activity that was suggested about putting positive notes ai a jar about things making them happy and thankful for was a brilliant idea.

Thank You to the teachers for this initiative. Once a fortnight such a session would help the children stay positive in a situation we are in today.

Zahra’s Mom

Good afternoon ma’am,

Today’s counselling session was extremely encouraging as we learnt to positive and being thankful

For whatever little we have in life during these tough times. Also the idea of maintaining a gratitude journal is a wise option during these circumstances.

Thank You

Vrinda Arora



I would like to begin by a big thanks to our counsellor, Pooja ma’am for the session she held on 1 May 2020. During this lockdown period we children cannot even go out of our houses, and are not even getting a chance to meet our friends personally.

Therefore, sometimes we do feel a bit low, lonely and angry. So this session where ma’am told us various way to avoid feeling sad or lonely was very helpful. The ideas given by ma’am really were helpful, like creating a relaxation corner in your house where anyone can go any time they will feel sad where no one will disturb them for a while. As suggested by ma’am, we should just keep away our gadgets for at least 1-2 hours a day when we just sit our family and communicate with them and last but not the least keeping a jar in which some chits will be kept which the family writes in appreciation of each other. This gives us a chance to communicate, appreciate and have fun.

So , to sum it all up , this was a WONDERFUL AND  ENLIGHTENING session by Pooja Ma’am and I sincerely thank her for holding this .


Tishya Chandok

Stress Management Workshop was conducted online for teachers on 01 May 2020

An online 'Stress Management workshop' for teachers was conducted on Friday, 1st of May, 2020 by our school counsellor, Ms Pooja Bakshi. 

She addressed issues pertaining to stress due to covid - 19 and the lockdown that followed it. She shared simple tips which can be used to help ourselves during this time of crisis. The importance of gratitude was highlighted as a way to manage stress and emotional turmoil. The teachers participated wholeheartedly and made the workshop a success.

Feedback from teachers

Hi ma'am...

Thank you so much for an enriching  session today. It was much needed in the current scenario. I would definitely try out the various activities suggested by you to tackle stress situations that we are all undergoing nowadays.
 I specifically loved the last stress relieving activity 
Thank you Pooja ma'am for a relaxing session .
God bless !

Abha Ratra


Stress Management dated 1.05.2020 workshop, was a learning experience. It was fruitful and the ways n means to manage stress worth implementing.Multi- tasking and not to let stress affect you was dealt with gud tips.Calm n composed Pooja Ma'am ensured everybody gets some effective takeaway from the work shop.Stay happy Stay healthy be stress free in covid times..Me time n Meditation was well appreciated.

Thanks to Pooja Ma'am for this Effective workshop.

Sonia Mangal

It was very well conducted and informative. I could relate it to the present situation and the simple solutions provided can be easily applied in our day to day life. It also felt comforting to know that I am not alone in this state of anxiety and it is a natural response of my brain and body.

Snigdha Khajuria

The session was very relaxing and  thoughtful and well paced .

Discussing personal stressors brought up various issues regarding work-life balance in this stressful times.. It felt like a group therapy more . The facilitator helped participants help themselves, rather than providing a generic list of “what you need to do to relieve stress during these .” Further, through self-discovery, participants were able to better locate their sources of stress and means of dealing with or preventing those stressors in their lives.

Neetu Swarnakar 

It was a much needed session....as we are all trying to manage our chores and tasks, we are also going through psychological changes....not realising that we are anxious or stressed.... today's session was a little time dedicated to what we are going through, and how to deal with it...inputs from people on the same boat was extremely helpful....as always Pooja ma'am had an answer to all our queries...

Pallavi Bendigiri


Hi ma'am

I really learned a lot that too with in the comfort of my home. The preparation and knowledge of both the teachers was amazing. Not only teachers but anyone can get benefitted from understanding the strategies as explained by the presenter and really work to cope up with the present situation.


 Vandana Trivedi

Good afternoon ma'am 

Today's workshop was totally relevant and inspiring and full of positivity in today's situation. I will definitely put the meditation technique to practice for stress management. 

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience. 

Lini Roy


Good afternoon ma’am,

The workshop was very good. Pooja ma’am touched upon most the things we are struggling in our life after lockdown. It was explained well using day to day examples. I loved the relaxing session at the end. 


Meenakshi (Class 3-B)

Good evening, 

The workshop on stress management was well conducted and learnt about healthy distracting activities, that is writing gratitude journals and keeping a gratitude jar, adoptting one new activity of interest, listiing things which makes us happy and also keeping ourselves free from gadgets for atleast one hour.Also learnt how to relax our body.

Monica Kakkar

Today's session was a good learning experience.

Mental wellbeing is as important as your physical health. It makes one happier and healthier. Suppressing anxiety will add to one's confusion in difficult times. This workshop was an eye opener where we could realise the core of our anxieties and suggested measures to eradicate it. Now I hope to encounter my anxieties and work towards eliminating them rather than suppressing and adding to the problem. 

Kopila Sharma