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Spreading Christmas cheer at Samarpan School on 21 December 2019
Cleanliness Award
The award for the month of January 2020 goes to class VIII C
IX C declared as Cleanest Class for the month of November -December 2019 
The title is won by class VIII C for the month of Sept.- Oct. 2019
Students of Class VII B rejoicing the ward coming to them for the month of July - August 2019
Class VII A is proud recepient  of the cleanest class award for the month of Apr.-May 2019
Students paid a visit to and  interacted with students of Samarpan school on 07 December 2018
Visit to Samarpan school and interaction with students on 18th August 2018
Digitization Marathon on 31 July 2018

On 31st July our students with the help of the NGO Saksham organised another digitization marathon in school. Digitization of books refers to the scanning and editing of books online to allow printed books to be converted to various formats like audio books which are accessible and easy to use for visually impaired students.

The marathon began at 8:30am and went on till 5:45 in the evening. There were a total of 65 volunteers, all of which were students who enthusiastically participated in the marathon. Over a span of 9 hours the students were able to digitise 8 books i.e. 1897 pages. We have surpassed last year’s record of 1369 pages. We hope to organise many more such marathons within school and outside so as to make a significant contribution to the accessibility of digitised books for the visually impaired. 

For video click here

Videography done by:
Aaryan Kohli XI A
Bhaskar Manchanda XI A
Cleanliness Award
Cleanest class award for Jan- Feb 2019 bagged by class 6 B
VIII A bagged the title of  'cleanest class' for the month of December 2018
IX C bagged award of being cleanest class of the month in  November 2018
Title for 'Cleanest class' for Sep.-Oct.2018 awarded to X B
The cleanest class for the month of August bagged by VII A

Each student of the class is also gifted a plastic water bottle from school as an appreciation for their efforts.

VII C bagged the title for being the cleanest class in July 2018
IMG 20180808 WA0012
X B bagged the title of the  cleanest class for months of Apr.-May 2018
IMG 20180706 WA0016
10 Hour 'Digitization Marathon' on 28 November 2017

Over a 100 students from classes VIII to X supported by teachers participated in a digitalization marathon to convert scanned books into readable format that can be accessed by screen reading softwares.

This novel idea by Ms. Anubhuti Bhattacharya, the Project Manager was to promote inclusiveness and accessibility of the visually challenged. The task involved converting scanned books in JPEG format into readable format of Google Docs. The editing of these docs was done by five student teams wherein they corrected spelling mistakes, inserted images, correct headlines etc.

Each page was then sent to quality check team which finally sent them to the compilation team.

The students were well supported by 'NAB' and 'Saksham' in this endeavour.

They managed to convert 1369 pages by 6:30 PM when the session ended.

This was a historical day for all Tagoreans.

For video click here

Cleanliness Award
Cleanest Class for the month of December 2017 bagged again by VII C
IMG 20180124 WA0022
Cleanest Class Award for November 2017 bagged by VII C
IMG 20171218 WA0013
Cleanest Class Award for October 2017 bagged by VI B
IMG 20171116 WA0022
Award for the cleanest class in the month of August 2017 bagged by VIII B
IMG 20171003 WA0012
Cleanliness award to class VI B for the month of July 2017
Cleanliness award to class VII B for the month of April-May  2017
'Joy of Giving ' initiative was held for two weeks in school from 20 November - 03 December 2016

Goonj is an organization which makes goods and items using old and worn out clothes and other things as well. In our school, we had put up a stall in the inner quadrangle of our school. We collected school necessities for 2 and half weeks and went to their headquarters to submit them. Our visit was a tremendous one because we got to know so much about the needs that they fulfill for underprivileged people of rural areas in India. We also observed how the employed workers segregated and channelize items according to different categories. They taught us one thing-“Never Discard, Always Give”. They also mentioned that how the rural people were offended when they hear charity or donation. So they would earn it by doing various activities such as community service. They made a family kit which included a toy, clothes and sanitary pads for women. We went to every department and saw how they were made as our guider explained the step by step process. It was a very hygienic and friendly environment. They had suits and saris for women, pants and shirts for men and clothes for children. They also had sponsored kits for children for school and had books and novels too. They had many initiatives under their organization like ‘Sari for women’, ‘audho apnee zindagi’ and many more. They had utensils and dry ration for disaster relief and also had wedding kits for brides and grooms which included the dresses, accessories and cosmetics. Seeing all these items putting a smile on the faces of the unprivileged children and families too made us happy as well. The joy we experienced by giving something that is worth some value to somebody is unforgettable. As the initiative itself says, ‘the joy of giving’, we certainly enjoyed giving and sharing goods we have lying around to brighten up someone’s life.  

Collection drive conducted in school

Visit to Goonj office to hand over the necessities collected.
UN year of Pulses - Students conducted interesting games to spread awareness about malnutrition and importance of the
use of pulses at PTM on 03 September 2016
TAS members as ambassadors of Swacch Bharat - 'Be the Change' on 01 October 2016

Student volunteers as part of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan cleaned about 30 feet area outside the school premises.

