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Over the last two months, worldwide developments have catapulted us into a new present, filled with unimaginable challenges, as we strive to build a secure and hope-filled tomorrow. Education, a key element to development and progress is seeing rapid changes in the way it is perceived and disseminated.
Alive to this new reality, we, at Tagore International School, are moving ahead without delay, in providing alternative, new learning opportunities for our students, well beyond the ambit of conventional methods.
Our special Virtual Learning Room plan for students of classes IX and X, titled SFL(SKILLS FOR LIFE), designed and conducted by Edutainment specialist, Mr Stephen Marazzi, is being highly appreciated.These sessions are conducted on every Friday and Saturday for the students.They aim to develop essential Life skills in them. 

This innovative VLR experience is intended to engage and challenge students at different levels, as they tackle a range of subjects through exploration, discussion, experimentation and presentation, in an atmosphere of informality and fun

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