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Intra Class Competitions



February 2021

NUR – 'Nanhe Mukh Se’ Recitation

KG - 'Nanhe Mukh Se’ Recitation

January 2021

NUR – Storytelling Competition

KG -- Storytelling Competition

December 2020

NUR-‘ I Speak’

‘TELL-A-TALE’- Character Portrayal

KG-‘I Speak’

‘TELL-A-TALE’- Character Portrayal

August 2020

NUR – 'Verse - a - tile' Recitation

KG -- 'Verse - a - tile' Recitation

‘Nanhe Mukh Se’- Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition for the students of class Nursery-February 2021

Poetry is simply the most impressive and effective mode of expression. The students of Nursery participated in ‘Nanhe Mukh Se’ intra class poetry recitation competition with great enthusiasm and exhibited their talent. The young poets recited poems with confidence. It was a splendid opportunity for the kids to boost their self – confidence, develop the oratory skills and self-expression.


‘Nanhe Mukh Se’- Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition for the students of class KG-February 2021

Rhymes and poems enhance creativity and imagination and play an important role in developing language, cognitive and emotional skills.

‘Nanhe-Mukh-Se’ a Hindi poetry recitation competition was organised for the students of KG in February 2021. The children gave a brief introduction of the poem and recited with great fervour and enthusiasm. They used voice modulation and actions and confidently showcased their talent and ability.


Storytelling Competition (Hindi) for the students of class Nursery-January 2021

Story telling is an excellent way to express child’s creativity and thinking skills. It gives wings to their imagination and takes us to places beyond the boundaries of helped to boost confidence in children.

Children narrated stories with enthusiasm, facial expression and voice modulation. Colourful puppets were used by the participants. Stories with moral values were presented. The oratory and presentation skills of tiny tots was outstanding.


‘Aao Suno Meri Kahani’-Storytelling Competition using puppets for the students of class KG-January 2021

Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. They help inculcate values and provide a glimpse into different cultures.

The KG students participated with great zeal in the Hindi storytelling competition. They used voice modulation and facial expression to enhance their narration. The effective use of various puppets brought the stories to life.


‘TELL-A-TALE’- Character Portrayal Competition was organised for the students of class Nursery – December 2020

Stories help kids to develop language and comprehension skills, to encourage reading and acting skills in our students ‘Tell a Tale’ an intra class character portrayal competition was held for students of Nursery class where children dressed up as their favourite character from a story. This competition provided children with a platform to present their chosen character and exhibit their confidence and overall presentation.


‘TELL-A-TALE’- Character Portrayal Competition was organised for the students of class KG – December 2020

Stories open a window into worlds of imagination, filled with excitement and adventure. Through stories, children are introduced to wonderful ideas, new places and interesting characters.

Tell-a-Tale, a character portrayal competition was held for the students of KG in December 2020. Dressed-up in colourful and bright costumes, the children enacted their favourite Fairy Tale characters. They used voice modulation and delivered their dialogues with confidence. The competition was a wonderful platform for the children to develop their communication and acting skills.


‘I Speak’ an intraclass competition was organized for the students of class KG
‘I Speak’ is a great way to encourage a child’s interest in a particular topic. It helps develop effective communication skills and builds self-confidence.
The students of KG spoke on a wide range of topics. They used expression and voice modulation and described their chosen object with confidence.
‘I Speak’ an intraclass competition was organized for the students of class Nursery -December 2020

Communication is a vital skill and the backbone of any society. It helps in effective and increased self esteem. To instil children with the confidence to stand and speak, we organised an intra class ‘I speak’ competition for Nursery kids. It was a treat to see the young children speak with so much confidence and left the audience spell bound. The  focus was on effective communication skills and to speak correctly and confidently.


‘Verse-a-tile’-English Poem Recitation Competition for the Students of Class KG – 24 August 2020

Rhymes and poems open the door to creativity, build vocabulary and boost early language development.

Verse-a-tile, an English poetry recitation competition was held for the students of KG on 24 August 2020.The participants recited with great zeal and enthusiasm. They used voice-modulation and enhanced their presentation with colourful props and actions. It was delightful to watch their bright and expressive performances.


‘Verse-a-tile’- Recitation Competition for the Students of Class Nursery- August 2020

Poetry is the heart and soul of literature. To spread the fragrance of poetry an Intra Class poem recitation competition was organised for the little ones. Our young poets expressed the beauty of thoughts and feelings through poems.

The main purpose behind conducting this competition was to build self-confidence, develop the oratory skills and self-expression of the students. 

The efforts of the participants were praised by the judges.  Each participant presented the poem with voice modulation and confidence.

All the participants  used distinctive style and rhythm to recite the poem. The competition was a resounding success.

Christmas celebrations with the students of Nursery & KG
Celebrating Dussehra with the students of Nursery
Independence Day celebrations  with the students of KG 
Independence Day celebration with the students of Nursery
Handmade ' CROWN ' activity on account of  " Krishna Janmasthmi " by the students of classes  Nursery & KG
Rakhi Craft for students of classes Nursery & KG 
Tiny Tots showcased  their talent for AAROHAN-- International Dance Day celebrated on 29 April 2020 #online
Ananya Chaturvedi Daiwik Agarwal
Sartaj Arora Nur C Taisha KG
Tiny Tots spreading the message online on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Earth Day held on 22 April 2020
Experiential Learning
Storytelling by Ms. Sharanya Sriram for classes Nursery and KG
Story telling is about connecting with children and nourishing their imagination. Children enjoy listening to stories. It promotes language development and strengthens relationships. It provides a rich opportunity to enhance speaking and listening skills of young students.

A storytelling  session was organised for Nursery and KG students on Saturday, 26 and Monday, 28 December respectively. The facilitator was Ms Sharanya Sriram, a master trainer and storyteller. She wove values and good habits into the stories. Songs, puppets and games made the sessions interesting and fun filled. It was a delight to be part of this wonderful session.

Origami Boat making activity for the students of Nursery
Non Flame Cooking Activity for the students of Kindergarten
Number ' 6 ' activity for students of Nursery
Class Presentations
Night Camp for the students of Nursery and KG on 21 February 2020
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