Visit to Bhanwar singh Camp, Vasant Vihar on 06 August 2016

Members of Tagorean awareness society visited the slum area in bhanwar singh camp, vasant vihar to create awareness about cleanliness and sanitation.They were accompanied by an inspector and few officials from MCD, as part of 'Swachh Bharat Pakhwada'. They took banners and shouted slogans about keeping tank and coolers clean to prevent dengue. They also interacted with families and sensitised them about keeping their surrounding clean.  

Cleanliness Award
Cleanliness award to class VI B for the month of August 2016
Cleanliness award to class VII B for the month of July 2016
Visit to Samarpan Foundation School on 30 January 2016

This visit was procrastinated a lot but it was our conviction and dedication towards social service that drew us there, even when exams are about to start. The members were welcomed by the happy and lively faces of joy and ‘hellos’ of warmth. This time it was a special visit as we had aimed to incorporate some constructive educational activities with the games that we had planned. To our surprise, they already knew a lot more than what we had expected them to know but we still taught them some maths and practical chemistry, that too with a tinch of daily life ethics. Moreover the assembly of about 100 students was addressed by volunteers on Republic Day, Martyr’s Day and Gender sensitivity. We also observed a 2 minute silence for it was the occasion of profound grief as today Gandhiji died. Alas, at the end we had to leave with the promise of visiting them soon again. 

Visit to Samarpan School on 17 October 2015

22 members and a teacher , left school on the breezy morning of 17th October 2015 to visit the Samarpan School. We ought to have some fears, as all the members were new and some first-timers. But the planning this time got us a tremendous response from the students at Samarpan. This time the assembly happened before any activity, with an impromptu play on the sensitive topic of dowry, and a touching and informative explanation on this topic by our dear teacher. And after that, for the 7 classrooms, we had seven different activities, which were (i) relating moral stories, (ii) Plane making (promoting teamwork), (iii) Simon Says (promoting alertness), (iv) Pass the Parcel (the most popular activity at Samarpan), (v) synthesiser classes, (vi) Newspaper Dance and (vii) Papier-mâché . Earlier we used to teach them origami as the craft activity. But they couldn’t afford origami sheets, so this time we came up with a very inexpensive craft idea, papier-mâché, with materials required readily available at their homes. All classes had soft music playing in the background to keep the children interested, and we made sure no meaningless Bollywood song was played. Almost all activities had competitions and winners got different prizes. The bright faces we saw in the morning were bright as we left. They are always so happy to see us come and have fun. 

We have faith in this society, the members, the school and everyone associated with it. They can change people and lead us to a better, happier world. This is a small step which made around 100 children happy. We are sure to progress and increase this number.



Tagorean Awareness Society

Cleanliness Award
Cleanliness award to class VII A for the month of December 2015
Cleanliness award to class VIII C for the month of September and October 2015
Cleanliness award to class VI C for the month of August 2015
Cleanliness award to class VI C for the month  of July 2015
Cleanliness award to class VIII-A for the month of May 2015
 Visit to ‘Earth Saviour Foundation’

On 27thJuly, 2014, We, The members of Tagorean Awareness Society (TAS) visited the Earth Saviours Foundation old age home near hotel Radisson in Mahipalpur. The team of 11 members observed the the old people living there under the guidance of 5ishaat ma’am. We talked to them, shared our experiences and they shared their, some of their stories were so sad that it was not easy for us to overcome our tears. But after all that, see them smile was a great motivation to our cause and us. Their smile also symbolized hardwork into the selfless service to those in need by Mr. Ravi Kalra, Founder and President of Earth Saviours Foundation.

We played music and sang with them, some bollywood, some non-bollywood and some bhajans. It all led to great fun and a boosted feeling of ‘joy of giving’. Many of them just enjoyed by clapping with us but some could not control their excitement and joined us singing in their own joyous tunes. Alas, now it was the time for all of us to say goodbye in order to wish hi again. After distributing candies we left.

(President, Tagorean Awareness Society)

Cleanliness Award
Cleanliness award to class VI A for the month of December 2014
Cleanliness award to class VIII-B for the month of September and October 2014
Cleanliness award to class VIII-C for the month of August 2014
Cleanliness award to class VII-B for the month of July 2014

 SESSION - 2013-14
The members of “Tagorean Awareness Society’ visited the NGO ‘Earth Saviour Foundation’ in Vasant Kunj on 16 November 2013. This NGO houses the elderly and also educates underprivileged children.

The members spent quality time with the children and elderly. Story telling with the help of a puppet show, drawing, exercises and games organized by the T.A.S kept the children enthralled. The elderly were excited with the lively discussions they had with the members which brought a cheer on many a faces. It was a good learning experience for the students to be associated with the NGO and having spent time with their personally.


The teaching session

The students interacting with Founder Ravi Kalra 

Final goodbyes

Drawing class
Cleanest classroom
Book distribution